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Paper: The Wilson-Bappu Effect - 50 Years Later
Volume: 412, The Biggest, Baddest, Coolest Stars
Page: 251
Authors: Stencel, R.E.
Abstract: Wilson and Bappu (1957) published an empirical correlation between the FHWM of the emission core of the CaII K-Line at 3933A and the intrinsic luminosity among late-type dwarf, giant, and supergiant stars. Later on, Stencel (1977) extended this luminosity calibrator by using so-called wing emission lines in the wings of the H and K lines. Efforts to extend these techniques to the brightest supergiants in local group galaxies were frustrated by the limits of photographic coude’ spectra even on 4-meter telescopes at the time. With the advent of CCD spectra and S/N possible with 8-meter telescopes, we re-examine the potential for extragalactic hypergiant star distance calibration.
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