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Paper: The Stellar Imager (SI) - A Mission to Resolve Stellar Surfaces, Interiors, and Magnetic Activity
Volume: 412, The Biggest, Baddest, Coolest Stars
Page: 91
Authors: Carpenter, K.G.; Schrijver, C.J.; Karovska, M.; the SI Vision Mission Team
Abstract: The Stellar Imager (SI) is a UV/Optical, Space-Based Interferometer designed to enable 0.1 milli-arcsecond (mas) spectral imaging of stellar surfaces and, via asteroseismology, stellar interiors and of the Universe in general. The ultra-sharp images of the Stellar Imager will revolutionize our view of many dynamic astrophysical processes by transforming point sources into extended sources, and snapshots into evolving views. SI ’s science focuses on the role of magnetism in the Universe, particularly on magnetic activity on the surfaces of stars like the Sun. SI ’s prime goal is to enable long-term forecasting of solar activity and the space weather that it drives. SI will also revolutionize our understanding of the formation of planetary systems, of the habitability and climatology of distant planets, and of many magneto-hydrodynamically controlled processes in the Universe. SI is included as a “Flagship and Landmark Discovery Mission” in the 2005 NASA Sun Solar System Connection (SSSC) Roadmap and as a candidate for a “Pathways to Life Observatory” in the NASA Exploration of the Universe Division (EUD) Roadmap (May, 2005). In this paper we discuss the science goals and technology needs of, and the baseline design for, the SI Mission ( and its ability to image the Biggest, Baddest, Coolest Stars.
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