Title: Library and Information Services in Astronomy V: Common Challenges, Uncommon Solutions
Volume: 377 Year: 2007 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Ricketts, Sandra; Birdie, Christina; Isaksson, Eva
These proceedings of a conference held in June 2006 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, provide an overview of issues facing astronomy librarians around the world. The conference theme of 'Common challenges, uncommon solutions' reflected the range of problems encountered by astronomy librarians and the creative solutions they have developed for them. The conference also provided an opportunity for these librarians who usually work in physical isolation from colleagues, to meet each other and communicate in person rather than electronically. The value of such meetings cannot be overestimated.

A wide range of topics was covered, ranging over matters such as the Virtual Observatory, citation analysis, open access, the Astrophysics Data System (ADS), preservation of material, the history of astronomy, elecronic journals and numerous other matters. The papers in this volume are talks given by 9 invited speakers, and papers derived from 28 oral presentations and 34 posters.

Researchers in astronomy would benefit from perusal of this volume, since too much of what their librarians do for them tends to be invisible and taken for granted. John Huchra, in his paper at this conference, said, among other things: "Libraries have always been the one place to consolidate information about accessing information. You should continue this task and advertise your skills." That is what this volume hopes to do.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 377 Cover Ricketts, S.; Birdie, C.; Isaksson, E.
Front Matter   
Volume 377 Front Matter 1 Ricketts, S.; Birdie, C.; Isaksson, E.
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Volume 377 Conference Photograph 2 Ricketts, S.; Birdie, C.; Isaksson, E.
Part 1.
Keynote Address: Science Libraries in the Information Age 3 Huchra, J.P.
Navigating the Dark Matter: Libraries Look to the Future 14 Cline, N.M.
The Future of Technical Libraries 23 Kurtz, M.J.; Eichhorn, G.; Accomazzi, A.; Grant, C.; Henneken, E.; Thompson, D.; Bohlen, E.; Murray, S.S.
LISA — How We Got Where We Are Now 25 Grothkopf, U.; Corbin, B.G.
Part 2.
Libraries and the Virtual Observatory
Digital Data Preservation and Curation: A Collaboration Among Libraries, Publishers, and the Virtual Observatory 29 Hanisch, R.J.; Steffen, J.; Choudhury, S.; DiLauro, T.; Szalay, A.; Vishniac, E.; Ehling, T.; Milkey, R.; Plante, R.
Connectivity in the Astronomy Digital Library 36 Eichhorn, G.; Accomazzi, A.; Grant, C.S.; Henneken, E.A.; Thompson, D.M.; Kurtz, M.J.; Murray, S.S.
The Content of the CDS Services 43 Woelfel, F.; Genova, F.; Bonnarel, F.; Brouty, M.; Bruneau, C.; Brunet, C.; Cambresy, L.; Dubois, P.; Eisele, A.; Fernique, P.; Laloee, S.; Lesteven, S.; Loup, C.; Oberto, A.; Ochsenbein, F.; Vollmer, B.; Vannier, P.; Vonflie, P.; Wagner, M.-J.; Wenger, M.; Yi, S.; Borde, S.; Chassagnard, G.; Davoust, E.; Jasniewicz, G.
Observations and Publications in the VO: Is the VO Only for Big Science? 47 Holl, A.
Creating Telescope Bibliographies Electronically — Are We There Yet? 53 Stevens-Rayburn, S.; Grothkopf, U.
VO-derived Requirements for Astronomical Data and Information Systems 57 Albrecht, R.; Delmotte, N.
The Situation with Unique Classification Systems: UDC52 and Astronomy Thesaurus 62 Dorokhova, T.N.; Dorokhov, N.I.
Part 3.
Citation Analysis for Astronomy
Creation and Use of Citations in the ADS 69 Accomazzi, A.; Eichhorn, G.; Kurtz, M.J.; Grant, C.S.; Henneken, E.; Demleitner, M.; Thompson, D.; Bohlen, E.; Murray, S.S.
A Method to Measure the Scientific Output of the Hubble Space Telescope 79 Madrid, J.P.; Macchetto, F.D.
Introducing the h-Index in Telescope Statistics 86 Grothkopf, U.; Stevens-Rayburn, S.
Full Text Searching in the Astrophysics Data System 93 Eichhorn, G.; Accomazzi, A.; Grant, C.S.; Henneken, E.A.; Thompson, D.M.; Kurtz, M.J.; Murray, S.S.
Data in the ADS — Understanding How to Use it Better 97 Grant, C.S.; Accomazzi, A.; Thompson, D.; Henneken, E.; Eichhorn, G.; Kurtz, M.J.; Murray, S.S.
Paper to Screen: Processing Historical Scans in the ADS 102 Thompson, D.M.; Accomazzi, A.; Eichhorn, G.; Grant, C.S.; Henneken, E.; Kurtz, M.J.; Bohlen, E.; Murray, S.S.
myADS-arXiv — a Tailor-made, Open Access, Virtual Journal 106 Henneken, E.; Kurtz, M.J.; Eichhorn, G.; Accomazzi, A.; Grant, C.S.; Thompson, D.; Bohlen, E.; Murray, S.S.
Bibliometric Evaluation of Finnish Astronomy 111 Isaksson, E.
Scientometric Indicators and Meaning of the Signature in Astronomy: A French Case Study 115 Robert, N.
Part 4. Open Access   
A View of Open Access and Scholarly Societies 121 Joseph, H.
Towards Establishing an Open Access Repository of Indian Publications in Astronomy — a Case Study of Indian Institute of Astrophysics Repository 128 Birdie, C.; Vagiswari, A.
Managing Digital Archives Using Open Source Software Tools 137 Barve, S.; Dongare, S.
Protocols for Scholarly Communication 147 Pepe, A.; Yeomans, J.
Concept for a Peer-reviewed Community Supported Web Site Serving Professional Astronomy 155 Albrecht, R.; Heck, A.
Part 5.
Beyond ADS and Google
Web 2.0, Library 2.0, and Librarian 2.0: Preparing for the 2.0 World 161 Abram, S.
Astronomy and Astrophysics Resource Information Survey 168 Robbins, L.; Kern, B.
Evaluating ADS, ISI Web of Knowledge and Scopus in the Context of Two Astronomy Libraries in Spain 175 Gomez, M.; Merida Martin, F.
ARIBib — Where Is It and Where Is It Going? 184 Ballmann, H.; Burkhardt, G.; Esser, U.; Heinrich, I.; Kohl, M.; Matyssek, S.; Zech, G.
Making Space for Specialized Astronomy Resources 188 MacMillan, D.
Ontologies for Astronomy 193 Lesteven, S.; Derriere, S.; Dubois, P.; Genova, F.; Preite Martinez, A.; Hernandez, N.; Mothe, J.; Napoli, A.; Toussaint, Y.
The New Version of SIMBAD 197 Wenger, M.; Oberto, A.; Bonnarel, F.; Brouty, M.; Bruneau, C.; Brunet, C.; Cambresy, L.; Dubois, P.; Eisele, A.; Fernique, P.; Genova, F.; Laloee, S.; Lesteven, S.; Loup, C.; Ochsenbein, F.; Vannier, P.J.; Vollmer, B.; Vonflie, P.; Wagner, M.J.; Woelfel, F.; Borde, S.; Beyneix, A.; Chassagnard, G.; Jasniewicz, G.; Davoust, E.
The 'Perfect' Search Result in Library Catalogues 199 Hurn, M.
Part 6.
The Creative Librarian
Changing Perceptions of the Astronomy Library 205 Ricketts, S.
Resources for College Libraries: Astronomy 211 Holmquist, J.E.
Information Architecture and Astronomy Libraries 216 Martines, F.
Astronomy for Everyone! — The Library of Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory and the Public: An Example of Integration of Information Resources 225 Brunetti, F.; Gasperini, A.; Albanese, L.
Italian Astronomy Libraries Webpages: Results of Two Surveys 232 Schiavone, L.
Webpages of Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory Library: Tools for Users and for Librarians 237 Baglioni, R.; Brunetti, F.; Gasperini, A.
A Librarian Without Books: Systems Librarianship in Astronomy 241 Kneale, R.A.
Re-cataloging Joint Astronomy Centre (JAC) Library Book Collection 245 Lucas, A.; Zhang, X.
Public Outreach in Astronomy: The IUCAA Library as a Facilitator 249 Rai, V.K.; Bawdekar, N.U.
Creating Astronomy Popularization Material for School Students: A New Challenge for the Astronomy Librarian 253 Barve, S.
An Evolution of the IUCAA Library 257 Sahu, H.K.
Young Scientists: New Role for the Library 262 Bawdekar, N.U.; Paranjpye, A.
Part 7.
Of Silver Bullets and the Preservation of Library Resources in 2006 267 Merrill-Oldham, J.
Digital Preservation and Electronic Journals 277 Owens, E.
Digitization, Integration and Preservation of Technical and Historical Information: The Case of INTA, the National Institute for Aerospace Technique of Spain 286 Merida Martin, F.; Paz Otero, S.
Digitization of the Palomar-Leiden Survey and Trojan Survey Plates 294 Schmadel, L.D.; Stoss, R.; Burkhardt, G.; Paech, W.; van Houten-Groeneveld, I.
The Digitization Project of Odessa Plate Depository 300 Karetnikov, V.G.; Dorokhova, T.N.; Yushchenko, A.V.; Pikhun, A.I.; Koshkin, N.I.
Publications and Observational Data in the Archive of Konkoly Oservatory 305 Holl, A.
Preservation of Lantern Slides for Use in Today's Technology 308 Hillier, A.S.
Role of Libraries in Disaster Management: Experience from North East India 313 Satpathy, K.C.
Part 8.
History of Astronomy and Astronomical Archives
Gutenberg's Gift 319 Gingerich, O.
Astronomical Archives: Their Historical and Scientific Value and How to Preserve them for the Future 329 Moran, K.
Starting with Nothing: Archives at National Radio Astronomy Observatory 341 Bouton, E.N.
Gathering the Forgotten Voices: An Oral History of CFHT's Early Years 350 Bryson, L.
Etienne Leopold Trouvelot (1827-1895), the Artist and Astronomer 352 Corbin, B.G.
Specola 2000: A Project for the Preservation of the Historical Archives of the Twelve Italian Astronomical Observatories 361 Mandrino, A.; Randazzo, D.; Schiavone, L.
Carte du Ciel: Call for the Compilation of a Complete Inventory of Publications 369 Randazzo, D.
Odessa Observatory as a Cultural and Scientific Educational Center on the Black Sea 375 Karetnikov, V.G.; Dorokhova, T.N.
The Importance of the Paper Version for the Study of Ancient Chinese Astronomy 380 Jian, Zhang
Part 9.
The E-journal Swamp and the Changing Publishing Sector
Change in the Publishing Sector 383 Steffen J.; Huyck, E.
Do Electronic Publications Really Have a Future? 389 Mahoney, T.J.
Astronomical Interlibrary Cooperation: The Long and Difficult Plan for Coordinated Acquisition of Journals – the Italian Case 397 Gasperini, A.; Abrami, L.; Olostro Cirella E.
Indian Consortia Models: FORSA Libraries' Experiences 405 Patil, Y.M.; Birdie, C.; Bawdekar, N.; Barve, S.; Anilkumar, N.
Page Charges and Article Length in Astronomy Journals 415 Dunn, K.; Noel, R.; Shaw, D.
NILDE, Network Inter Library Document Exchange: An Italian Document Delivery System 418 Brunetti, F.; Gasperini, A.; Mangiaracina, S.
Evaluating the Impact of Library Services on the Research Contributions by University Academics in India 422 Bawdekar, N.U.
Consortia for Engineering, Science and Technology Libraries in India: A Case Study of INDEST Consortium 426 Pathak, S.K.; Deshpande, N.J.
Integration of Astronomical Libraries in Consortia in the Czech Republic 431 Svaskova, R.; Wolf, M.
Panel Discussion: The Future of Publishing, or the Answers to Access 434 Bishop, M.
Back Matter   
Volume 377 Back Matter 437 Ricketts, S.; Birdie, C.; Isaksson, E.
Volume 377 Photographs 999 Ricketts, S.; Birdie, C.; Isaksson, E.