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Paper: Paper to Screen: Processing Historical Scans in the ADS
Volume: 377, Library and Information Services in Astronomy V: Common Challenges, Uncommon Solutions
Page: 102
Authors: Thompson, D.M.; Accomazzi, A.; Eichhorn, G.; Grant, C.S.; Henneken, E.; Kurtz, M.J.; Bohlen, E.; Murray, S.S.
Abstract: The NASA Astrophysics Data System in conjunction with the Wolbach Library at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics is working on a project to microfilm historical observatory publications. The microfilm is then scanned for inclusion in the ADS. The ADS currently contains over 700,000 scanned pages of volumes of historical literature. Many of these volumes lack clear pagination or other bibliographic data that are necessary to take advantage of the searching capabilities of the ADS. This paper will address some of the interesting challenges that needed to be resolved during the processing of the Observatory Reports included in the ADS.
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