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Paper: TWiki: A Collaborative Space of Internal Documentation, an Efficient Way to Work Together
Volume: 492, LISA VII: Open Science: At the Frontiers of Librarianship
Page: 216
Authors: Son, E.; Eisele, A.; Schaaff, A.; Miguel, L.; Perret, E.; Brouty, M.; Bruneau, C.; Brunet, C.; Buga, M.; Genova, F.; Guéhenneux, S.; Lesteven, S.; Loup, C.; Neuville, M.; Oberto, A.; Vannier, P.; Vonflie, P.; Woelfel, F.
Abstract: The documentalists at Strasbourg astronomical Data Center (CDS) mine publications in order to update the SIMBAD and VizieR databases with astronomical data. The process of mining publications is quite complex and, over time, the databases and tools used evolve as the field of astronomy evolves. The ingest process needs to be agreed upon, well described, and shared by all involved. This requires specific knowledge and mutual support among the documentalists in interaction with computer engineers and astronomers. The documentalists at CDS have therefore organized and enriched their internal documentation; the wiki collaborative tool is an efficient framework to do so. For more than a decade, the CDS has been developing a “TWiki” collaborative space. Recently, we have created a working group to refurbish the collaborative space and it is now better structured and clearer and this provides new functionality, giving the user a better experience.
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