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Paper: Navigating the Dark Matter: Libraries Look to the Future
Volume: 377, Library and Information Services in Astronomy V: Common Challenges, Uncommon Solutions
Page: 14
Authors: Cline, N.M.
Abstract: In the past decade, we have seen the world of information and libraries transformed by the World Wide Web. Empowered users, ranging from students to the world's leading scientists, have developed individualized approaches to their research that often keep them apart from the formal structures of research libraries. How will libraries ensure active roles in education and research given the rapid changes affecting the creation, dissemination, and retention of scholarly research products, whether in the form of journal articles, datasets, presentations, or podcast lectures? Complex issues abound, and collaboration will be needed to address pervasive issues of intellectual property rights, to develop reliable and systematic means of preserving e-content over long periods of time, and to ensure that scientific works will be broadly accessible, identified through multiple search engines, on a worldwide basis. While there are many promising developments, these issues have complex histories, and there is no simple bright path to the future. Exploring solutions to these problems and shaping new service models in libraries will require innovation as well as collaboration among scientists, scholars, librarians, and others.
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