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Paper: Life and Death of Young Dense Star Clusters near the Galactic Center
Volume: 322, The Formation and Evolution of Massive Young Star Clusters
Page: 439
Authors: Portegies Zwart, S.F.; McMillan, S.L.W.; Baumgardt, H.
Abstract: We discuss the structural change and degree of mass segregation of young dense star clusters within about 100 pc of the Galactic center. In our calculations, which are performed with GRAPE-6, the equations of motion of all stars and binaries are calculated accurately but the external potential of the Galaxy is solved (semi)analytically. The simulations are performed to model the Arches star cluster. We find that star clusters with are less strongly perturbed by the tidal field and dynamical friction are much stronger affected by mass segregation; resulting in a significant pile-up of massive stars in the cluster center. At an age of about 3.5 Myr more than 90 per cent of the stars more massive than ~ 10MSolar are concentrated within the half-mass radius of the surviving cluster. Star clusters which are strongly perturbed by the tidal field of the parent Galaxy are much less affected by mass segregation.
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