Title: Galaxy Disks and Disk Galaxies
Volume: 230 Year: 2001 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Funes, Jose G.; Corsini, Enrico Maria
ISBN: 1-58381-063-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-566-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Star Formation History of the Milky Way 3 Gilmore, G.
Stars and Planetary Nebulae in the Galactic Bulge 13 Cuisinier, F.; Köppen, K.; Acker, A.; Maciel, W. J.
A Revision of the Solar Neighbourhood Metallicity Distribution 15 Haywood, M.
The Recent Star Formation History of the HIPPARCOS Solar Neighbourhood 17 Hernandez, X.; Valls-Gabaud, D.; Gilmore, G.
The Galactic Disk at Low Latitudes 19 Vallenari, A.; Bertelli, G.; Schmidtobreick, L.
Structure and Mass Distribution of the Milky Way Bulge and Disk 21 Gerhard, O. E.
Plumbing the Galaxy 31 Reid, I. N.; Siegel, M. H.; Majewski, S. R.
MACHO Bulge Microlensing: Spectroscopy Needed 39 Minniti, D.; Alcock, C.; Cook, K.; Geha, M.; Marshall, S.; Nelson, C.; Popowski, P.; Axelrod, T.; Allsman, R.; Drake, A.; Freeman, K. C.; Peterson, B.; Becker, A.; Pratt, M.; Stubbs, C.; Tomaney, A.; Alves, D. R.; Bennett, D.; Quinn, P.; Welch, D.; Sutherland, W.
Kinematic Parameters of Local Disk Components Determined from a Geometrical-Statistical Method 43 Alcobé, S.; Cubarsi, R.
Structure in the Velocity Space of Globular Clusters 45 Alfaro, E. J.; Delgado, A. J.; Gómez-Flechoso, M. A.; Ferrini, F.
Comparison of Disk Potentials 47 Bancken, F.
Bulge Microlensing in the Milky Way 49 Bissantz, N. B.; Gerhard, O. E.
New Statistical Goodness of Fit Techniques Applied to the Recovery of the Milky Way Near-IR Luminosity Density Distribution - the `Wild Bootstrap' Approach 51 Bissantz, N. B.; Munk, A.
The Gould Belt: a View from Above 53 Comerón, F.
Distribution of Dust and Stars in the Galaxy 55 Drimmel, R.; Spergel, D.
Studying the Milky Way Galaxy with VERA (VLBI Exploration of Radio Astrometry) 57 Hachisuka, H.; Vera Project Team
Detecting Outer Galactic Rotation through Phase-Referencing VLBI Astrometry with Water Masers 59 Hachisuka, H.; Vera Project Team
Morphology of the Milky Way's Spiral Arms 61 Steiman-Cameron, T. Y.; Wolfire, M. G.; Hollenbach, D. J.
Secular Evolution of the Galactic Disk 63 Binney, J.
The Merging History of the Milky Way Disk 71 Wyse, R. F. G.
The Great Circle of the Magellanic Stream 81 Bystrova, N. V.
The Formation of the Milky Way Disk 83 Chiappini, C.; Matteucci, F.; Romano, D.
Pop III Objects in the Milky Way: Cold Dark Matter Predictions 85 Hernandez, X.; Ferrara, A.
The Saturation of Disk Heating in the Solar Neighborhood and Evidence for a Merger 9 Gyr Ago 87 Quillen, A. C.; Garnett, D. R.
Normal Disk Galaxies 91 Freeman, K. C.
A Near-Infrared μ0,K -- log h Relation for Early-Type Spiral Galaxy Disks 101 Graham, A. W.
An Iceberg Scenario for Late-Type Spiral Galaxy Bulges 103 Graham, A. W.; Prieto, M.
The Bulge-Disk Conspiracy 105 Hunt, L. K.; Giovanardi, C.; Moriondo, G.
Structural Parameters of Disks in Seyfert Galaxies 107 Hunt, L. K.; Giovanardi, C.; Moriondo, G.; Malkan, M. A.
Full-Coverage K and HI Mosaic Images of NGC 253 and M83 109 Park, O.-K.; Kalnajs, A.; Freeman, K. C.; Koribalski, B.; Staveley-Smith, L.; Malin, D. F.
The Vertical Structure and Kinematics of HI in Spiral Galaxies 111 Sancisi, R.; Fraternali, F.; Oosterloo, T.; van Moorsel, G.
Truncations in Stellar Disks 119 van der Kruit, P. C.
Gaseous Halos of Spiral Galaxies and the Disk-Halo Interaction 127 Dettmar, R.-J.; Rossa, J.; Tüllmann, R.
Visible and Near Infrared Photometry of Edge-On Disk Galaxies 129 Guijarro, A.; Battaner, E.; Peletier, R. F.; de Grijs, R.; Jiménez-Vicente, J.
Flatness of Stellar Disks in Spiral Galaxies 131 Kregel, M.; van der Kruit, P. C.
NIR-Photometry of Box/Peanut-Shaped Bulges 133 Lütticke, R.; Dettmar, R.-J.; Pohlen, M.
Cut-Off Radii of Galactic Disks 135 Pohlen, M.; Lütticke, R.; Dettmar, R.-J.
The Duality of Spiral Structure, and a Quantitative Dust Penetrated Morphological Tuning Fork at Low and High Redshift 137 Block, D. L.; Puerari, I.; Buta, R. J.; Abraham, R.; Takamiya, M.; Stockton, A.
The Influence of Selection Effects on the Isotropic Distribution Curve in Galaxy Orientation Studies 145 Aryal, B.; Saurer, W.
Polygonal Arms and Hexagonal Rings in Disk Galaxies 147 Chernin, A. D.; Zasov, A. V.; Arkhipova, V. P.; Kravtsova, A. S.
Spiral Arms in Stellar Disks 149 Grosbøl, P.; Patsis, P. A.
The Detection of Spiral Arm Modulation in the Mass Distribution of an Optically Flocculent Galaxy 151 Puerari, I.; Block, D. L.; Elmegreen, B. G.; Frogel, J. A.; Eskridge, P. B.
Do All Galaxies Have Disks (and are Some Small)? 153 Burstein, D.; Saglia, R. P.; Colless, M.; Davies, R. L.; McMahan, R. K.; Wegner, G.
Halo and Disk-like Components in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies 161 Held, E. V.; Momany, Y.; Saviane, I.; Rizzi, L.; Bertelli, G.
An Orthogonal Stellar Disk in the Nucleus of NGC 4698 163 Scarlata, M. C.; Bertola, F.; Cappellari, M.; Sarzi, M.; Corsini, E. M.; Pizzella, A.
Magnetic Fields in Disks of Galaxies 165 Wielebinski, R.
Magnetic Fields are not Ignorable in the Dynamics of Disks 169 Battaner, E.; Florido, E.; Guijarro, A.
Detection of Global Magnetic Fields in Two Irregular Galaxies IC 10 and NGC 6822 171 Knapik, J.; Chyży, K.; Soida, M.; Urbanik, M.; Bomans, D.; Klein, U.; Beck, R.
Detection of Spiral Magnetic Fields in Two Flocculent Galaxies 173 Knapik, J.; Soida, M.; Urbanik, M.; Dettmar, R.-J.; Beck, R.
Dynamical Processes in Self-Gravitating Disks 177 Bertin, G.
New Structures in Galactic Disks: Predictions and Discoveries 187 Fridman, A. M.; Khoruzhii, O. V.; Minin, V. A.; Polyachenko, E. V.; Polyachenko, V. L.; Silchenko, O. K.; Zasov, A. V.; Afanasiev, V. L.; Dodonov, S. N.; Moiseev, A. V.; Boulesteix, J.; Knapen, J. H.
Corrugated Velocity Pattern in NGC 5427 199 Alfaro, E. J.; Pérez, E.; González-Delgado, R.; Martos, M.; Franco, J.
Hydrodynamic Viscosity and Self-Gravity in Accretion Disks 201 Duschl, W. J.; Strittmatter, P. A.
Disk Galaxy Ultraharmonic, One, and Two Fold Resonance Rings as Star Formation Laboratories 203 Freeman, T.; Byrd, G.; Domingue, D.
Density Wave Theory of Galactic Spiral Arms: a Bridge from Swing-Amplification to Modal Theory 205 Fuchs, B.
Orbital Structure in a Galactic Potential with Spiral Arms 207 Pichardo, B.; Martos, M.; Moreno, E.; Espresate, J.
Ultraviolet-Optical Evidence for Resonant Dynamics in Starburst-Ringed Disk Galaxies 209 Waller, W. H.; Fanelli, M. N.; Marcum, P. M.
Tidal vs. Modal Dynamics in Disk Galaxies: the Tell-Tale Ultraviolet-Optical Signs 211 Waller, W. H.; Marcum, P. M.; Fanelli, M. N.
Dynamical Evolution: Spirals and Bars 213 Combes, F.
The Origins of Disk Heating 221 Merrifield, M. R.; Gerssen, J.; Kuijken, K.
Thickness Effect of Galactic Disk 225 Peng, Q.-H.
Secular Evolution of Disks 229 Zhang, X.
SPH Simulations of Nuclear Rings in Barred Galaxies 233 Ann, H. B.; Kang, H.; Lee, H. M.
Dynamical Evidence for the Existence of Nuclear Bars: OASIS Observations and N-Body Models 235 Emsellem, E.; Greusard, D.; Friedli, D.; Combes, F.
Stellar Populations, Bars and Secular Evolution in Late-Type Galaxies 237 Gadotti, D. A.; Dos Anjos, S.
Spiral Arms and Bars in Dwarf S0 Galaxies 239 Jerjen, H.; Kalnajs, A.; Binggeli, B.
From Kinematics to Dynamics in Thin Disks 241 Mathieu, A.; Merrifield, M. R.
Line-of-Sight Velocity Profiles at the End of Weak Bars 243 Patsis, P. A.; Guivarch, B.; Grosbøl, P.
Kinematics and Photometry as Complementary Tools in the Study of Barred Galaxies 245 Vega Beltrán, J. C.; Erwin, P.; Beckman, J. E.; Pizzella, A.; Corsini, E. M.; Bertola, F.; Zeilinger, W. W.
Supermassive Black Holes in Disk Galaxies 247 Kormendy, J.
Black Holes in Centers of Disk Galaxies: Spectroscopy with a Wide Slit 257 Maciejewski, W.
A Massive Dark Object in the S0 Galaxy NGC 4350 259 Pignatelli, E.
Supermassive Black Holes from the Survey of Nearby Nuclei with STIS 261 Sarzi, M.; Rix, H.-W.; Shields, J. C.; Rudnick, G.; McIntosh, D. H.; Ho, L. C.; Filippenko, A. V.; Sargent, W. L. W.
Central Rotation Curves of Galaxies 263 Sofue, Y.
Hα Velocity Fields of Normal Spiral Disks 267 Andersen, D. R.; Bershady, M. A.; Sparke, L. S.; Gallagher, J. S.; Wilcots, E. M.; van Driel, W.; Monnier-Ragaigne, D.
Dynamical Models for Dusty Disk Galaxies 269 Baes, M.; Dejonghe, H.
Kinematical Properties of a Sample of Isolated Disk Galaxies 271 Bettoni, D.; Galletta, G.; Moles, M.; Varela, J.; Marquez, I.; Masegosa, J.
Neutral and Ionized Atomic Hydrogen Kinematics in the Disk of NGC 3359 273 Boonyasait, V.; Gottesman, S. T.; Beckman, J. E.; Zurita, A.; Rozas, M.
Non-Circular Gas Motions in Bulges of S0-Sb Galaxies 275 Corsini, E. M.; Pizzella, A.; Pignatelli, E.; Vega Beltrán, J. C.; Beckman, J. E.; Scarlata, M. C.; Bertola, F.; Funes, J. G.; Zeilinger, W. W.
Position-Velocity Diagrams in the Inner Regions of Disk Galaxies 277 Funes, J. G.; Pizzella, A.; Corsini, E. M.; Cappellari, M.; Scarlata, M. C.; Bertola, F.; Vega Beltrán, J. C.
Kinematics of Gas and Stars in 20 Disk Galaxies 279 Pizzella, A.; Corsini, E. M.; Vega Beltrán, J. C.; Beckman, J. E.; Funes, J. G.; Zeilinger, W. W.; Sarzi, M.; Bertola, F.
SAURON Observations of Disks in Early-Type Galaxies 281 Bureau, M.; Copin, Y.; Verolme, E. K.; de Zeeuw, P. T.; Bacon, R.; Emsellem, E.; Davies, R. L.; Kuntschner, H.; Carollo, C. M.; Miller, B. W.; Monnet, G.; Peletier, R. F.
HI Gas Disks in Elliptical Galaxies 285 Sadler, E. M.; Oosterloo, T.; Morganti, R.
Star Formation in Disks 291 Kennicutt, R. C.
How Normal Disk Galaxies Ionize their Surroundings 299 Beckman, J. E.; Zurita, A.; Rozas, M.
Comparing Ultraviolet and Hα Star Formation Rates 305 Bell, E. F.; Kennicutt, R. C.
Physical Conditions in Diffuse Ionized Gas Halos 307 Collins, J. A.; Rand, R. J.
Are Stars Being Formed in the Halo of NGC 253? 309 Comerón, F.; Wickramasinghe, T.; Torra, J.; Méndez, R. A.; Gómez, A. E.
Gas Expulsion from Star Forming Regions and the Formation of Globular Clusters 311 Geyer, M. P.; Burkert, A.
Disposition, Sizes and Ages of Star Forming Regions in Disks of Galaxies 313 Gusev, A. S.
Properties of Star Forming Regions in Early-Type Spiral Galaxies 315 Hameed, S.; Thilker, D.; Devereux, N.
Vertical Motions in the Disk of NGC 5668. A Link with Star Formation Processes 317 Jiménez-Vicente, J.; Battaner, E.
The Massive Stellar Population in a Nearby Massive Low Surface Brightness Galaxy 319 Knezek, P. M.
Emission Line Models for Star Forming Galaxies 321 Magris, G.; Mateu, J.; Bruzual, G.; Binette, L.
A Method to Estimate the Star Formation History of Galaxies 323 Mateu, J.; Magris, G.; Bruzual, G.
Discovery of Emission-Line Objects in M 33 325 Perinotto, M.; Magrini, L.; Corradi, R. L. M.; Mampaso, A.; Beckman, J. E.; Cardwell, A.; Corral, L.; Zurita, A.
Understanding Circumnuclear Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies 327 Ryder, S. D.; Knapen, J. H.; Takamiya, M.
A Deep, Wide-Field Hα Survey of Nearby Clusters of Galaxies 329 Sakai, S.; Kennicutt, R. C.; Moss, C.
A Test of Arm Induced Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies from Near-IR and Hα Imaging 331 Seigar, M. S.; James, P. A.
Star Formation in Viscous Galaxy Disks 333 Slyz, A.; Burkert, A.; Devriendt, J.; Silk, J.; Prendergast, K.
HII Region Luminosity Functions: Derivation of a New Standard Candle for Extragalactic Distances 335 Zurita, A.; Cardwell, A.; Beckman, J. E.; Rozas, M.
The Chemical Evolution of Galaxy Disks 337 Matteucci, F.
Inhomogeneous Chemical Evolution and Galactic Stellar Populations 345 Oey, M. S.
Photometric Constraints on Chemical Evolution Models of Irregular Galaxies 349 Carigi, L.; Bruzual, G.
Barred Galaxies: Dynamical and Chemo-Photometrical Evolution 351 Curir, A.; Mazzei, P.
Metallicity Profiles in Spiral Disks 353 Garnett, D. R.
Chemo-Photometric Evolutionary Predictions from SPH Simulations of Galaxy Formation 355 Mazzei, P.; Curir, A.
Bright-Line Diagnostics for Nebular Sulfur Abundance 357 Oey, M. S.; Shields, J. C.
The Resolved Stellar Population of NGC 1313 359 Pompei, E.; Brillant, S.; Marconi, G.; Vanzi, L.
The Galactic Bar and the Metallicity Gradient in the Galactic Disc 361 Portinari, L.
Age and Metallicity in Globular Clusters: Application to Dwarf Ellipticals 363 Rakos, K.; Maitzen, H.; Prugovecki, S.; Schombert, J. M.; Odell, A.
NGC 5128: The Fate of a Disk Galaxy 365 Rejkuba, M.; Minniti, D.; Bedding, T.; Silva, D.
Integrated Stellar Populations of Bulges: A Midterm Report 367 Trager, S. C.; Dalcanton, J. J.
Molecular Gas in Spiral Galaxies: Implications for Galaxy Evolution from BIMA SONG 369 Thornley, M. D.
Molecular Gas in the Barred Spiral Galaxy M83 377 Andersson, A.; Olofsson, H.; Wiklind, T.; Rydbeck, G.
Distribution and Kinematics of Molecular Gas in NGC 3504 379 Kuno, N.; Nishiyama, K.; Nakai, N.; Sorai, K.; Vila-Vilaró, B.; Handa, T.
Dust and Molecular Gas in LSB Galaxies 381 Matthews, L. D.; Wood, K.; Gao, Y.
Molecular Gas and Star formation in BIMA SONG Bars 383 Sheth, K.; Vogel, S. N.; Harris, A. I.; Regan, M. W.; Thornley, M. D.; Helfer, T. T.; Wong, T.; Blitz, L.; Bock, D. C.-J.
HCN/CO Ratio in the Nuclear Regions and the Disks of Nearby Spiral Galaxies 385 Sorai, K.; Nakai, N.; Kuno, N.; Nishiyama, K.
Molecular Gas in NGC 6946 387 Walsh, W.; Thuma, G.; Beck, R.; Wielebinski, R.
The Global Properties of Molecular Gas in Galaxies 389 Young, J. S.
The Star Formation Efficiency within Galaxies 391 Young, J. S.; Rownd, B. K.
Recent X-ray Observations of Disk Galaxies: Tracing the Dynamic Interstellar Medium 393 Wang, Q. D.
Spectra and Evolution of Two X-Ray Sources in M81 397 La Parola, V.; Peres, G.; Fabbiano, G.; Kim, D. W.
Galactic Disk Warps 401 Kuijken, K.; Garcia-Ruiz, I.
Dynamics of the Outer Halos of Early-Type Galaxies: Interaction with the Cluster 409 Arnaboldi, M.; Napolitano, N. R.
The Kinematics of 3:1-Merger Remnants and the Formation of Low-Luminosity Elliptical Galaxies 413 Cretton, N.; Naab, T.; Rix, H.-W.; Burkert, A.
Measurements of Tidal Tail Populations Designed to Optimize Their Use as Potential Probes 417 Johnston, K. V.
Disturbed Kinematics in Virgo Cluster Spirals 421 Rubin, V. C.; Haltiwanger, J.
Interactions, Mergers and Accretion: What Can the HI Tell Us? 425 van der Hulst, J. M.
Morphological Analysis of Satellite Galaxies in External Systems 431 Azzaro, M.; Gutiérrez, C. M.; Prada, F.
Stellar Kinematics of Two Polar-Ring Spirals 433 Bettoni, D.; Galletta, G.
The Quest for the Dominant Stellar Population in the Giant Elliptical NGC 5018 435 Buson, L. M.; Bertola, F.; Cappellari, M.; Burstein, D.
Observable Effects of Tidal Interactions: Markarian Activity in Karachentsev Disk Galaxies 437 Byrd, G.; Valtonen, M.; Freeman, T.
Dynamical Modeling of the Counterrotating Stellar Core in IC 1459 439 Cappellari, M.; Verolme, E. K.; Verdoes Kleijn, G. A.; Franx, M.; de Zeeuw, P. T.; van der Marel, R. P.; Carollo, C. M.
A Counterrotating Core in NGC 7097? 441 de Bruyne, V.; Dejonghe, H.; Pizzella, A.; Bernardi, M.; Zeilinger, W. W.
Counterrotating Molecular Gas Disks: Observations and Numerical Simulations 443 García-Burillo, S.; Sempere, M. J.; Combes, F.; Hunt, L. K.
The Puzzle of the Polar Structure in NGC 4650A 445 Iodice, E.; de Lucia, G.; Arnaboldi, M.; Gallagher, J. S.; Sparke, L.; Freeman, K. C.
Frequency of Gas-Stellar Counterrotation 447 Kannappan, S. J.; Fabricant, D. G.
Kinematic Asymmetries in a Broad Galaxy Sample 449 Kannappan, S. J.; Fabricant, D. G.
Gas Dynamics and Disk Formation in 3:1 Mergers 451 Naab, T.; Burkert, A.
Formation of Ellipticals by Unequal Mass Mergers 453 Naab, T.; Burkert, A.
Probing the Vertical Disk Structure of Minor Mergers 455 Schwarzkopf, U.; Dettmar, R.-J.
Perturbation of Dark Halos and Elliptical Galaxies During Flyby Encounters 457 Vesperini, E.; Weinberg, M. D.
Interaction-Triggered Evolution of Galaxies in Pairs 459 Barton, E. J.
The Isolated Interacting Galaxy Pair NGC 5426/27 (Arp 271) 463 Fuentes-Carrera, I.; Rosado, M.; Dultzin-Hacyan, D.; Bernal, A.; Cruz-González, I.; Amram, P.; Salo, H.; Laurikainen, E.; Le Coarer, E.
The Kinematics and Dynamics of the Isolated Interacting Galaxy Pair NGC 5257/58 (Arp 240) 465 Fuentes-Carrera, I.; Rosado, M.; Dultzin-Hacyan, D.; Bernal, A.; Cruz-González, I.; Amram, P.; Salo, H.; Laurikainen, E.; Le Coarer, E.
BVRI Surface Photometry of (S+S) Binary Galaxies 467 Hernández Toledo, H.; Puerari, I.
Color Correlations in (S+S) Binary Galaxies: The Holmberg Effect 469 Hernández Toledo, H.; Puerari, I.
Modelling the Collision of Two Gas-Rich Galaxies 471 Horellou, C.
BVRI Photometry of M51-Type Pairs 473 Laurikainen, E.; Salo, H.
Was the Whirlpool (M51) a Spiral Galaxy before the Encounter with the Companion NGC 5195? 475 Natali, F.; di Fino, L.; Natali, G.
Disks at High Redshift: Interactions, Mergers, and Starbursts 477 Somerville, R. S.
Enhanced Interactions, Mergers and Starbursts in Dense Cluster Environments 487 Moss, C.
Interactions and Mergers at Higher Redshift 491 Mihos, J. C.
HST/NICMOS Observations of Nearby Starburst Galaxies 499 Alonso-Herrero, A.; Rieke, M. J.; Rieke, G. H.; Engelbracht, C. W.; Quillen, A. C.; Kelly, D. M.
Interaction and Activity in Seyfert Galaxies 501 Funes, J. G.; Rafanelli, P.; Richter, G.; Vennik, J.
Starbursts and the Evolution of Gas-Rich Galaxies 503 Gallagher, J. S.; Conselice, C. J.; Homeier, N. L.; Matthews, L. D.
Sequenced Star Bursts in Colliding Galaxies 505 Lamb, S. A.; Hearn, N. C.
HI Absorption in NGC 2146 Observed with MERLIN 507 Tarchi, A.; Neininger, N.; Klein, U.; Pedlar, A.; Greve, A.
Compact Radio Sources in NGC 2146 509 Tarchi, A.; Neininger, N.; Klein, U.; Greve, A.; Garrington, S. T.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Pedlar, A.; Glendenning, B. E.
NIR Spectroscopy of Two Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies 511 Vanzi, L.; Alonso-Herrero, A.
SBS 0335-052: The Near Infrared View 513 Vanzi, L.; Hunt, L. K.; Thuan, T. X.; Izotov, Y.
The Evolution of Disk Structural Parameters to z~1 517 Faber, S. M.; Phillips, A. C.; Simard, L.; Vogt, N. P.; Somerville, R. S.
Dark Halo and Disk Galaxy Scaling Laws 527 Navarro, J. F.
Rotation of the Disk of the Large Magellanic Cloud 537 Alves, D. R.
Baryonic Tully-Fisher Relations 541 McGaugh, S. S.
The Mass Distribution in Low Surface Brightness Galaxies 545 Swaters, R. A.
Disk Galaxies as Cosmological Benchmarks: Cold Dark Matter versus Modified Newtonian Dynamics 549 van den Bosch, F. C.; Dalcanton, J. J.
The Bar Pattern Speed in NGC 7079 553 Debattista, V. P.; Williams, T. B.
Stellar Mass-to-Light Ratios and the Tully-Fisher Relation 555 de Jong, R. S.; Bell, E. F.
Rotation Curves of Spiral Galaxies 557 de Souza, R.; Dos Anjos, S.
The Submaximal Disk of NGC 4254 559 Kranz, T.; Slyz, A.; Rix, H.-W.
Application of Discrete Radial Velocity Fields to Map the Dynamics of Elliptical Outer Halos 561 Napolitano, N. R.; Arnaboldi, M.; Capaccioli, M.
Anatomy of Giant Spiral Galaxies 563 Pignatelli, E.; Galletta, G.
Spin Profile of Galactic Halos and Disk Formation 565 Dekel, A.; Porciani, C.; Kolatt, T. S.; Bullock, J. S.; Kravtsov, A. V.; Klypin, A. A.; Primack, J. R.
Tidal Scale Length Induced by Dark Matter on the Luminous Component of a Late-Type Galaxy 573 Caimmi, R.; Secco, L.
Relationship between Tidal Radius and Angular Momentum in a Two Component Disk-Galaxy System 575 Secco, L.
Tidal Dark Matter Effect from Two-Component Thermodynamics 577 Secco, L.
Evolution and Formation of Early-Types in Clusters: Old Disk Galaxies 581 Franx, M.; van Dokkum, P. G.
The Assembly and Evolution of Spiral Disks 589 Bershady, M.; Andersen, D. R.
The Cosmological Significance of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies 593 Impey, C.
Cosmic Evolution of Spirals 597 Rocca-Volmerange, B.
The Morphology of Extremely Red Objects 603 Stiavelli, M.; Treu, T.
Keck Adaptive Optics Imaging of Faint Disk Galaxies 607 Larkin, J. E.; Glassman, T. M.
Surface Brightness and Color Profiles of Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field 609 Moth, P.; Elston, R. J.
Assessing the State of Galaxy Assembly 611 Pisano, D. J.; Wilcots, E. M.
Disk Galaxies in Distant Clusters 613 Poggianti, B. M.
FIRES at the VLT: Measuring the Rest-Frame V-Band Luminosity of Galaxies from z~3 to Now 615 Rudnick, G.; Rix, H.-W.; Franx, M.
Quantitative Morphology of Galaxies at Medium Redshift: Abell Cluster 2443 617 Trujillo, I.; Gutiérrez, C. M.; Cepa, J.; Aguerri, J. A. L.
Probing High-Redshift Disks with Damped Lyα Systems 619 Wolfe, A. M.
QSO Absorption Lines, Gaseous Infall and Star Formation 627 ćirković, M. M.; Samurović, S.; Milošević-Zdjelar, V.
The Evolution of Lyα Absorbing Galaxies 629 Linder, S. M.
The Evolution with Redshift of Damped Lyα Systems using Semi-Analytic Models 631 Maller, A. H.; Prochaska, J. X.; Somerville, R. S.; Primack, J. R.
Numerical Simulation of Galaxy Formation 633 Steinmetz, M.
Evolution of Mass Distribution in Cold Dark Matter Halos 641 Primack, J. R.
Properties and Evolution of Disk Galaxies in a Hierarchical Formation Scenario 647 Avila-Reese, V.; Firmani, C.
The Properties of Spiral Galaxies in Semi-Analytic Galaxy Formation Models 649 Bell, E. F.; Baugh, C. M.; Cole, S.; Frenk, C. S.; Lacey, C. G.
Substructure and Halo Density Profiles in a Warm Dark Matter Cosmology 651 Colín, P.; Avila-Reese, V.; Valenzuela, O.
Chemical Evolution of the Stellar and Gaseous Components of Galaxies in Hydrodynamical Cosmological Simulations 653 Cora, S. A.; Tissera, P. B.; Lambas, D. G.; Mosconi, M. B.
Properties of Galaxy Disks in Hierarchical Hydrodynamical Simulations: Comparison with Observational Data 655 Sáiz, A.; Domínguez-Tenreiro, R.; Tissera, P. B.; Courteau, S.
Space Far-IR Interferometry: Prospects for the Study of Galaxy Evolution 657 Zhang, X.; Leisawitz, D.; Yorke, H. W.; Far-Ir Interferometry Mission Study Work