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Paper: The Cluster Population of NGC 5253
Volume: 322, The Formation and Evolution of Massive Young Star Clusters
Page: 223
Authors: Vanzi, L.; Sauvage, M.; Cresci, G.
Abstract: We present results on the starburst galaxy NGC 5253 based on new observations obtained in the near-infrared and millimeter. At wavelengths longer than 2 μm the galaxy is dominated by one bright compact cluster. Our new data have been combined with data from the literature to build the spectral energy distribution of this "infrared" cluster from the optical to the millimeter. We have modeled the SED and derived the properties of the cluster and of the dust surrounding it. Combining our new data with archival with archival HST images it has been possible to study the population of clusters present in the galaxy and derive their luminosity and mass function.
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