Title: Interplay of Periodic, Cyclic and Stochastic Variability in Selected Areas of the H-R Diagram
Volume: 292 Year: 2003 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Sterken, C.
ISBN: 1-58381-138-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-627-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
National and international astronomical activities in Chile 1849--2002 3 Duerbeck, H. W.
Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier 21 Sterken, C.
Six decades of visual photometry 27 Jones, A.
A review of variable star observations in China 33 Jiang, S. Y.
Astronomy in the region of the African Great Lakes 39 Nduwumwami, N.; Nzohabonayo, P.
Photometric instrumentation at Algiers Observatory 41 Bouzid, M. Y.
A search for variable stars in Trumpler 24 45 Fu, J. N.; Duerbeck, H. W.; Sterken, C.; Mennickent, R. E.
WOCS photometric monitoring: searching for CVs in old open clusters 53 Kafka, S.; Honeycutt, R. K.
Survey in search of variable stars in open clusters 59 Martin, S.
The Be star content of young open clusters 65 Fabregat, J.
Variable stars in stellar systems 71 Bono, G.; Petroni, S.; Marconi, M.
On the short-period variability in omega Centauri 81 Freyhammer, L. M.; Sterken, C.
Light curve analysis of Be star candidates in the Small Magellanic Cloud 89 Mennickent, R. E.; Pietrzynski, G.; Gieren, W.
Blue variables from the MACHO database: A population of eruptive Be stars 97 Keller, S. C.; Cook, K. H.; Bessell, M. S.; Geha, M.; Syphers, D.
V2434 (LMC) and the ViNa del Mar nova program 101 Liller, W.
Red variables in the Hipparcos HpV-T2 system: lessons learned 107 Platais, I.; Pourbaix, D.; Jorissen, A.; Makarov, V. V.
Pulsations in Algols 113 Mkrtichian, D. E.; Nazarenko, V.; Gamarova, A. Yu.; Lehmann, H.; Rodriguez, E.; Olson, E. C.; Kim, S.-L.; Kusakin, A. V.; Rovithis-Livaniou, H.
BQ Ind: a double-mode SX Phoenicis star? 121 Sterken, C.; Fu, J. N.; Brogt, E.
Long-period delta Sct-type variables: the case of V2109 Cyg 125 Rodriguez, E.; Arellano-Ferro, A.; Costa, V.; Sareyan, J. P.
Light variations and modelling of the sdB HS 0705+6700 129 Niarchos, P. G.; Gazeas, K. D.; Manimanis, V. N.
The delta Scuti star GSC4778-00324: a photometric study based on new observations from the 2001-2002 campaign 133 Lampens, P.; Niarchos, P. G.; Gazeas, K. D.; van Cauteren, P.; Manimanis, V. N.
The eclipsing binary TZ Dra: old and new observations 137 Rovithis-Livaniou, H.; Georgopoulos, L.; Rovithis, P.
Short and long-time scale variability in the light curves of the High Amplitude delta Scuti stars DY Peg and GP And 141 Pop, A.; Turcu, V.; Moldovan, D.
V974 Oph, a link between high- and low-amplitude Delta Scuti stars 145 Poretti, E.
Rho Aurigae - an SB1 system with a pulsating component 149 Koubsky, P.; Sarounova, L.; Yang, S.
Pulsating red giants: new results, new problems 153 Percy, J. R.; Bakos, A. G.; Besla, G.; Hosick, J.; Velocci, V.
Self-correlation analysis of the cycle-to-cycle behaviour of RV Tauri stars and related objects 159 Percy, J. R.; Hosick, J.; Leigh, N. W. C.
Influence of spots on O-C diagrams of close eclipsing binary stars 163 Rovithis-Livaniou, H.; Kalimeris, A.; Rovithis, P.
An interpretation of the line profile variations of RR Lyrae 171 Kolenberg, K.; Aerts, C.; Fokin, A.; Dziembowski, W.; Chadid, M.; Gillet, D.
Anonymous variable star in Cassiopeia 177 Schmidtobreick, L.; Tappert, C.; Augusteijn, Th.; Bennert, N.; Leipski, C.
The ZZ Leporis stars: variable central stars of young planetary nebulae 183 Handler, G.
Are delta Scuti pulsations regular? 193 Breger, M.
HADS, multiple periods, period changes and the PL Relation 203 Laney, C. D.; Joner, M.; Rodriguez, E.
Effective characteristics of variability of the symbiotic star CH Cygni 211 Andronov, I. L.; Chinarova, L. L.
On the origin of the orbital period changes of V523 Cas 215 Rovithis-Livaniou, H.; Tsantilas, S.; Kalimeris, A.
V1162 Ori revisited 219 Arentoft, T.; Sterken, C.
The nature of short-term, long-term, and transient wind activity in Be stars 227 Peters, G. J.
Anharmonicities in the delta Scuti variability of GP Cancri 233 Sterken, C.; Arentoft, T.
The White Dwarfs PG1144+005 and G117-B15A 237 Steininger, B.; Paparo, M.; Viraaghalmy, G.; Zsuffa, D.; Breger, M.
Pulsation-driven superwinds and internal evolution of intermediate-mass stars 241 Bitzaraki, O. M.; van den Heuvel, E. P. J.; Tout, C. A.; Rovithis-Livaniou, H.
Temporal instabilities in the variations of pulsating white dwarf stars 247 Handler, G.
SU UMa stars in the Period Gap 255 Katysheva, N. A.; Pavlenko, E. P.
Variability of luminous red stars in some open clusters based on radial velocity measurements 259 Glushkova, E. V.
Periods, cycles, and chaos in the high-energy emissions of gamma Cas 263 Smith, M. A.; Robinson, R. D.
The visual light curve of V838 Monocerotis 275 Sterken, C.; Duerbeck, H. W.; Jones, A.; van der Looy, J.; Cloesen, P.; Muyllaert, E.; Hautecler, H.; Wils, P.; Broens, E.; van Loo, F.; Jonckheere, K.; Baillien, A.; Diepvens, A.; Dequick, K.; Rosseel, M.
VY Scl transitions in nova-like cataclysmic variables 279 Honeycutt, R. K.; Kafka, S.
Bursting oscillations in long-period variables 285 Munteanu, A.; Garcia-Berro, E.; Jose, J.
Stochastic behavior in Long-Period Cepheids 293 Laney, C. D.
A warped accretion disc in PX And? 297 Boffin, H. M. J.; Stanishev, V.; Kraicheva, Z.; Genkov, V.
Study of photometric variability of selected cataclysmic variables 303 Voloshina, I.
Spectroscopic and photometric observations of the recurrent nova IM Nor 309 Duerbeck, H. W.; Sterken, C.; Baptista, R.; Cunha, K.; Diaz, M. P.; Dutra, C. M.; Freyhammer, L.; Hensberge, H.; Jones, A. F.
Evolution of superhump characteristics in SU UMa and nova-like variables 313 Andronov, I. L.; Baklanov, A. V.; Chinarova, L. L.; Kolesnikov, S. V.; Ostrova, N. I.; Yushchenko, A. V.; Niarchos, P. G.; Gazeas, K. D.; Shakhovskoj, N. M.; Pavlenko, E. P.
Time-resolved spectroscopy of RR Pic 315 Schmidtobreick, L.; Tappert, C.; Saviane, I.
QQ Vul: variable features in the orbital light curve 319 Kafka, S.; Honeycutt, R. K.
Long-term evolution of nova shell and postnova luminosities, and the problem of nova recurrence times 323 Duerbeck, H. W.
Examples of long-term RoboScope light curves 329 Honeycutt, R. K.; Turner, G. W.; Adams, B. R.
Non-regular stellar variations and stochastic differential equations 335 Koen, C.
HAR reconstructions for time-series of irregularly pulsating stars 347 Perdang, J.
Quasiperiodicity and chaos in post-AGB stars 357 Icke, V.
A new version of the moment method, optimized for mode identification in multiperiodic stars 365 Briquet, M.; Aerts, C.
Application of the Spatial Filtration Method to RZ Cas 369 Gamarova, A. Yu.; Mkrtichian, D. E.; Rodriguez, E.; Costa, V.; Lopez-Gonzalez, M. J.
On the use of Pulse Position Modulation Theory in the study of period variability phenomena 373 Turcu, V.; Pop, A.
Period search zoo: observational questions 377 de Cat, P.; Cuypers, J.
An astronomer's guide to period searching 383 Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
Multiperiodic versus noise variations: mathematical methods 391 Andronov, I. L.
Statistical study of semi-regular variables: scalegram-based characteristics 401 Andronov, I. L.; Chinarova, L. L.
Eclipse mapping of hyperactive Algols 405 Mimica, P.; Pavlovski, K.
Line-profile variations in cataclysmic variables 413 Tappert, C.; Mennickent, R. E.; Arenas, J.; Matsumoto, K.; Hanuschik, R. W.
Cycles and cyclicities of the Sun 423 Solanki, S. K.; Krivova, N. A.
Periodic and non-periodic processes in the Earth's atmosphere and oceans, and their relevance for climate prediction 433 Bengtsson, L.
Cycles and cyclicities in Luminous Blue Variables: the S Dor phenomenon 437 Sterken, C.