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Paper: On the origin of the orbital period changes of V523 Cas
Volume: 292, Interplay of Periodic, Cyclic and Stochastic Variability in Selected Areas of the H-R Diagram
Page: 215
Authors: Rovithis-Livaniou, H.; Tsantilas, S.; Kalimeris, A.
Abstract: The orbital period changes of V523 Cas were studied based on observational material covering almost a century. Two periodic terms of 99 y and of 33 y were detected, as well as a long-period increase of the order of 3.01 x 10-8 d/y. The latter might be the result of TRO cycles action. For what concerns the two periodic terms, both could be due to light-time effects or they could be the result of magnetic activity cycles. In the first case, V523 Cas will be a quadruple system but this has to be confirmed with further observations.
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