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Paper: Hydrogen Recombination Line Observations of the Galactic Center Region
Volume: 439, The Galactic Center: a Window to the Nuclear Environment of Disk Galaxies
Page: 31
Authors: Royster, M. J.; Hewitt, J. W.; Roberts, D. A.; Yusef-Zadeh, F.
Abstract: We present the results of H90α radio recombination line observations at 3.6 cm of the Galactic center region with the Green Bank Telescope. The targeted survey includes six Hα (87 < n < 93) and nine Hβ (109 < n < 117) line transitions within the bandpass which are combined to increase sensitivity. Several prominent thermal sources in the vicinity of nonthermal radio filaments are observed, as well as diffuse ∼0 km s-1 ionized gas detected throughout the Galactic center. A few of the thermal sources studied include: G359.47-0.17, G359.57-0.07, G359.36+0.00, Sickle (G0.18-0.04), Sgr C (G359.5-0.0) and HII regions in the vicinity of nonthermal radio filaments N2 (G0.08+0.15) , and N8 (G359.79+0.17). One of the more interesting sources is G0.17+0.15 with a center velocity of +125 km s-1 and typical linewidth of 30 km s-1. This source is engulfed by one of the most prominent nonthermal filaments of the radio Arc at l = 0.2° which runs perpendicular to the Galactic plane.
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