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Paper: Giant Stars, Astrophysics, and Amateur Astronomy
Volume: 412, The Biggest, Baddest, Coolest Stars
Page: 187
Authors: Templeton, M.R.
Abstract: Organized variable star research organizations have existed for over a century now, and thousands of observers world-wide contribute hundreds of thousands of multiwavelength observations every year. The data archives of organizations like the AAVSO are a rich resource for data-mining, and thanks to technology now include both visual data and multiwavelength, high-precision, calibrated photometry, accessible in (near) real-time. Here, I will highlight some of the new and growing observing programs of the AAVSO, including a revitalized photoelectric program and a nascent near-IR photometry group. I will also highlight some historically underutilized data archives for classes of interest to the cool giant star community.
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