Title: The Formation and Evolution of Massive Young Star Clusters
Volume: 322 Year: 2004 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Lamers, Henry J.G.L.M.; Smith, Linda J.; Nota, Antonella
ISBN: 1-58381-184-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-257-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Formation and Evolution of Massive Star Clusters: Historical Overview 3 van den Bergh, S.
Young Massive Clusters 11 Terlevich, R.
Young Massive Star Clusters in Normal Galaxies 19 Larsen, S.S.
Young Massive Clusters in Merging and Starburst Galaxies 29 de Grijs, R.
The Nuclei of Late-type Spiral Galaxies 39 Boker, T.; Walcher, C.J.; Rix, H.W.; Haring, N.; Schinnerer, E.; Sarzi, M.; van der Marel, R.P.; Ho, L.C.; Shields, J.C.; Lisenfeld, U.; Laine, S.
Young Massive Clusters in the Galactic Center 49 Figer, D.F.
Star Clusters in the Tidal Tails of Merging Pairs 59 Knierman, K.; Gallagher, S.; Charlton, J.; Hunsberger, S.; Whitmore, B.; Kundu, A.; Hibbard, J.E.; Zaritsky, D.
NGC 604, Structure and Attenuation 65 Maiz-Apellaniz, J.; Perez, E.; Mas-Hesse, J.M.
The IMF of the Field of the 30 Doradus Super-Association 69 Selman, F.J.; Melnick, J.
NGC3603 -- The Galaxy's Most Prominent Starburst Region 75 Nurnberger, D.E.A.
Properties of Young Massive Clusters Derived from Spectroscopy 81 Tremonti, C.A.
Properties of YMCs Derived from Photometry 91 Fritze-v. Alvensleben, U.
The IMF and Mass Segregation in Young Massive Clusters 101 Grebel, E.K.; Gallagher, J.S. III
Luminosity Profiles of Resolved Young Massive Clusters 111 Schweizer, F.
Correlations between Ages, Masses, Sizes, and Colors of Globular Clusters in Spirals 123 Chandar, R.
Star Clusters, Stellar Associations and Field Stars 133 Hodge, P.
Fuzzy Star Clusters 139 Brodie, J.P.; Burkert, A.; Larsen, S.
Environments of Super Star Clusters 149 Gallagher, J.S. III; Smith, L.J.
The Return of Mass and Energy from Clusters to the Interstellar Medium 159 Smith, L.J.
The Cluster Wind from Young Massive Star Clusters 169 Stevens, I.R.; Hartwell, J.M.
The Influence of the Galactic Center Clusters and their Winds on the Surrounding Interstellar Medium 179 Lang, C.C.
Mass Loaded Outflows from Emission-Line Clusters in the Antennae Galaxies 185 Gilbert, A.M.; Graham, J.R.
Super Star Clusters and Supergalactic Winds: The Case of M82 191 Munoz-Tunon, C.; Tenorio-Tagle, G.; Melo, V.; Silich, S.; Maiz-Apellaniz, J.
Near-infrared Techniques for the Study of Massive Star Populations in the Milky Way 197 Hanson, M.M.
A SIMBA Survey of Southern Masers in the Galactic Plane 199 Nielbock, M.; Chini, R.; Tieftrunk, A.R.; Megeath, S.T.
A Jet Model of the Galactic Center Nonthermal Radio Filaments 201 Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Konigl, A.
Cluster Complexes in M51 205 Bastian, N.; Gieles, M.
Extended Star Formation in the Dwarf Starburst/W-R Galaxy NGC 625 207 Cannon, J.M.; Dohm-Palmer, R.C.; Skillman, E.D.; Bomans, D.J.; Cote, S.; Miller, B.W.
Near-Infrared and Optical Spectroscopy of Young, Massive Star Clusters in the Antennae and M82 209 Christopher, M.H.; Scoville, N.Z.; Armus, L.
Spectroscopy of Star Clusters in NGC 3256 211 Miller, B.W.; Trancho, G.
Properties of the Ionizing Clusters of HII Galaxies as Derived from Photoionization Models 213 Perez-Montero, E.; Diaz, A.I.
Young Clusters in Virgo and Fornax Dwarf Irregulars 215 Seth, A.; Olsen, K.; Miller, B.
The Wolf-Rayet Population in Region B of NGC 5253 217 Sidoli, F.; Smith, L.J.; Crowther, P.A.; Vacca, W.D.; Schmutz, W.
Star Cluster Population in NGC 7727 219 Trancho, G.; Miller, B.W.; Schweizer, F.; Whitmore, B.
Massive Young Star Clusters in NGC 4214 221 Ubeda, L.; Maiz-Apellaniz, J.; MacKenty, J.W.
The Cluster Population of NGC 5253 223 Vanzi, L.; Sauvage, M.; Cresci, G.
The Boston University--FCRAO Galactic Ring Survey 227 Jackson, J.M.
Giant Molecular Clouds in the Magellanic Clouds 237 Rubio, M.
Molecular Gas forming Massive Star Clusters and Starbursts 245 Scoville, N.Z.; Wilson, C.D.
Hot Cores of GMCs Associated with YMCs 255 Kurtz, S.
Feedback and Formation of Massive Star Clusters in Giant Molecular Clouds 263 Tan, J.C.; McKee, C.
Infrared Dark Clouds: Precursors to Star Clusters 273 Rathborne, J.M.; Simon, R.; Jackson, J.M.; Shah, R.Y.
Triggering the Formation of Massive Clusters 277 Elmegreen, B.C.
Computer Simulations of Star Cluster Formation via Turbulent Fragmentation 289 Bate, M.R.; Bonnell, I.A.
Gravoturbulent Star Cluster Formation 299 Klessen, R.S.; Ballesteros-Paredes, J.; Li, Y.; Mac Low, M-M.
The Cluster and Stellar Mass Functions and Gas Dynamics 309 Boily, C.
Embedded Clusters in Giant Molecular Clouds 319 Carpenter, J.M.
UC and HC HII Regions: Their Role in Young Massive Star Forming Clusters 329 Churchwell, E.
Extragalactic Ultracompact HII Regions: Probing the Birth Environments of Super Star Clusters 339 Johnson, K.E.
Formation of Massive Stars in Massive Young Clusters 349 Zinnecker, H.
The Nurture of Massive Stars 359 Vine, S.G.; Bonnell, I.A.; Bate, M.R.
Star Formation in the W49A Molecular Cloud: Birth of a Massive Star Cluster 365 Homeier, N.L.; Alves, J.
The Mass Spectrum of the ISM in Starbursts 371 Keto, E.; Ho, L.C.; Lo, K-Y.
Sequential Formation of Massive Stars and Clusters at the Periphery of H II Regions 375 Deharveng, L.; Zavagno, A.; Caplan, J.
Star Formation in Unbound GMCs 381 Clark, P.C.; Bonnell, I.A.; Bate, M.R.
Accretion Rates in the Trapezium Cluster and the Feedback of Massive Stars on the IMF 383 Robberto, M.; Song, J.; Mora Carrillo, G.; Beckwith, S.V.W.; Makidon, R.B.; Panagia, N.
The KW Object - Onset of a Massive Cluster Formation Caught in the Act 385 Hoffmeister, V.H.; Chini, R.
Massive Star Birth Sites and the Case of NGC 3576 IRS 1 387 Barbosa, C.; Damineli, A.; Blum, R.D.; Conti, P.S.
Luminosity Functions of YSO Clusters in Star Forming Regions: NIR and MIR Surveys 389 Tamura, M.; Ojha, D.; SIRIUS and ASTRO-F Star Formation teams
Unveiling Embedded Star Clusters in the Circumnuclear Regions of NGC 1808 and NGC 1365 391 Galliano, E.; Alloin, D.
Star Cluster Formation Triggered by Galaxy Interaction in M51? 393 Lee, M.G.; Chandar, R.; Whitmore, B.
Mass, Age, and Space Distributions of Star Clusters 399 Fall. S.M.
The Disruption Time Scales of Clusters in Different Galaxies 409 Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.; Bastian, N.; Gieles, M.
Survival Rates and Consequences 419 Whitmore, B.C.
Observed Dynamical Masses 429 Mengel, S.
Life and Death of Young Dense Star Clusters near the Galactic Center 439 Portegies Zwart, S.F.; McMillan, S.L.W.; Baumgardt, H.
Black Holes in Massive Star Clusters 449 McMillan, S.; Baumgardt, H.; Portegies Zwart, S.; Hut, P.; Makino, J.
Dynamics of Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Star Clusters 459 Baumgardt, H.; Portegies Zwart, S.F.; McMillan, S.L.W.; Makino, J.; Ebisuzaki, T.
Direct Evidence for Dynamical Evolution of Luminosity Functions of Globular Cluster Systems: HST/ACS Observations of the 3-Gyr-old Merger Remnant NGC 1316 469 Goudfrooij, P.
Dynamical Friction on Galactic Center Star Clusters with a Central Intermediate-Mass Black Hole 475 Kim, S.S.; Figer, D.F.; Morris, M.
A Search for the Origins of Massive Galactic Field Stars 477 de Wit, W.J.; Testi, L.; Palla, F.; Zinnecker, H.
The Star Cluster Population of M51 479 Gieles, M.; Bastian, N.; Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.
Theoretical and Observational Agreement on Mass Dependence of Cluster Life Times 481 Gieles, M.; Baumgardt, H.; Bastian, N.; Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.
Intermediate-Age Populations of Globular Clusters in Early-Type Galaxies 483 Hempel, M.; Kissler-Patig, M.
Stellar Feedback Processes: Their Impact on Star Formation and Galactic Evolution 489 Burkert, A.
Cosmological Context of Globular Cluster Formation 499 Bromm, V.
Reionisation: the Role of Globular Clusters 509 Ricotti, M.
High Redshift Galaxies and Reionization of the Universe 519 Harford, A.G.; Gnedin, N.Y.
Super Star Clusters and the Interpretation of the Observed Lyα Line Profiles 525 Tenorio-Tagle, G.; Terlevich, E.; Terlevich, R.; Mas-Hesse, J.M.; Leitherer, C.
Extremely Massive Clusters and their Link to Ultra Compact Dwarf Galaxies 535 Kissler-Patig, M.
Models of the Infrared Spectral Energy Distribution of Embedded Super-Star Clusters 541 Sauvage, M.; Vanzi, L.; Plante, S.
Singly Peaked P-Cygni type Lyα Emission from Starburst Galaxies 547 Ahn, S.-H.
Ten Years of Super Star Cluster Research 551 O'Connell, R.W.