Title: The Galactic Center: a Window to the Nuclear Environment of Disk Galaxies
Volume: 439 Year: 2011 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Mark R. Morris, Q. Daniel Wang, and Feng Yuan
ISBN: 978-1-58381-758-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-759-9
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Front Matter   
Volume Cover Morris, Mark R.; Wang, Q. Daniel; Yuan,
Front Matter 1 Morris, Mark R.; Wang, Q. Daniel; Yuan,
Conference Photos 2 Morris, Mark R.; Wang, Q. Daniel; Yuan,
Session I. The Interstellar Content of the Galactic Center Region   
The ASTE Galactic Center CO J=3–2 Survey: Probing Shocked Molecular Gas in the CMZ 3 Oka, T.; Tanaka, K.; Matsumura, S.; Nagai, M.; Kamegai, K.; Hasegawa, T.
Probing the Interstellar and Circumstellar Media in the Central Parsec with M-band Spectroscopy 14 Moultaka, J.; Eckart, A.; Schödel, R.
H3+ in Warm, Diffuse Gas of the Central Molecular Zone 18 Oka, T.; Geballe, T. R.; Goto, M.; Usuda, T.; Indriolo, N.; McCall, B. J.
Violent Interaction among Molecular Gas, Supernova Remnants, and Ionized Gas in the Galactic Center Region 23 Tsuboi, M.; Tadaki, K.; Sato, M. T.; Miyazaki, A.; Handa, T.
The High-Density Ionized Gas in the Central Parsecs of the Galaxy 27 Zhao, J.; Blundell, R.; Moran, J. M.; Downes, D.; Schuster, K. F.; Marrone, D.
Hydrogen Recombination Line Observations of the Galactic Center Region 31 Royster, M. J.; Hewitt, J. W.; Roberts, D. A.; Yusef-Zadeh, F.
Large Scale Distribution of CN in the Central Molecular Zone: PDR or Weak XDR? 33 Tanaka, K.; Oka, T.; Nagai, M.; Kamegai, K.
Observing the Galactic Center in the Mid-Infrared 35 Thibon, M.; Haubois, X.; Dodds-Eden, K.; Weiss, A.; Paumard, T.; Clénet, Y.; Perrin, G.; Gillessen, S.; Genzel, R.; Rouan, D.; Pantin, É.
Magnetic Fields in the Galactic Center 39 Ferrière, K.
A New Lower Limit to the Galactic Centre's Magnetic Field 49 Crocker, R. M.
The Galactic Center Magnetic Field on Smaller Scales: Multifrequency Observations of Nonthermal Filament Candidates 53 Lang, C. C.; Drout, M. R.
Near–Infrared Polarimetry toward the Galactic Center – Magnetic Field Configuration in the Central One Degree Region 57 Nishiyama, S.; Hatano, H.; Tamura, M.; Nagata, T.
Interstellar Polarization Efficiency toward the Galactic Center 59 Hatano, H.; Kurita, M.; Sato, S.; Nishiyama, S.; IRSF/SIRIUS Group
Molecular Loops in the Galactic Center 61 Fukui, Y.; Torii, K.; Kudo, N.; Yamamoto, H.; Kawamura, A.; Machida, M.; Takahashi, K.; Nozawa, S.; Matsumoto, R.
Three-Dimensional Global MHD Simulations of the Magnetic Loop Structures in our Galactic Center 65 Machida, M.; Matsumoto, R.; Nozawa, S.; Takahashi, K.; Torii, K.; Kudo, N.; Fukui, Y.
Molecular Loops in the Galactic Center — The Physical Condition in the Whole Loops 69 Kudo, N.; Torii, K.; Machida, M.; Takahashi, K.; Nozawa, S.; Yamamoto, H.; Okuda, T.; Kawamura, A.; Mizuno, N.; Onishi, T.; Matsumoto, R.; Fukui, Y.
Molecular Loops in the Galactic Center: Detailed Observations of the Footpoint of the Loops 71 Torii, K.; Fukui, Y.; Kudo, N.; Yamamoto, H.; Kawamura, A.; Machida, M.; Takahashi, K.; Nozawa, S.; Matsumoto, R.
Disk-Halo Interface: The “Footpoint” of the Galactic Molecular Loops 73 Riquelme, D.; Amo-Baladrón, A.; Martín-Pintado, J.; Mauersberger, R.; Bronfman, L.; Martín, S.
Expanded VLA Detection of 36.2 GHz Class I Methanol Masers in Sagittarius A 75 Sjouwerman, L. O.; Pihlström, Y. M.; Fish, V. L.
Session II. Star Formation, Young Stars, and HII Regions in the Central Molecular Zone   
Sustained Star Formation in the Central Molecular Zone of the Milky Way 79 Kim, S. S.; Saitoh, T. R.; Jeon, M.; Merritt, D.; Figer, D. F.; Wada, K.
Revealing the Population of Isolated, Massive Stars in the Central Molecular Zone 86 Mauerhan, J. C.; Morris, M. R.; Muno, M. P.; Cotera, A.; Wang, D.; Dong, H.
The Initial Mass Function and Formation History of Stars in the Galactic Centre 96 Baumgardt, H.; Löckmann, U.; Kroupa, P.
Massive Young Stars in the Galactic Center 100 Bartko, H.; Martins, F.; Trippe, S.; Fritz, T. K.; Genzel, R.; Ott, T.; Eisenhauer, F.; Gillessen, S.; Paumard, T.; Alexander, T.; Dodds-Eden, K.; Gerhard, O.; Levin, Y.; Mascetti, L.; Nayakshin, S.; Perets, H. B.; Perrin, G.; Pfuhl, O.; Reid, M. J.; Rouan, D.; Zilka, M.; Sternberg, A.
HST Paα Survey of the Galactic Center – Seeking the Missing Young Stellar Populations within the Galactic Center 104 Dong, H.; Wang, Q. D.; Cotera, A.; Stolovy, S.; Morris, M. R.; Mauerhan, J.; Mills, E. A.; Schneider, G.; Lang, C.
First Spectroscopic Identification of Massive Young Stellar Objects in the Galactic Center 115 An, D.; Ramírez, S. V.; Sellgren, K.; Arendt, R. G.; Adwin Boogert, A. C.; Schultheis, M.; Stolovy, S. R.; Cotera, A. S.; Robitaille, T. P.; Smith, H. A.
A Sharper Look at the Motion of Stars in the Arches with Keck-LGS Adaptive Optics 119 Clarkson, W.; Lu, J. R.; Ghez, A. M.; Morris, M. R.; McCrady, N.; Stolte, A.; Yelda, S.
Using LGS AO to Measure the Arches Mass Function 121 McCrady, N.; Lu, J.; Clarkson, W.; Ghez, A.; Morris, M. R.; Stolte, A.; Yelda, S.
Isolated Massive Star Winds in the Galactic Center: Radio Counterparts to Paschen Alpha and X-ray Sources 123 Drout, M. R.; Lang, C. C.
Extinction toward the Compact HII Regions G-0.02-0.07 125 Mills, E.; Morris, M. R.; Lang, C. C.; Cotera, A.; Dong, H.; Wang, Q. D.; Stolovy, S.
Session III. Stellar Dynamics and Stellar Distributions in the Presence of the Galactic Black Hole   
Key Questions about Galactic Center Dynamics 129 Alexander, T.
Dynamical Models of the Galactic Center 142 Merritt, D.
The Eccentric Disc Instability: Dependency on Background Stellar Cluster 153 Madigan, A.
The Power of Monitoring Stellar Orbits 157 Gillessen, S.; Eisenhauer, F.; Bartko, H.; Dodds-Eden, K.; Fritz, T. K.; Pfuhl, O.; Ott, T.; Genzel, R.
Increasing the Scientific Return of Stellar Orbits at the Galactic Center 167 Yelda, S.; Ghez, A. M.; Lu, J. R.; Do, T.; Clarkson, W.; Matthews, K.
Dynamics and Origins of the Young Stars in the Galactic Center 172 Perets, H. B.
Mass Segregation in the Galactic Centre 180 Hopman, C.; Madigan, A.
The Formation of Stellar Cusps in Galactic Nuclei 189 Murphy, B. W.
Testing Stellar Cusp Formation Theories with Observations of the Milky Way Nuclear Star Cluster 200 Do, T.; Ghez, A. M.; Morris, M. R.; Lu, J. R.; Matthews, K.; Yelda, S.; Wright, S.; Larkin, J.
Composition of the Galactic Center Star Cluster 210 Buchholz, R. M.; Schödel, R.; Eckart, A.
The Impact of Stellar Collisions in the Galactic Center 212 Davies, M. B.; Church, R. P.; Malmberg, D.; Nzoke, S.; Dale, J.; Freitag, M.
The Milky Way Nuclear Star Cluster in Context 222 Schödel, R.
Kinematics of the Old Stellar Population at the Galactic Centre 232 Trippe, S.; Gillessen, S.; Gerhard, O. E.; Bartko, H.; Fritz, T. K.; Eisenhauer, F.; Ott, T.; Dodds-Eden, K.; Genzel, R.; Maness, H. L.; Martins, F.
Testing General Relativity with Galactic-Centre Stars 242 Angélil, R.; Saha, P.
Hypervelocity Stars 246 Brown, W. R.
On the Origin of Hypervelocity Stars 254 Yu, Q.; Lu, Y.
Stellar Disc – Dynamical Evolution in a Perturbed Potential 258 Šubr, L.
ATCA Detection of SiO Masers in the Inner Parsecs of the Galactic Center 260 Li, J.; An, T.; Shen, Z.; Miyazaki, A.
Chemical Abundances in the Galactic Center 263 Ramírez, S. V.; Cunha, K.; Sellgren, K.; Smith, V. V.; Blum, R. D.; Terndrup, D.
The Light Variation of OH/IR Stars in the Galactic Bulge Region 265 Zhu, S.; Jiang, B. W.
Science with GRAVITY, the NIR Interferometric Imager 267 Paumard, T.; Gillessen, S.; Brander, W.; Eckart, A.; Berger, J.; Garcia, P.; Amorim, A.; Anton, S.; Bartko, H.; Baumeister, H.; Carvas, P.; Cassaing, F.; Choquet, E.; Clénet, Y.; Collin, C.; Dodds-Eden, K.; Eisenhauer, F.; Fédou, P.; Gendron, É.; Genzel, R.; Gräter, A.; Guériau, C.; Haubois, X.; Haug, M.; Hippler, S.; Hofmann, R.; Hormuth, F.; Houairi, K.; Ihle, S.; Jocou, L.; Kellner, S.; Kervella, P.; Klein, R.; Kolmeder, J.; Kudryavtseva, N.; Lacour, S.; Lapeyrene, V.; Laun, W.; Lenzen, R.; Le Ruyet, B.; Lima, J. M. A.; Marteaud, M.; Moulin, T.; Naranjo, V.; Neumann, U.; Patru, F.; Perraut, K.; Perrin, G.; Pfuhl, O.; Réess, J.; Rabien, S.; Ramos, J. R.; Rohloff, R.; Rousset, G.; Sevin, A.; Thiel, M.; Vincent, F.; Ziegleder, J.; Ziegler, D.
Gravitational Lensing in the Galactic Center 271 Bozza, V.; Mancini, L.
Astrometric Study of the Complex Environment of Sgr A* in Imaging Mode with the VLTI/GRAVITY Instrument 275 Vincent, F. H.; Paumard, T.; Perrin, G.; Mugnier, L.; Eisenhauer, F.; Gillessen, S.
A First Black Hole Imager, Caravan-sub at Andes 279 Miyoshi, M.; Furuya, R-S.; Kawaguchi, N. (NAOJ); Nakajima, J.; Irimajiri, Y.; Koyama, Y.; Sekido, M.; Ujihara, H. (NICT); Ishitsuka, H. (IGP); Asaki, Y.; Kato, Y.; Takeuchi, H.; Tsuboi, M. (ISAS, JAXA); Kasuha, T. (Hosei Univ.); Tomimatsu, A. (Nagoya Univ.); Takahashi, M. (Aichi Edu. Univ.); Eriguchi, Y.; Yoshida, Si. (Tokyo Univ.); Koide, S. (Kumamoto Univ.); Takahashi, R. (RIKEN); Oka, T. (Keido Univ.)
Future Instrumentation to Observe the Galactic Center—Development of Astronomical Instrumentation at the University of Cologne 281 Straubmeier, C.; Araujo-Hauck, C.; Eckart, A.; Fischer, S.; García-Marín, M.; Horrobin, M.; Lindhorst, B.; Rost, S.; Tremou, E.; Wank, I.; Wiest, M.; Zuther, J.
Session IV. The Supermassive Black Hole: Accretion onto Sagittarius A*   
Multi-Wavelength Study of Sgr A*: The Short Time Scale Variability 285 Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Miller-Jones, J.; Roberts, D.; Wardle, M.; Reid, M.; Dodds-Eden, K.; Porquet, D.; Grosso, N.
Coordinated Multi-Wavelength Observations of Variable Emission from the Galactic Center 294 Eckart, A.; Zamaninasab, M.; Sabha, N.; García-Marín, M.; Kunneriath, D.; Straubmeier, C.; Muzic, K.; Witzel, G.; Bremer, M.; Valencia-Schneider, M.; Karas, V.; Dovciak, M.; Morris, M. R.; Baganoff, F.; Schödel, R.; Moultaka, J.; Buchholz, R. M.; Duschl, W.; Zensus, A.
Simultaneous X-ray, Near-Infrared, and Submillimeter Observations of Sgr A* 304 Trap, G.; Weiss, A.; Goldwurm, A.; Dodds-Eden, K.; Terrier, R.; Ponti, G.; Gillessen, S.; Genzel, R.; Bélanger, G.; Clénet, Y.
Flares from Sgr A* and their Emission Mechanism 309 Dodds-Eden, K.; Porquet, D.; Trap, G.; Quataert, E.; Gillessen, S.; Grosso, N.; Genzel, R.; Goldwurm, A.; Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Trippe, S.; Bartko, H.; Eisenhauer, F.; Ott, T.; Fritz, T.; Pfuhl, O.
The Low Luminosity State of Sagittarius A* 313 Sabha, N.; Witzel, G.; Eckart, A.; Zamaninasab, M.; Schödel, R.; Zernickel, A.; García-Marín, M.; Kunneriath, D.; Moultaka, J.; Mužić, K.; Straubmeier, C.
Sub-Millimeter View of the Galactic Center 315 García-Marín, M.; Eckart, A.; Weiss, A.; Witzel, G.; Bremer, M.; Zamaninasab, M.; Schödel, R.; Kunneriath, D.; Sabha, N.; Baganoff, F.; Dovvciak, M.; Duschl, W. J.; Moultaka, J.; Karas, V.; Najarro, F.; Mužić, K.; Straubmeier, C.; Vogel, S. N.; Krips, M.; Wiesemeyer, H.
Flaring Emission from Sagittarius A* at Millimeter Wavelengths 319 Li, J.; Shen, Z.; Miyazaki, A.; Huang, L.; Sault, R. J.; Miyoshi, M.; Tsuboi, M.; Tsutsumi, T.
Near Infrared Polarimetry as a Tool for Testing the Properties of Radiation from Sagittarius A* 323 Zamaninasab, M.; Witzel, G.; Eckart, A.; Sabha, N.; Dovciak, M.; Karas, V.; Schödel, R.; García-Marín, M.; Kunneriath, D.; Nishiyama, S.; Straubmeier, C.; Valencia-Schneider, M.; Zensus, A.
The Galactic Centre in the Millimeter Regime: Observations with CARMA 327 Kunneriath, D.; Eckart, A.; Zamaninasab, M.; Witzel, G.; Schödel, R.; García-Marín, M.; König, S.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Lu, R.; Moultaka, J.; Mužić, K.; Sabha, N.; Sjouwerman, L. O.; Straubmeier, C.; Vogel, S. N.; Teuben, P.; Zensus, J. A.
High-Frequency Inter-day VLBI Monitoring of Sgr A* 331 Lu, R.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Eckart, A.; König, S.; Kunneriath, D.; Witzel, G.; Witzel, A.; Zensus, J. A.
Oscillation Phenomena in Sagittarius A* 336 Miyoshi, M.; Oyama, T.; Shen, Z.; Takahashi, R.; Kato, Y.
Testing the Black Hole Paradigm with Future Observations of SgrA* 340 Bambi, C.
Revealing the General Relativity Effects in Accretion Events near a Supermassive Black Hole 344 Karas, V.; Dovčiak, M.; Zamaninasab, M.; Eckart, A.
Accretion and Ejection in Sgr A* 346 Yuan, F.
Numerical Models of Sgr A* 358 Mościbrodzka, M.; Gammie, C. F.; Dolence, J.; Shiokawa, H.; Leung, P. K.
3-D Radiative Properties of Hot Accretion Flows onto the Galactic Center Black Hole 368 Kato, Y.
Constraining the Accretion Flow in Sgr A* by GR Dynamical and Radiative Modeling 372 Shcherbakov, R. V.; Penna, R. F.
Inflow-Outflow Solution with Stellar Winds and Conduction near Sgr A* 374 Shcherbakov, R. V.; Baganoff, F. K.
Modelling the Flaring Emission at the Galactic Centre 378 Howard, E.
Polarized Emission and Black Hole Shadow Image of Sagittarius A* 380 Huang, L.; Liu, S.; Takahashi, R.; Shen, Z. -Q.
Slit-Modulation Imaging Method for Detecting Periodic Structural Change in SgrA* 384 Miyoshi, M.
VLBA Synthesis Imagings of SgrA* at 43 GHz 386 Miyoshi, M.; Oyama, T.; Shen, Z.
Session V. High-Energy Diagnostics of Galactic Nuclear Activity   
An Overview of the High-Energy Emission from the Galactic Center 391 Goldwurm, A.
The Very High Energy γ-ray View of the Galactic Centre as of Early 2010 408 van Eldik, C. (H.E.S.S. Collaboration)
The Galactic Center Diffuse X-rays 418 Koyama, K.
X- and Gamma-Ray Emission from the Galactic Center 426 Dogiel, V. A.; Cheng, K.-S.; Chernyshov, D. O.; Ip, W.-H.; Ko, C.-M.; Tatischeff, V.
An X-Ray Face-on View of the Galactic Center Molecular Clouds Observed with Suzaku 430 Ryu, S. G.; Koyama, K.; Nobukawa, M.; Fukuoka, R.; Tsuru, T. G.
X-ray Iron Line Emission From Sagittarius A* 434 Ji, L.; Baganoff, F. K.; Dong, H.; Yuan, F.
Suzaku Discovery of Two Peculiar Clumps at the South End of the Radio Arc 438 Fukuoka, R.; Koyama, K.; Ryu, S. G.; Tsuru, T. G.
Variable Hard X-Ray Emission from the Sgr B2 Molecular Cloud 442 Terrier, R.; Ponti, G.; Bélanger, G.; Decourchelle, A.; Tatischeff, V.; Goldwurm, A.; Trap, G.
Molecular Clouds: X-ray Mirrors of Galactic Nuclear Activity 446 Ponti, G.; Terrier, R.; Goldwurm, A.; Belanger, G.; Trap, G.
X-ray Echoes of Infrared Flaring in Sgr A* 450 Wardle, M.
Discovery of K-shell Lines of Neutral S, Ar, Ca, Cr, and Mn Atoms from the Galactic Center Region 456 Nobukawa, M.; Koyama, K.; Tsuru, T. G.; Ryu, S. G.
Session VI. Supermassive Black Holes and Stellar Feedback in Nuclear Environments   
Feedback from Nuclear Star Clusters (NCs) and SMBHs 463 Nayakshin, S.
The Circumnuclear Environment in M31 468 Li, Z.
Color-Magnitude Relations of Active and Non-Active Galaxies in the Chandra Deep Fields: Stellar-Mass Selection Effects and High-Redshift Constraints 478 Xue, Y. Q.; Brandt, W. N.; Luo, B.; Rafferty, D. A.; Alexander, D. M.; Bauer, F. E.; Lehmer, B. D.; Silverman, J. D.
Dust and Gas in the Nucleus of NGC 1068: Comparison to the Galactic Center's Central Molecular Zone 483 Geballe, T. R.; Mason, R. E.; Oka, T.
The Small-Scale Mid-Infrared Emission of Low-Luminosity AGN 487 Mason, R.; Lopez Rodriguez, E.; Packham, C.; Radomski, J.; Levenson, N.; Aretxaga, I.; Alonso Herrero, A.; Colina, L.; Elitzur, M.; Roche, P.
Strong Gradient of the Spectral Index in the Compact Jet of the Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nucleus in M 81 491 Hada, K.; Doi, A.; Nagai, H.; Inoue, M.
VLBI in ASIAA Contribution to Sub-Millimeter VLBI Network 493 Inoue, M.; Asada, K.; Chen, M. T.; Huang, Y. D.; Chen, C. P.; Matsushita, S.; Ho, P.