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Paper: Mid-Infrared Circumstellar Shell Sources Discovered with Spitzer: An Obscured Population of Massive Stars?
Volume: 425, Hot and Cool: Bridging Gaps in Massive Star Evolution
Page: 291
Authors: Wachter, S.; Van Dyk, S.; Hoard, D. W.; Morris, P.
Abstract: We have discovered a large number of circular and elliptical shells around luminous central sources at 24 μm with the MIPS instrument on board the Spitzer Space Telescope. Most of these shells are not visible in the shorter wavelengths bands of IRAC or archival 2MASS and optical images. On the other hand, many of the central stars are detected in the 2MASS catalog, but lack an optical counterpart, indicating that we are dealing with a population of highly obscured objects. Our archival follow-up effort has revealed 90% of these shell sources to be previously unknown.
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