Title: LISA VII: Open Science: At the Frontiers of Librarianship

Volume: 492 Year: 2015 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: A. Holl, S. Lesteven, D. Dietrich. and A. Gasperini

Naples, Italy
17–20 June 2014

These proceedings present a snapshot of the state of librarianship and information services in astronomy. This volume is a part of a series, as the conference was the seventh in the sequence of LISA conferences. The success of the LISA conference series is reflected in the Special Libraries Association Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics Division Award in 2014, which was presented during the conference.

While the print collections of astronomy libraries have been moved to storage at many observatories and departments, digitized texts and data have been made accessible on the internet. The availability, visibility, and processability of vast amounts of information transform science. Astronomers, working with astronomy librarians and informaticians, are pushing the frontiers further and further.

Astronomers use the tools and databases described in this volume every working day (and in this case, every working night). Those who are interested in the machinery behind these services will find interesting contributions in these proceedings.

Astronomy librarians, while helping scientists and students navigate the seas of new information, also have to deal with the preservation of the old information. It is not only books, catalogs, journals, and logbooks of observations that need their attention, but also photographs, drawings, and even instrumentation that require their care. Those interested in the historical side of astronomy will also find interesting papers in these proceedings.

Malcolm Walmsley, Editor of the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, discusses the present and the future of astronomy journals. While the future is difficult to predict, some trends are fairly obvious.

The papers published in the proceedings of the LISA conferences, some of which are available in the ASP Conference Series, provide a record of the progress of scholarly communication.
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Book Cover
Front Matter   
Front Matter 1 Holl, A.; Lesteven, S.; Dietrich, D.; Gasperini, A.
Conference Photos 2 Holl, A.; Lesteven, S.; Dietrich, D.; Gasperini, A.
Part I. Introduction   
Present and Future of Astronomy Journals 3 Walmsley, C. M.
2014 Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics (PAM) Division Award 8 Lehman, K. A.; Robertson, K.; Kolah, D.
Part II. Data Librarianship: Research Data Curation and Preservation   
Working Together at CDS: The Symbiosis Between Astronomers, Documentalists, and IT Specialists 13 Perret, E.; Boch, T.; Bonnarel, F.; Bot, C.; Buga, M.; Brouty, M.; Bruneau, C.; Brunet, C.; Cambrésy, L.; Derrière, S.; Eisele, A.; Fernique, P.; Genova, F.; Guéhenneux, S.; Landais, G.; Lesteven, S.; Loup, C.; Neuville, M.; Oberto, A.; Ochsenbein, F.; Ocvirk, P.; Pineau, F.-X.; Schaaff, A.; Siebert, A.; Simon, A.-C.; Son, E.; Vannier, P.; Vollmer, B.; Vonflie, P.; Wenger, M.; Woelfel, F.
A New Geodetic Research Data Management System at the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory 22 Coetzer, G. L.; Botha, R. C.; Combrinck, L.; Fourie, S. C.
Data Scientist Training for Librarians 31 Erdmann, C.
CRIS–INAF as a Result of a Fruitful Collaboration among ITs, Librarians, and Researchers 38 Konomi, E.; Marra, M.
How Documentalists Update SIMBAD 47 Buga, M.; Bot, C.; Brouty, M.; Bruneau, C.; Brunet, C.; Cambresy, L.; Eisele, A.; Genova, F.; Lesteven, S.; Loup, C.; Neuville, M.; Oberto, A.; Ochsenbein, F.; Perret, E.; Siebert, A.; Son, E.; Vannier, P.; Vollmer, B.; Vonflie, P.; Wenger, M.; Woelfel, F.
Adapting Educational Materials in Data Management for Astronomy Graduate Students 52 Dietrich, D.
Management of Catalogs at CDS 57 Landais, G.; Boch, T.; Brouty, M.; Guéhenneux, S.; Genova, F.; Lesteven, S.; Ochsenbein, F.; Ocvirk, P.; Perret, E.; Pineau, F.-X.; Simon, A.-C.; Vannier, P.
Part III. Metrics and Visualizations   
ESO telbib: Linking In and Reaching Out 63 Grothkopf, U.; Meakins, S.
Observatory Bibliographies: Toward Multi-usage and Better Metrics 71 Rots, A. H.; Winkelman, S. L.
Computing and Using Metrics in the ADS 80 Henneken, E. A.; Accomazzi, A.; Kurtz, M. J.; Grant, C. S.; Thompson, D.; Luker, J.; Chyla, R.; Holachek, A.; Murray, S. S.
Using ADS for Creating Bibliographies of Research Institutions 85 Egret, D.; Laurenceau, A.; Accomazzi, A.
A Bibliometric Analysis of Observatory Publications 2008–2012 90 Crabtree, D. R.
Best Practices for Creating an Observatory or Telescope Bibliography from the IAU Commission 5 Working Group on Libraries 99 Lagerstrom, J.
IACPub: The IAC Publications Archive 105 Pérez-Prieto, J. A.; Gómez, M.
Quantifying the CV: Adapting an Impact Assessment Model to Astronomy 113 Bohémier, K. A.
Productivity of Indian Telescopes: Impact Analysis through Scientometric Methods 118 Meera, B.M.; Manjunath, M.
A Scientometric Study of Research Papers Published by Visiting Associates of IUCAA, Pune, India during 2003–2013 123 Rai, V. K.; Senger, K. P. S.; Pathak, S. K.
Astronomy Research in IUCAA: A Scientometric Study of the Papers Published by IUCAA Academics during 1993–2013 128 Rai, V. K.; Senger, K. P. S.
Swift Publication Statistics and the Comparison with Other Major Observatories 133 Savaglio, S.; Grothkopf, U.
Tracking Publications Based on Telescope Sharing among Gemini, Subaru, and Keck: An Update 137 Zhang, X.; Tsang, E.; Kamisato, P.
The AstroBID: Searching through the Italian \break Astronomical Heritage 143 Olostro Cirella, E.; Gargano, M.; Gasperini, A.; Mandrino, A.; Randazzo, D.; Zanini, V.
Saving the Orphaned Astronomical Literature 150 Thompson, D. M.; Henneken, E. A.; Grant, C. S.; Holachek, A.; Accomazzi, A.; Kurtz, M. J.; Chyla, R.; Luker, J.; Murray, S. S.
Retrospective Conversion of Solar Data Printed in “Synoptic Maps of the Solar Chromosphere”: A Scientific and Librarianship Project 155 Laurenceau, A.; Aboudarham, J.; Renié, C.
Cosmic Ink: Fragments from the Past on Journal Pages 163 Mandrino, A.; Gargano, M.; Gasperini, A.
A Case of Racial Discrimination: Azeglio Bemporad, Astronomer Poet 167 Mangano, A.
The Manipulation of Images in Ancient Books: The Case of Sacrobosco's De Sphaera Mundi 173 Olostro Cirella, E.; Rinaldi, A.
The Rare Book Collection of Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory Will be on the Web: Ancient Science Available to Everyone 178 Olostro Cirella, E.; Caprio, G.
Preservation of Chinese Print Astronomical Literature in the Digital and Network Age 182 Zhang, J.; Shi, W.
Part V. Tools, Techniques, and Skills   
ADS: The Next Generation Search Platform 189 Accomazzi, A.; Kurtz, M. J.; Henneken, E. A.; Chyla, R.; Luker, J.; Grant, C. S.; Thompson, D. M.; Holachek, A.; Dave, R.; Murray, S. S.
Koha@ESO Reloaded 198 Meakins, S.; Grothkopf, U.
Management of the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus 204 Frey, K.; Erdmann, C.; Accomazzi, A.; Rubin, L.; Biemesderfer, C.; Gray, N.; Soles, J.
Enabling Meaningful Affiliation Searches in the ADS 208 Grant, C. S.; Thompson, D. M.; Chyla, R.; Holachek, A.; Accomazzi, A.; Henneken, E. A.; Kurtz, M. J.; Luker, J.; Murray, S. S.
Enhancing Access to Audio and Video Collections of Raman Research Institute Library through Digitization 212 Nagaraj, M.N.; Benegal, V. J.; Bhandi, M.K.
TWiki: A Collaborative Space of Internal Documentation, an Efficient Way to Work Together 216 Son, E.; Eisele, A.; Schaaff, A.; Miguel, L.; Perret, E.; Brouty, M.; Bruneau, C.; Brunet, C.; Buga, M.; Genova, F.; Guéhenneux, S.; Lesteven, S.; Loup, C.; Neuville, M.; Oberto, A.; Vannier, P.; Vonflie, P.; Woelfel, F.
Part VI. Changing Practices in a Changing World   
Research Goes On: Post-Observatory Astronomy Resources in Helsinki 223 Isaksson, E.
New Roles for the Librarian of Bosscha Observatory: Review of Tasks in Library over Two Decades 232 Sulistialie, E.
POP: Publications by the Observatoire de Paris 237 Brocquet, C.; Henry, F.; Laurenceau, A.
The Astronomy Collections: From the Project to the Laboratory 243 Bobis, L.
The Library Treasure Hunt: Reach for the Stars. Introducing First Year Students to the Landscape of Scientific Information 248 Enestarre, C.; Jurlander, E.; Andersson, C.; Verdozzi, K. H.; Reistad, N.
Creating an Astronomical Library for a Small Community: The TNG Experience 254 Martín Rodríguez, M.; Magazzù, A.
Building and Managing Electronic Resources in Digital Era in India with Special Reference to IUCAA and NIV, Pune: A Comparative Case Study 257 Sahu, H. K.; Singh, S. N.
The “Giovanni Santini” Library, Padua Astronomical Observatory: The Adapting Library 262 Zanini, V.; Toniolo, C.; Satta, A.
Part VII. Use and Access of Astronomical Literature   
Bibliographic Data in Astronomy: Experience with the IBVS Reference List Revision 269 Holl, A.
ACNP and NILDE: Essential Tools for Access to Scientific Research 275 Brunetti, F.; Bonora, O.; Filippucci, G.
A New Bibliographical Feature for SIMBAD: Highlighting the Most Relevant Papers for One Astronomical Object 284 Oberto, A.; Lesteven, S.; Derriere, S.; Bonnin, C.; Buga, M.; Brouty, M.; Bruneau, C.; Brunet, C.; Eisele, A.; Genova, F.; Guéhenneux, S.; Neuville, M.; Ochsenbein, F.; Perret, E.; Son, E.; Vannier, P.; Vonflie, P.; Wenger, M.; Woelfel, F.
Digitising the Patrimonial Collections of the Paris Observatory Library 291 Laurenceau, A.
Part VIII. Journals and E-books: The Present and Beyond   
When the Future Becomes the Past: Where will our Print Collection Be in 2050? 299 Bosken, S.
Things Change, People Change, Libraries Go on: E-books or Not E-books? 306 Martines, F.
Enhancing Astronomy Studies by Using IUCAA Video Lectures in the Student Community 314 Narayanasamy, N.; Bawdekar, N.
The Acquisition of Electronic Books in the Area of Astronomy in the UNAM 317 Juarez, B.
Part IX. Open Access and Open Science   
416492 ORCID IDs and Counting: Uptake by the Astronomical Community 323 Holmquist, J.; Erdmann, C.; Damon, J.
Part X. Publishing and Publishers   
EDP Sciences and Astronomy & Astrophysics: A Partnership for the Benefit of the Scientific Community 333 Henri, A.
Part XI. Future of LISA   
Discussion on the Future of LISA Conferences 339 Grothkopf, U.; Holmquist, J.
Back Matter   
Back Matter 347