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Paper: Ten Years of Super Star Cluster Research
Volume: 322, The Formation and Evolution of Massive Young Star Clusters
Page: 551
Authors: O'Connell, R.W.
Abstract: This conference demonstrated the tremendous progress that has been made in the last decade in our observational and theoretical understanding of compact, young, massive star clusters. One of the Hubble Space Telescope's main achievements was to show that these are young analogues of classical globular clusters and form in profusion in the local universe. They are now recognized as key players in the problems of galaxy evolution and star formation. A major result of the conference is the commonality of the star and cluster formation process across an astonishing range of environments and scales. With the demise of HST, the focus of the field will probably shift to the critical early phases of cluster formation and evolution as revealed with new infrared and radio/mm facilities.
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