Title: Astrophysics with Infrared Arrays
Volume: 14 Year: 1990 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Elston, Richard
ISBN: 0-937707-33-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-350-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Colors of 2 M Selected Galaxies 3 Elston, Richard; Rieke, George; Rieke, Marcia
Optical-Infrared Colors of a Complete Sample of Field Galaxies With Spectroscopic Redshifts 9 Bershady, Matthew; Hereld, Mark; Kron, Richard; Koo, David
Infrared Studies of High Redshift Galaxies 15 Aragon-Salamanca, Alfonso; Ellis, Richard S.
Near-IR Surface Photometry of Galaxies: Expectations, Techniques and Real Data 19 Bothun, Gregory D.
Visual-Infrared Color Gradients in Elliptical Galaxies 32 Peletier, Reynier F.
The Origin of Dwarf Ellipticals 35 James, Philip
Near-IR Imaging of Star Forming Spiral Disk and `Disk-Like' Irregular Galaxies 38 Silva, David R.; Bothum, Gregory D.
The Distribution Of Young and Old Stellar Populations in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies 41 Salzer, John J.; Elston, Richard
An Image of M51 at 2.2 Microns 44 Wright, Gillian S.; Casali, Mark; Walther, Dolores M.; McLean, Ian
Are Disks Optically Thick? JHK Images of an Edg&on Spiral 47 Barnaby, David
Active Galaxies The Near-Infrared Morphology of Interacting Galaxies 50 Bushouse, Howard
Longslit IR Spectroscopy of Interacting Galaxies 56 Stanford, S. A.
The Stellar and Dust Emission from NGC 6240 and M82 and the Misapplication of Analogy 60 Thronson, Harley A., Jr.; Majewski, Steve; Hereld, Mark; Descartes, Lara
Fabry-Perot Imaging Spectroscopy of Interacting and Merging Galaxies: NGC 3690 and NGC 6240 63 Fischer, Jacqueline; Smith, Howard A.; Glaccum, William
0.4to 2.2ji Imaging of the Nucleus of the Hot-Spot Galaxy NGC 2903 67 Sharp, N. A.; Depoy, D. L.
CO Index Imaging of NGC 253 69 Doyon, Rene; Joseph, R. D.; Wright, G. S.
Ultraluminous Galactic Nuclei at 12.5 itm, 0.6" 72 Keto, Eric; Ball, Roger; Arens, J. F.; Jernigan, Garrett; Meixner, Margaret
Sub-Arcsec K Band Images of ARP 220 and MKN 273 73 Koo, David C.; Illingworth, Garth D.; Michel, April; Hereld, Mark; Majewski, Steve R.; Heckman, Timothy M.
Infrared Images of AGN 76 Ward, Martin J.; Depoy, Darren L.; Aspin, Colin
Infrared and Optical Imaging of a Sample of Seyfert 1 Galaxies Valentina 79 Zitelli, V.; Wade, Richard; Danese, Luigi; de Zotti, Gianfranco; Granato, Gianluigi
Circumnuclear Starburst in Most Seyfert and Ultraluminous Galaxies ? 82 Rouan, D.; Gallais, P.; Boisson, C.; Lacombe, F.
IR Images of the Circinus Galaxy and NGC 4945 85 Moorwood, A. F. M.; Origlia, L.
Near Infrared Long Slit Spectra of NGC 1068 88 Tamura, M.; Kleinmann, S. G.; Scoville, N. Z.; Joyce, R. R.
2.2micron Imaging of Radio-Quiet and Radio-Loud Quasars 91 Hughes, David H.; Dunlop, James S.; Robson, E. Ian
QSO Broad Line Regions 94 Thompson, Keith L.
Imaging and Photometry of the Gravitational Lens 2237+030 97 Nadeau, Daniel; Yee, Howard K. C.; Forrest, William J.; Garnett, James D.; Ninkov, Zoran; Pipher, Judith L.
Infrared Images of High Redshift Radio Galaxies 100 Eisenhardt, Peter; Chokshi, Arati; Dickinson, Mark; Spinrad, Hyron; Djorgovski, S. G.; McCarthy, Patrick
Infrared Imaging of Hotspots in the Lobes of Powerful Radio Galaxies 106 Yates, Mark; Meisenheimer, Klaus; Roser, Hermann-Josef
Discovery of an Obscured IR Nucleus in Cygnus A 109 Weir, N.; Djorgovski, S.; Matthews, K.; Graham, J. R.
Infrared Morphology of Powerful Radio Galaxies 112 Djorgovski, S.; Weir, N.; Matthews, K.; Graham, J. R.
K Band Photometry of RR Lyrae Variables 115 Carney, Bruce W.
Colour-Magnitude and Colour-Colour Diagrams of Globular Clusters 121 Longmore, A. J.; Dixon, R. I.; Guarnieri, M. D.
Infrared Star Counting and Galactic Structure 124 Casali, Mark M.; Wainscoat, Richard
Search for Infrared Carbon Stars in the Galaxy 127 Epchtein, N.; Le Bertre, T.; Lepine, J.; Fouque, P.
Eight to 14 @m Spectral Monitoring of Long Period Variable Stars with Gladys 130 Levan, Paul D.; Sloan, Gregory; Grasdalen, Gary
High Spatial Resolution Imaging of Circumstellar Envelopes in the Near Infrared 133 Christou, Julian C.; Ridgway, Stephen T.; Buscher, David F.; Haniff, Christopher A.; McCarthy, Donald W., Jr.
Very High Resolution Imaging with the 6.86m Cophased MMT 139 McCarthy, D. W., Jr.; McLeod, B. A.; Barlow, D.
Sub-Arc Second 10 Micron Imaging of Circumstellar Dust 142 Bloemhof, E. E.; Danchi, W. C.
Diffraction-Limited Imaging of the Red Rectangle and R Aquarii in the L Band 145 Tessier, E.; Perrier, C.; Lena, P.; Michel, G.; Langlet, A.
Polarimetric/ Coronagraphic Imaging of Circumstellar Material 149 Kastner, J. H.; Weintraub, D. A.; Zuckerman, B.; McLean, I.; Gatley, I.
Near Infrared High Resolution Polaro-Imaging of OH231.8+4.2 152 Dougados, C.; Lena, P.; Ridgway, S.; Christou, J.; Probst, R.
Candidates for Bipolar Proto- Planetary Nebulae 155 Kwok, Sun; Volk, Kevin; Hrivnak, Bruce J.
Cometary Clouds and Other Circumstellar Shells 158 Stencel, Robert E.
Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae in the Infrared 161 Zuckerman, B.; Becklin, E. E.; McLean, I. S.
The Distribution and Excitation of H_{2 }in Planetary Nebulae Bruce Balick 167 Gonzalez, Guillermo; Gatley, Ian; Zuckerman, Ben
Compact Planetary Nebulae Mapped in the Mid-Infrared 171 Ball, Roger; Arens, J. F.; Jernigan, Garrett; Keto, Eric
Infrared Observations of SN1987A 174 Elias, J. H.; Depoy, D. L.; Gregory, B.
Mapping of 20 @m Emission from the Supernova Remnant CAS A 180 Strom, R. G.; Greidanus, H.
An Infrared Companion to CYG X-3 183 Joyce, Richard R.
An Infrared Source Near CYG X-3 185 Matthews, K.; Djorgovski, S.; Weir, N.; Graham, J. R.
The Galactic Center 188 Townes, Charles
The Near-Infrared Array View of the Galactic Center 198 Rieke, Marcia J.
Sub-Arc Second Resolution Observations of the Central Parsec of the Galaxy at 2.2 M 205 Simon, M.; Chen, W. P.; Forrest, W. J.; Garnett, J. D.; Longmore, A. J.; Gauer, T.; Dixon, R. I.
Two Micron Imaging Polarimetry of the Galactic Center Region 208 Werner, M. W.; Pendleton, Y.; Lee, T. T.; Burton, M. G.; Joyce, R. R.
12 @m Imaging Polarimetry of the Galactic Center 211 Smith, Craig H.; Aitken, David K.; Gezari, Daniel Y.; McCaughrean, Mark J.; Roche, Patrick F.
Galactic Center Gas/Dust Ratio from 12 @m Array and 2 CM VLA Images with 1 arcsec Resolution 214 Gezari, Dan; Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad
Infrared Images and [Fell] Spectra of the Galactic Center 219 Depoy, D. L.
The Theory of Star Formation 222 Adams, Fred C.
The Luminosity Function in Regions of Massive Star Formation 230 Gatley, Ian; Merrill, K. M.; Fowler, A. M.; Tamura, M.
Low Mass Pre-Main Sequence Clusters in Regions of Massive Galactic Star Formation 238 McCaughrean, Mark; Zinnecker, Hans; Aspin, Colin; McLean, Ian
The Stellar Population in Massive Star Forming Regions 241 Carpenter, John M.; Snell, Ronald L.; Schloerb, F. Peter
The Stellar Population in the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud 244 Rieke, G. H.; Rieke, M. J.; Morgan, W. T.
The 2 iim Luminosity Function of the P Ophiuchi Cloud Core 249 Barsony, Mary
High Resolution Images of the Embedded Cluster Associated With GM24 252 Tapia, M.; Lopez, J. A.; Roth, M.; Persi, P.; Ferrari-Toniolo, M.
Infrared and Optical Imaging of Newborn Stars embedded within Dense Cores 255 Heyer, Mark H.; Ladd, E. F.; Myers, P. C.; Campbell, B.
Sub-Arc Second Images of the Orion IRc2 Region 258 Dougados, C.; Lena, P.; Ridgway, S.; Christou, J.; Probst, R.
Near-Infrared Search for Newborn Stars Embedded in Thackeray's Large Globule 261 Moneti, Andrea
NIR Images of Embedded OB Star Clusters 264 Rayner, John; Hodapp, Klaus; Zinnecker, Hans
A Survey of Circumstellar Structure Around Young Low Mass Stars 267 Terebey, S.; Beichman, C. A.; Gautier, T. N.; Hester, J. J.; Myers, P. C.; Vogel, S. N.
First 2-D Infrared Speckle Observations of Pre-Main Sequence Binaries 270 Zinnecker, Hans; Christou, Julian C.; Ridgway, Stephen T.; Probst, Ronald G.
Shocked Molecular Hydrogen Associated with Herbig-Haro Objects and Molecular Outflows: The Cepheus-A Flow 273 Bally, John; Lane, Adair P.
Imaging the Shock Waves in Orion 279 Burton, Michael; Hawthorn, J.; Minchin, N. R.; Hough, J. H.
Near-Infrared Emission line Images of Herbig-Haro Objects 282 Stapelfeldt, Karl R.; Beichman, Charles A.; Hester, J. Jeff; Scoville, Nicholas Z.; Gautier, Thomas N., III
IR and Radio Images of Star Forming Regions: Dissipation of the Placental Cloud 285 Hayashi, Saeko S.; Aspin, Colin; Russell, Adrian P. G.; Gatley, Ian; Hasegawa, Tetsuo; Tanaka, Masuo
IR Imaging and Polarimetry of MONR2 IRS 288 Aspin, Colin; Walther, Dolores M.
Near Infrared Imaging Polarimetry of Star Forming Regions 291 Tamura, M.; Gatley, I.; Joyce, R. R.; Ueno, M.; Sekiguchi, M.
JHK and L Photometry of the Bipolar Outflow in NGC 2071 295 Walther, D. M.; Robson, E. I.; McLean, I. S.
Infrared Images and Radio Continuum of the HIl Region G352.2+0.9 298 Persi, P.; Ferrari-Toniolo, M.; Felli, M.; Roth, M.; Tapia, M.
12 jtm Dust Shells and Cavities in the Trapezium/Ney-Allen Nebula 301 McCaughrean, Mark; Gezari, Dan
Searching for Brown Dwarfs with Infrared Arrays 304 Skrutskie, M. F.
A Near Infrared Search For Brown Dwarfs in the Pleiades 310 Simons, Douglas A.; Becklin, Eric
A Search for Low Mass Companions to Naked T Tauri Stars 313 McLean, I. S.; Zuckerman, B.; Becklin, E. E.; Probst, R.; Gatley, I.
A Search for Substellar Objects with a Coronographic Near Infrared Camera 316 Beuzit, J. L.; Lacombe, F.; Mariotti, J. M.; Perrier, C.; Rouan, D.
Infrared Array Photometry of a Select Group of Cool Dwarf Star Candidates 319 Craine, Eric R.; Engel, John R.; Probst, Ronald G.
Planetary Astronomy with Infrared Arrays 322 Jewitt, David C.
An Albedo Map of Comet Brorsen-Metcalf 329 Ridgway, S. E.; Jewitt, D.; Campins, H.; Luu, J.; Joy, M.; Sisc, C.; Telesco, C.
First Results with the MPE Near-Infrared 62x58 Array Fabry-Perot Spectrometer 333 Krabbe, A.; Rotaciuc, V.; Drapatz, S.; Genzel, R.; Storey, J.; Hofmann, R.; Cameron, M.
Infrared Speckle Reduction Software at the MPE 336 Eckart, A.; Duhoux, P. R. M.