Title: Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun: Sixth Cambridge Workshop
Volume: 9 Year: 1990 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Wallerstein, George
ISBN: 0-937707-27-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-345-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Acoustic heating of stellar chromospheres and coronae 3 Ulmschneider, P.
Magnetic heating of stellar chromospheres and coronae 15 van Ballegooijen, A. A.
Stellar granulation 27 Dravins, Dainis
Molecular equilibria and disequilibria in red giant stars 39 Muchmore, David
Wave heating in magnetic flux tubes 48 Kalkofen, Wolfgang
On the possibility of purely acoustically heated coronae 51 Hammer, R.; Ulmschneider, P.
Global Relaxation Oscillations in Stellar Coronae 54 Korevaar, P.
Radiative Cooling Functions Below 2X10/4K 57 Judge, P. G.; Neff, D. H.
How Consistent are Ab-Initio Models of Giant Star Chromospheres with Observations 61 Cuntz, M.; Judge, P. G.
Modeling the ultraviolet photospheric spectrum of cool giant stars. I - Arcturus. II - Gamma Crucis 64 Carpenter, Kenneth G.; Wahlgren, Glenn M.
Modeling the Ultraviolet Photospheric Spectrum of Cool Giant Stars - Part Two - Gamma-Crucis 67 Wahlgren, G. M.; Carpenter, K. G.
A mechanism for the increase in stellar wind mass loss from giants across the 'dividing line' 70 An, C. H.; Musielak, Z. E.; Rosner, R.; Moore, R. L.; Suess, S. T.
Surface imaging of giant stars and nonlinear dynamos 73 Tuominen, I.; Brandenburg, A.; Piskunov, N. E.; Moss, D.
A Program for Spherically Extended Line Blanketed Model Atmospheres 76 Fieldus, M. S.; Lester, J. B.
Generation of transverse magnetic tube waves and X-ray emissions from late-type dwarfs 79 Musielak, Z. E.; Rosner, R.; Ulmschneider, P.
Effect of radiative transfer on convection in the deep photosphere of late-type dwarfs 82 Fontenla, J. M.; Musielak, Z. E.; Moore, R. L.
The wavelength dependence of broadband linear polarization in cool stars 85 Saar, Steven H.; Huovelin, Juhani
Sun-as-a-star line formation 91 Rutten, Robert J.
The solar CA II lines 103 Uitenbroek, Han
The chilling truth about the solar chromosphere 106 Ayres, Thomas R.
Chromospheric Thermal Equilibrium - Varying Effective Temperature and Gravity 110 Anderson, L. S.
The upper boundary of the solar convection zone - Hydrodynamical aspects 113 Nesis, Anastasios; Hammer, Reiner; Mattig, Wolfgang
Longitudinal-transverse magnetic tube waves in the solar atmosphere 116 Ulmschneider, P.; Musielak, Z.
A Simple Model for the Stellar Analogy of Compact Solar Flares 119 Kopp, R. A.; Poletto, G.
Recalibration of the Wilson-Bappu effect using the MG II K line 125 Mena-Werth, Jose L.
Transition Layer Emission in Giants 128 Bohm-Vitense, E.; Mena-Werth, J.
Variance components in CA II H+K time-series observations 132 Dobson, Andrea K.; Donahue, Robert A.; Radick, Richard R.; Kadlec, Kayla L.
The relationship between EXOSAT soft X-ray and Mt. Wilson CA II H+K flux densities 136 Schrijver, C. J.; Giommi, P.; Dobson, A. K.; Radick, R. R.
FEI - MGII K Line Fluorescence in K Giant and Bright Giant Stars 139 Harper, G. M.
The He I 10830 line in Arcturus produced by stochastic shocks 142 Cuntz, Manfred; Luttermoser, Donald G.
Long-term variability and possible stellar cycles in hybrid-chromosphere stars 145 Veale, Anthony W.; Brown, Alexander
Radio emission from rapidly-rotating cool giant stars 148 Drake, Stephen A.; Walter, Frederick M.; Florkowski, David R.
Longterm Photometry of HD199178 152 Jetsu, L.; Huovelin, J.; Tuominen, I.; Vilhu, O.; Piirola, V.; Bopp, B. W.
Interpreting the Coronal Boundary 155 Gray, D. F.
CO fundamental lines - Indicators for inhomogeneous atmospheres in cool stars 158 Wiedemann, Guenter; Ayres, Thomas R.
Xi-Bootis - Starpatch or Moat Flow 161 Toner, C. G.; Labonte, B. J.
Rotational enhancement of line asymmetries in F9-G2 dwarfs 165 Bruning, David H.; Saar, Steven H.
Line asymmetries in G and K dwarfs - Dependence on spectral type and activity 168 Saar, Steven H.; Bruning, David H.
SPOT temperatures and area coverages on active dwarf stars 171 Sarr, Steven H.; Neff, James E.
Models of Broadband Linear Polarization in Cool Stars 174 Huovelin, J.; Saar, S. H.
The Flare Activity of the Uv-Ceti System 1966-1988 177 Pettersen, B. R.; Sundland, S. R.; Hawley, S. L.; Coleman, L. A.
Stellar Flare Velocity Field 179 Houdebine, E. R.
Mass loss upper limits for A and F dwarfs 183 Brown, A.; Veale, A.; Judge, P.; Bookbinder, J.; Hubeny, I.
An interesting upper limit to the radio emission of ALTAIR 186 Rucinski, S. M.
Extension of the class of magnetic B star nonthermal radio sources 189 Linsky, Jeffrey L.; Drake, Stephen A.; Bastian, Timothy S.
Optical and UV spectra of RS CVn stars 195 Ramsey, Lawrence W.
Symbiotic stars 206 Kenyon, Scott J.
IRAS low resolution spectra of 26 symbiotic stars 217 Stencel, Robert E.; Brugel, Edward W.; Goodwill, Michael E.
Starspot Activity in Algol 221 Richards, M. T.
GINGA observations of a long-duration X-ray flare in the Algol system 224 Stern, R. A.; Haisch, B. M.; Nagase, F.; Uchida, Y.; Tsuneta, S.
Co-ordinated Ginga, IUE and VLA observations of flaring activity in sigma-squared CrB 227 Stern, R. A.; Haisch, B. M.; Uchida, Y.; Walter, F.; Veale, A.
IUE observations of HR 6902 - Effect of luminosity on supergiant chromospheres 230 Ahmad, Imad A.
The Disappearance of a Prominence on HR1099 233 Buzasi, D. L.; Huenemoerder, D. P.; Ramsey, L. W.
Flares and other optical emission line variations in II Peg 236 Huenemoerder, David P.; Ramsey, Lawrence W.; Buzasi, Derek L.
The radio spectra of RS CVn stars 239 White, S. M.; Kundu, M. R.; Uchida, Y.; Nitta, N.
A binary star technique for investigating the extended atmospheres of cool stars 243 Thiering, I.; Baade, R.; Schroeder, K.-P.; Erhorn, G.; Huensch, M.
Ultraviolet extinction in Zeta-Aurigae binaries at low resolution 246 Eaton, Joel A.
The Technique of Spectral Subtraction - Optical Spectra of the Chromosphere of Zeta-Aurigae 249 Griffin, R. E. M.; Griffin, R. F.; Schroder, K. P.
Verification of binary curve fitting and SPOT fitting programs - Testing the inverse problem 252 Rhodes, M.; Budding, E.; Zeilik, M.
Longterm Starspot Activity on Bh-Virginis 257 Zeilik, M.; Ledlow, M.; Rhodes, M.; Arevalo, M. J.; Budding, E.
Herbig-Haro objects and their central stars 263 Boehm, K. H.
Evolutionary timescales for circumstellar disks associated with solar-type pre-main sequence stars 275 Strom, Stephen E.; Edwards, Suzan; Skrutskie, Michael F.
Emission lines and winds from T Tauri stars 289 Hartmann, L.
A search for pre-main sequence stars in the high-latitude molecular clouds. II - A survey of the Einstein database 301 Caillault, Jean-Pierre; Magnani, Loris
CA II emission from pre-main sequence stars 304 Hamann, Fred; Persson, S. E.
Interpretation of infrared emission lines 307 Johansson, Sveneric
A possible activity cycle for AB Aurigae 310 Simon, T.; Catala, C.; Praderie, F.
Lithium and beryllium in stellar atmospheres 317 Boesgaard, Ann M.
CNO in red giants 328 Barbuy, B.
Heavy elements and mixing in red giants 340 Smith, Verne V.
Diffusion in metal poor low mass stars 351 Proffitt, Charles R.; Michaud, Georges; Richer, Jacques
Lithium and Potassium in Low Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars 354 Padgett, D. L.
Lithium in M67 Subgiants 357 Balachandran, S.
Abundances in the metal poor dwarf Ross 451 360 Spiesman, William J.
Spectroscopy of HR1614 group stars 363 McWilliam, Andrew; Geisler, Doug
High Dispersion Spectroscopy and Photometry of Vsl Giants 366 Geisler, D.; McWilliam, A.
Oxygen Abundances in Metal-Poor Halo Giants 369 Sneden, C.; Kraft, R. P.; Prosser, C.
CNO Abundances of Red Giants of Globular Clusters 372 Brown, J. A.; Wallerstein, G.
Red giants in external galaxies 377 Pritchet, C. J.
Luminous cool stars in the upper HR diagram or 'stars near the edge of existence' 387 Humphreys, Roberta M.
Carbon Dredge-Up in Low Mass Stars and Solar Metallicity Stars 396 Lattanzio, J. C.
Evidence for evolution of R Coronae Borealis stars and related objects 401 Lawson, W. A.; Cottrell, P. L.
Rotation of evolved stars 404 de Medeiros, J. R.; Mayor, M.
Evolution of chromospheres in red giants 408 Dupree, A. K.; Hartmann, L.; Smith, Graeme H.
The Evolution of Chromospheres and Winds of Low and Intermediate Mass Giant Stars 411 Judge, P. G.; Stencel, R. E.
The structure of the envelopes of maser stars 417 Bowers, P. F.
Molecules in the envelopes of old stars 429 Lucas, R.
Transition from red giant to planetary nebula 438 Kwok, Sun
Impact of Pulsation on the Circumstellar Envelope 450 Heske, A.
Photometry of Variable AFGL Sources 453 Jones, T. J.; Bryja, C. O.; Gehrz, R. D.; Harrison, T. E.; Johnson, J. J.; Klebe, D. I.; Lawrence, G. F.
R-Coronae Stars - Declines Chromospheres and Dust Shells 456 Cottrell, P. L.; Lawson, W. A.; Buchhorn, M.
Line variations in Betelgeuse 459 Toussaint, Frank; Reimers, Dieter
Spatially Resolved Dust around IRC+10420 463 Bloemhof, E. E.; Danchi, W. C.; Townes, C. H.
Toward mapping the UV circumstellar shells of late-type stars 467 Stencel, Robert E.; Judge, Philip G.; Carpenter, Kenneth G.
Analyses of IRAS low resolution spectra of young planetary nebulae 471 Zhang, Cheng-Yue; Kwok, Sun
IRAS observations of planetary nebulae - Preliminary dust shell models 474 Volk, Kevin
Cepheids in Magellanic Cloud Clusters - Fundamental and Overtone Pulsators in NGC2157 479 Mateo, M.; Olszewski, E.
M28 V17 - a POST Asymptotic Giant Branch Rv-Tauri Star 482 Nook, M. A.; Cardelli, J. A.
A Search for Faint Variable Stars in M71 485 Hodder, P. J. C.; Nemec, J. M.; Richer, H. B.; Fahlman, G. G.
Chromospheric Variability of M-Giant SR Variables 488 Eaton, J. A.; Johnson, H. R.; Cadmus, R. R.
Radiative transfer in the dynamic atmospheres of long period variable stars 491 Luttermoser, Donald G.; Bowen, George H.
Summary Thoughts and Ruinations on Cool Stars 497 Dupree, D. K.