Title: The Biggest, Baddest, Coolest Stars
Volume: 412 Year: 2009 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Luttermoser, Donald G.; Smith, Beverly J.; Stencel, Robert E.
Cool evolved stars are among the brightest point sources in the infrared sky, and contribute significantly to the interstellar dust of galaxies. They are in a short-lived but important stage of stellar evolution, characterized by pulsations, dust formation, and the production of expanding circumstellar shells. This conference highlighted the physics of evolved cool stars in relation to their stage of evolution, atmospheric structure and dynamics, stellar winds, and associated dust formation.

The conference was held at the Millennium Centre near the campus of East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee, in July 2007. It brought together astronomers, both professional and amateur, who are working on different aspects of cool star research. These included dust theorists, numerical modelers, and experts in observations at different wavelengths. The result of the meeting was a more complete picture of these stars, which is summarized in this volume.

Several recent developments motivated the need for this conference. Current hydrodynamic models of evolved stars are now able to reproduce the optical/UV spectra of such stars. However, simultaneous modeling of the infrared spectrum has proven difficult. Also, adding dust to such modeling is problematic because of the complicated physics of dust formation, destruction, and emission in these dynamic environments. Furthermore, the exact evolutionary relationship between the various types of cool evolved stars still is uncertain. The perceptive reader will discover a number of provocative research directions embedded in the many fine contributions herein.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 412 Cover Luttermoser, Donald G.; Smith, Beverly J.; Stencel, Robert E.
Front Matter   
Volume 412 Front Matter 1 Luttermoser, Donald G.; Smith, Beverly J.; Stencel, Robert E.
Conference Photograph   
Volume 412 Conference Photo 2 Luttermoser, Donald G.; Smith, Beverly J.; Stencel, Robert E.
Part 1. Monday, 16 July 2007   
The Physical Properties of Red Supergiants 3 Massey, P.; Plez, B.; Levesque, E.M.; Olsen, K.A.G.; Silva, D.R.; Clayton, G.C.
Post-Red Supergiants 17 Oudmaijer, R.D.; Davies, B.; de Wit, W.-J.; Patel, M.
The Coolest Stars in the Clouds: Unusual Red Supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds 33 Levesque, E.M.; Massey, P.; Olsen, K.A.G.; Plez, B.
Spitzer Spectroscopy of the Magellanic Clouds 49 Sloan, G.C.; Zijlstra, A.A.; Kraemer, K.E.; Markwick-Kemper,F.
The AGB Superwind in Nearby Galaxies 65 Zijlstra, A.A.; Lagadec, E.; Sloan, G.; Matsuura, M.
Globular Cluster Age Determination using the Red Giant Branch Luminosity Function 81 Paust, N.
U Antliae — A Dying Carbon Star 87 Bidelman, W.P.; Cowley, C.R.; Luttermoser, D.G.
Part 2. Tuesday, 17 July 2007   
The Stellar Imager (SI) - A Mission to Resolve Stellar Surfaces, Interiors, and Magnetic Activity 91 Carpenter, K.G.; Schrijver, C.J.; Karovska, M.; the SI Vision Mission Team
Interferometric Observations of Supergiants: Direct Measures of the Very Largest Stars 103 van Belle, G.T.
The Biggest Stars of All 113 Wing, R.F.
Big, Cool, and Losing Mass: Dependence of Mass Loss Rates on L, R, M and Z 137 Willson, L.A.
Interferometric Studies of a Statistical Sample of Mira Variables 149 Creech-Eakman, M.J.; Thompson, R.R.
Of Photons, Gas, and Dust: The Mira Mixmaster 163 Luttermoser, D.G.
Photometric Variability of Red Giants 179 Percy, J.R.; Mashintsova, M.; Nasui, C.; Palaniappan, R.; Henry, G.W.
Giant Stars, Astrophysics, and Amateur Astronomy 187 Templeton, M.R.
Part 3. Wednesday, 18 July 2007   
The Circumstellar-Interstellar Boundary around Evolved Stars - Revealed 197 Stencel, R.E.
From Biggest and Coolest to Smallest and Hottest: Proto-Planetary Nebula Transitional Objects 207 Hrivnak, B.J.
Chromospheres and Winds of Cool Supergiants 221 Bennett, P.D.
Summary Session: Where Do We Go From Here? 223 Luttermoser, D.G.; Willson, L.A.
Part 4. Posters   
Photometric Variability in Post-AGB Stars 229 Henson, G.D.; Deskins, W.R.
Polarization from the Structured Envelopes of Cool Evolved Stars 233 Ignace, R.; Henson, G.D.; Carson, J.
On the Distribution of Dust in the “Born-again” Planetary Nebula A30 235 Kerber, F.; Roth, M.; Rauch, T.; Ageorges, N.; Clayton, G.C.; De Marco, O.; Koller, J.
IRS Spectra of Unusual Evolved Objects in the Magellanic Clouds 239 Kraemer, K.E.; Sloan, G.C.; Bernard-Salas, J.; Wood, P.R.; Price, S.D.; Zijlstra, A.A.; Egan, M.P.; Houck, J.R.
A High-Resolution UV Spectral Atlas for Mira Variable Stars 243 Luttermoser, D.G.
Warm Era COBE DIRBE Infrared Light Curves of Dusty Evolved Stars 247 Smith, B.J.; Price, S.D.
The Wilson-Bappu Effect - 50 Years Later 251 Stencel, R.E.
Cool Star Mass Loss Rate Study 255 Wang, Q.; Willson, L.A.; Kawaler, S.D.
Back Matter   
Volume 412 Back Matter 263 Luttermoser, Donald G.; Smith, Beverly J.; Stencel, Robert E.
Conference Photos 999 Luttermoser, Donald G.; Smith, Beverly J.; Stencel, Robert E.