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Paper: Research Goes On: Post-Observatory Astronomy Resources in Helsinki
Volume: 492, LISA VII: Open Science: At the Frontiers of Librarianship
Page: 223
Authors: Isaksson, E.
Abstract: After the Helsinki Observatory was closed down in 2010, the resources available to astronomy underwent a radical change. One shelf kilometer of printed materials was dramatically reduced by 2014. As for collection management and development, Helsinki University Library has replaced the former Department of Astronomy. Has the big change made the situation better or worse? The answer was sought with a variety of methods, including cited sources analysis for papers and theses, user surveys, and an inventory of electronic resources. The results were compared to results from a 2004 assessment. The question posed by the author at the LISA VI conference regarding the trend of A&A citations after institutional merger was also revisited. All approaches give similar results: the changes seem to have given a boost to the productivity of Helsinki astronomers.
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