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Paper: New Roles for the Librarian of Bosscha Observatory: Review of Tasks in Library over Two Decades
Volume: 492, LISA VII: Open Science: At the Frontiers of Librarianship
Page: 232
Authors: Sulistialie, E.
Abstract: Mr. K. A. R Bosscha, a Dutch tea planter and successful businessman, has become a legendary figure in Indonesia for his various concerns to society. Through his generous support, he helped to found the observatory in 1920. The site of the observatory is in Lembang, West Java, and a suitable place for southern hemisphere observation. The library of Bosscha Observatory was built to support and facilitate research activities of Indonesian astronomers. The core of the library's collection consisted of a donation from Professor H.G. van de Sande Bakhuiyzen, the retired director of Leiden Observatory. Various national and international institutions have contributed to the development of the library. Today, information technology is a major influence on Bosscha Observatory and its librarian.
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