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Paper: Star Clusters in the Tidal Tails of Merging Pairs
Volume: 322, The Formation and Evolution of Massive Young Star Clusters
Page: 59
Authors: Knierman, K.; Gallagher, S.; Charlton, J.; Hunsberger, S.; Whitmore, B.; Kundu, A.; Hibbard, J.E.; Zaritsky, D.
Abstract: Star clusters can be found in galaxy mergers, not only in central regions, but also in the tidal debris. In both the Eastern and Western tidal tails of NGC 3256 there are dozens of young star clusters, confirmed by their blue colors and larger concentration index as compared to sources off of the tail. Tidal tails of other galaxy pairs do not have such widespread cluster formation though there are concentrations of young star clusters in the putative tidal dwarf galaxies, indicating environmental influences on the process of star formation or the packaging of the stars.
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