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Paper: Red variables in the Hipparcos HpV-T2 system: lessons learned
Volume: 292, Interplay of Periodic, Cyclic and Stochastic Variability in Selected Areas of the H-R Diagram
Page: 107
Authors: Platais, I.; Pourbaix, D.; Jorissen, A.; Makarov, V. V.
Abstract: For 4785 M, 50 S, and 321 C stars from Hipparcos Catalogue, we provide calibrated Cousins V-I color indices using the newly derived Hp-V-T2 color. The standard error of the mean V-I is 0.1 mag or better down to Hp 9. This photometry can be used to explore the chromaticity effects on the Hipparcos astrometry of red stars with extreme colors. It can also help to solve some problematic cases in the Hipparcos Catalogue, involving a red variable star in a real or a possible binary system.
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