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Paper: Creation and Use of Citations in the ADS
Volume: 377, Library and Information Services in Astronomy V: Common Challenges, Uncommon Solutions
Page: 69
Authors: Accomazzi, A.; Eichhorn, G.; Kurtz, M.J.; Grant, C.S.; Henneken, E.; Demleitner, M.; Thompson, D.; Bohlen, E.; Murray, S.S.
Abstract: With over 20 million records, the ADS citation database is regularly used by researchers and librarians to measure the scientific impact of individuals, groups, and institutions. In addition to the traditional sources of citations, the ADS has recently added references extracted from the arXiv e-prints on a nightly basis. We review the procedures used to harvest and identify the reference data used in the creation of citations, the policies and procedures that we follow to avoid double-counting and to eliminate contributions which may not be scholarly in nature. Finally, we describe how users and institutions can easily obtain quantitative citation data from the ADS, both interactively and via web-based programming tools.
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