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Paper: Challenges Created by Active Regions in Global Models for Space Weather Uses
Volume: 383, Subsurface and Atmospheric Influences on Solar Activity
Page: 133
Authors: Luhmann, J.G.; Li, Y.; Riley, P.; Arge, C.N.; Liu, Y.; deToma, G.
Abstract: Space weather forecasters and researchers now have unprecedented access to model descriptions of the ambient coronal magnetic field structure and the associated solar wind streams thanks to the ongoing development of magnetic synoptic map-based models. However, even when observational deficiencies in the map construction are taken into account, the presence of active regions produces extra challenges for these models. Aside from their sometimes rapid evolution, which can be approximately accounted for with updated synoptic maps, the general assumption in the existing models of potential fields everywhere in the corona is a problem. Some future developments that could in principle improve the situation are the adoption of vector field map-based global force-free field models or MHD models that take into account twist, current sheets, and other unstable or energized configurations in the active region vicinity.
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