Title: Hot and Cool: Bridging Gaps in Massive Star Evolution
Volume: 425 Year: 2010 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Leitherer, Claus; Bennett, Philip; Morris, Pat; van Loon, Jacco
These are the proceedings of a workshop that brought together research communities addressing the hot and cool parts of the uppermost Hertzsprung-Russell diagram (HRD). These two communities have been stubbornly disjoint, and the workshop aimed to bridge the gap between researchers studying these different sides of the HRD. While morphologically separated, stars occupying these extremes of the HRD are intimately related via evolution, as well as both having atmospheric properties affected by extension and stellar wind outflow. At cosmological scales, like in distant starburst galaxies, the historical distinction between blue and red stellar populations becomes obsolete, and understanding the complex relation between the red and blue parts of the HRD is mandatory. This meeting allowed the participants to investigate similarities and differences between hot and cool stars, identify the most challenging questions in evolutionary connections, and discuss the latest theoretical and observational progress and prospects in certain evolutionary or mass/temperature regimes. The workshop resulted in a more unified understanding of massive stars and luminous extragalactic stellar populations.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Volume Cover Leitherer, Claus; Bennett, Philip; Morris, Pat; van Loon, Jacco
Front Matter 1 Leitherer, Claus; Bennett, Philip; Morris, Pat; van Loon, Jacco
Conference Photograph 1 Leitherer, Claus; Bennett, Philip; Morris, Pat; van Loon, Jacco
Part I. Evolutionary Connections   
A Census of Massive Stars Across the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram of Nearby Galaxies: What We Know and What We Don’t 3 Massey, P.
Stellar Evolution in the Upper HR Diagram 13 Hirschi, R.; Meynet, G.; Maeder, A.; Ekström, S.; Georgy, C.
B-Type Supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds 23 Lennon, D. J.; Trundle, C.; Hunter, I.; Smartt, S.; Dufton, P.; Evans, C.; Langer, N.; Brott, I.
The VLT-FLAMES Survey of Massive Stars 29 Lennon, D. J.; Evans, C.; Hunter, I.; Trundle, C.; Smartt, S.; Dufton, P.; Ryans, R.; Langer, N.; Brott, I.; de Koter, A.; Mokiem, R.; Puls, J.; Herrero, A.; Howarth, I.
A Survey of the Most Massive Stars in the Local Universe 31 Bonanos, A. Z.
Young Massive Clusters as Probes of Stellar Evolution 37 Davies, B.
Age Paradigms for Massive Young Clusters 45 Walborn, N. R.
Filling the Yellow Void: A Census of F and G Supergiants in M31 51 Drout, M. R.; Massey, P.
Part II. Late and End Phases   
Constraining the Evolution of Red Supergiants with the Integrated Light of Star Clusters 55 Lançon, A.; Fouesneau, M.
PHOENIX Spectra of Red Supergiants—Varying the Surface Abundances and the Microturbulence 61 Lançon, A.; Hauschildt, P. H.
Mass Loss and Pre-SN Evolution of Massive Stars 63 Smith, N.
Explosions of LBV and Post-LBV Stars 73 Van Dyk, S. D.
Seeking Core-Collapse Supernova Progenitors in Pre-Explosion Images 79 Leonard, D. C.
Progenitor Stars of Type Ib/c Supernovae in Close Binary Systems 89 Yoon, S.-Ch.
The Progenitors of Recent Core-Collapse Supernovae 95 Elias-Rosa, N.
Part III. Atmospheres   
The Physical Properties of Red Supergiants 103 Levesque, E. M.
Basic Parameters of Hot Massive Stars 113 Hillier, D. J.
Model Atmospheres for Cool Massive Stars 124 Plez, B.
Tepid Supergiants: Chemical Signatures of Stellar Evolution and the Extent of Blue Loops 134 Przybilla, N.; Firnstein, M.; Nieva, M.-F.
CHARA/MIRC Interferometry of Red Supergiants: Diameters, Effective Temperatures, and Surface Features 140 Kiss, L. L.; Monnier, J. D.; Bedding, T. R.; Tuthill, P.; Zhao, M.; Ireland, M. J.; ten Brummelaar, T. A.
Improving Stellar Parameter and Abundance Determinations of Early B-Type Stars 146 Nieva, M.-F.; Przybilla, N.
Betelgeuse: A Case Study of an Inhomogeneous Extended Atmosphere 152 Harper, G. M.
Radiative Transfer Modeling of the Winds and Circumstellar Environments of Hot and Cool Massive Stars 162 Lobel, A.
Part IV. Mass Loss   
Empirical Mass-Loss Rates across the Upper Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram 171 Leitherer, C.
Chromospheres and Winds of Red Supergiants: An Empirical Look at Outer Atmospheric Structure 181 Bennett, P. D.
Cool Evolved Winds: Use of the Eclipsing Technique 191 Crowley, C.; Espey, B. R.
Hot-Star Mass-Loss Mechanisms: Winds and Outbursts 199 Owocki, S.
Tidal Flows from Asynchronous Rotation in Binaries 209 Koenigsberger, G.; Moreno, E.; Harrington, D. M.
Hot and Cool: Stellar Parameters of the Prototype LBV AG Carinae across the HR Diagram 215 Groh, J. H.
Massive Stellar X-ray Sources in the Galactic Center 221 Mauerhan, J. C.; Muno, M. P.; Morris, M. R.; Bauer, F. E.
The Eclipsing Black Hole X-ray Binary M33 X-7: Understanding the Current Properties 227 Valsecchi, F.; Willems, B.; Fragos, T.; Kalogera, V.
Radiation-hydrodynamic Models of the Evolving Circumstellar Medium around Massive Stars 233 Toal\’ a, J. A.; Arthur, S. J.
Part V. Circumstellar Environments   
Dust Formation in Massive Stars and Their Explosive Ends 237 Cherchneff, I.
Circumstellar Environments, Post-Red Supergiant Evolution, and Blue Loops 247 Humphreys, R. M.
Infrared Interferometry of the Upper Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram 257 Monnier, J. D.
Circumstellar Dust in Massive Stars 267 Waters, L. B. F. M.
Three Concurrent Phases of Massive-Star Evolution in a Pulsar-Wind Nebula 277 Morris, P.; Van Dyk, S.; Mauerhan, J.; Hillier, D. J.; Lang, C.
The Effects of Red Supergiant Mass Loss on Supernova Ejecta and the Circumburst Medium 279 van Loon, J. Th.
The Colliding Winds of Cyg OB2 No. 8A 289 Blomme, R.
Mid-Infrared Circumstellar Shell Sources Discovered with Spitzer: An Obscured Population of Massive Stars? 291 Wachter, S.; Van Dyk, S.; Hoard, D. W.; Morris, P.
Index 293 Leitherer, Claus; Bennett, Philip; Morris, Pat; van Loon, Jacco
Back Matter 295 Leitherer, Claus; Bennett, Philip; Morris, Pat; van Loon, Jacco