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Paper: Initiation of Solar Eruptions
Volume: 383, Subsurface and Atmospheric Influences on Solar Activity
Page: 163
Authors: Sterling, A.C.; Moore, R.L.
Abstract: We consider processes occurring just prior to and at the start of the onset of flare- and CME-producing solar eruptions. Our recent work uses observations of filament motions around the time of eruption onset as a proxy for the evolution of the fields involved in the eruption. Frequently the filaments show a slow rise prior to fast eruption, indicative of a slow expansion of the field that is about to explode. Work by us and others suggests that reconnection involving emerging or canceling flux results in a lengthening of fields restraining the filament-carrying field, and the consequent upward expansion of the field in and around the filament produces the filament’s slow rise; that is, the reconnection weakens the magnetic “tethers” (“tether-weakening” reconnection), and results in the slow rise of the filament. It is still inconclusive, however, what mechanism is responsible for the switch from the slow rise to the fast eruption.
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