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Paper: Massive Stellar X-ray Sources in the Galactic Center
Volume: 425, Hot and Cool: Bridging Gaps in Massive Star Evolution
Page: 221
Authors: Mauerhan, J. C.; Muno, M. P.; Morris, M. R.; Bauer, F. E.
Abstract: We present results of a spectroscopic survey of bright near-infrared counterparts to X-ray point sources from a deep Chandra survey of the Galactic nuclear bulge. K-band spectroscopy has revealed 13 new Wolf-Rayet and O-supergiant counterparts to Chandra sources in the Galactic center (GC). Although they are systematically softer in X-rays than the general GC source population of accretion powered cataclysmic variables (CVs), their X-ray colors indicate a hard component consistent with emission from plasmas with E>2 keV. Such hard X-ray emission is not ubiquitous among single Wolf-Rayet and O stars, but is common among Wolf-Rayet + OB binaries with colliding supersonic winds. Although we regard colliding-wind binary hypothesis as the most likely scenario, it remains possible that several of these objects are wind-accreting neutron stars or black holes in supergiant high-mass X-ray binaries, or extraordinary single stars emitting hard X-rays.
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