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Paper: Long-period delta Sct-type variables: the case of V2109 Cyg
Volume: 292, Interplay of Periodic, Cyclic and Stochastic Variability in Selected Areas of the H-R Diagram
Page: 125
Authors: Rodriguez, E.; Arellano-Ferro, A.; Costa, V.; Sareyan, J. P.
Abstract: V2109 Cyg is a pulsating star discovered by the Hipparcos satellite (ESA 1997) with a period of 0.1860d and full amplitude Delta V=0.16. However, the type of variability as RRLyr or delta Sct-type pulsator is subject of controversy. From this study, the star is classified as belonging to the delta Sct group as an evolved member with solar abundances. In fact, the m1 index curve is slightly reversed over the pulsation cycle, in very good agreement with that expected from the photometric calibrations. Concerning the frequency content, besides the main frequency f1=5.3745c/d, a secondary peak is found at f2=5.8332c/d (f1/f2=0.92) f1 being identified as a radial mode and f2 as a non-radial one.
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