Title: RR Lyrae/Cepheid 2019: Frontiers of Classical Pulsators
Volume: 529 Year: 2020 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Karen Kinemuchi, Catherine Lovekin, Hilding Neilson, Kathy Vivas
Classical pulsators, such as RR Lyrae and Cepheid variable stars, have great utility in different areas of astrophysics, from stellar evolution, pulsation theory, galactic structure studies, distance measurement, and near-field cosmology. These standard candles illuminate our study of the Milky Way Galaxy and the Local Group through ground and space-based observations. These proceedings cover these topics, and delve into new and challenging puzzles these variable stars reveal. The papers in this volume discuss the new frontiers of astrophysics opened by classical pulsators and where researchers will blaze new trails in the 2020s.
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Front Matter   
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Session I. Classical Pulsators from the Ground   
The Milky Way as Seen by the OGLE Survey 3 Soszyñski, I.
A Spectroscopic Study of the Prototype RR Lyr from Oukaimeden Observatory in Morocco 11 Benhida, A.; Sefyani, F. L.; Benkhaldoun, Z.; Kolenberg, K.; Gillet, D.; Mathias, P.; Chafouai, K.; Jariri, Y. E.; Sylla, S.; Etteba, B.; Sabil, M.; Habib, A.
Three-Dimensional Distributions of Type II and Anomalous Cepheids in the Magellanic Clouds Unravel the Origin of These Stars 17 Iwanek, P.; Team OGLE
Session II. Classical Pulsators from Space   
Gaia Parallaxes Versus Updated Pulsation Model Predictions 27 De Somma, G.; Marconi, M.; Molinaro, R.; Cignoni, M.; Musella, I.; Ripepi, V.
RR Lyrae Calibrations in the Light of Gaia DR2 33 Lub, J.
Variable Stars at the Fringes of the Local Group 39 Monelli, M.
A Status Report on the Kepler Pixel Project 44 Szabó, R.; Forró, A.; Bienias, J.; Szklenár, T.; Bódi, A.; Mező, G.
On the Incidence Rate of Blazhko Stars 51 Kovacs, G.
Session III. Stellar Evolution and Pulsation Theory   
An Evolutionary Framework for Low- and Intermediate-Mass He-Burning Pulsating Stars 63 Cassisi, S.; Pietrinferni, A.
The Curious Case of the North Star: the Continuing Tension Between Evolution Models and Measurements of Polaris 72 Neilson, H. R.; Blinn, H.
Investigating Opacity Modifications and Reaction Rate Uncertainties to Resolve the Cepheid Mass Discrepancy 79 Guzik, J. A.; Farag, E.; Ostrowski, J.; Evans, N. R.; Neilson, H.; Moschou, S.; Drake, J. J.
Non-LTE Analysis of zYJ-band Spectra of Cepheids 86 Przybilla, N.; Butler, K.; Ebenbichler, A.; Urbaneja, M. A.
Main and Early Shocks in RR Lyrae Photometric Light Curves 93 Prudil, Z.; Smolec, R.; Catelan, M.; Dékány, I.; Grebel, E. K.; Kunder, A.
A Study of the Stellar Photosphere-Hydrogen Ionisation Front Interaction in Pulsating Variables Using Period-Colour Relations 98 Das, S.; Kanbur, S. M.; Bellinger, E. P.; Bhardwaj, A.; Singh, H. P.
Light Curve Structure Reveals Fundamental Parameters of Cepheid and RR Lyrae Stars 104 Kanbur, S. M.; Bellinger, E. P.; Bhardwaj, A.; Marconi, M.
RR Lyrae Mode Selection: Does Convection Matter? 111 Deupree, R.
Amplitude Modulation in RR Lyrae Hydrodynamic Models 117 Kolláth, Z.
Non-Radial Modes in Classical Cepheids — What to Look for in Spectroscopy? 125 Netzel, H.; Kolenberg, K.
The Blazhko Effect in Galactic Bulge Fundamental Mode RR Lyrae Stars 130 Skarka, M.; Prudil, Z.; Jurcsik, J.
Session IV. Stellar Populations   
Metallicity Distribution of Galactic Halo Field RR Lyræ, and the Effect of Metallicity on Their Pulsation Properties 139 Marengo, M.; Mullen, J.; Neeley, J. R.; Fabrizio, M.; Marrese, P. M.; Bono, G.; Braga, V. F.; Magurno, D.; Crestani, J.; Fiorentino, G.; Monelli, M.; Chaboyer, B.; Gilligan, C. K.; Dall'Ora, M.; Martínez-Vázquez, C. E.; Thévenin, F.; Matsunaga, N.
The Instability Strip of RRab Stars From LAMOST-Gaia Data 147 Luo, C.; Liu, C.; Zhang, X.; Chen, X.; Sun, W.; Zhang, X.; Li, Y.; Zhang, C.; Tian, H.
Cepheid Distances Based on Gaia and VMC@VISTA Observations 155 Ripepi, V.; Molinaro, R.; Marconi, M.; Cioni, M.-R. L.
The Ultra-Low Density Galactic Companion Crater II and Its RR Lyrae Stars 163 Walker, A. R.
The Oosterhoff Dichotomy in Multiple Population Paradigm 169 Lee, Y.; Jang, S.
Omega Centauri: a Laboratory for All RR Lyrae 172 Braga, V. F.; Bono, G.; Stetson, P. B.; Dall'Ora, M.; Marconi, M.; Fabrizio, M.; Marinoni, S.; Marrese, P. M.; Marengo, M.; Neeley, J.; Ferraro, I.; Fiorentino, G.; Iannicola, G.
A New Study of the Variable Star Population in the Hercules Globular Cluster (M13, NGC 6205) 179 Deras, D.; Ferro, A. A.; Lázaro, C.; Fierro, I. H. B.; Calderón, J. H.; Muneer, S.; Giridhar, S.
Variable Stars in Palomar 13; an Evaporating Globular Cluster 184 Yepez, M. A.; Ferro, A. A.; Schröder, K. P.; Muneer, S.; Giridhar, S.; Allen, C.
RR Lyrae Statistics in the Retrograde and Prograde Globular Clusters of the Milky Way 189 Farrell, E. M.; Wallerstein, G.
Session V. Galactic Structure Tracers   
The VVV/VVV-X Survey: Tracing the Galactic Bulge and Southern Disk with Classical Pulsators 199 Alonso-García, J.
Connecting the Properties of RR Lyrae Stars in the Milky Way and Andromeda with Local Group Dwarf Galaxies 205 Fiorentino, G.; Monelli, M.; Bono, G.; Steston, P. B.; Braga, V. F.; Dall'Ora, M.; Fabrizio, M.; Marconi, M.; Martínez-Vázquez, C.; Musella, I.; Ferraro, I.; Gallart, C.; Iannicola, G.; Marengo, M.; Neeley, J.; Ripepi, V.
3D Maps of the Magellanic Clouds using Classical Cepheids 215 Chown, A. H.; Scowcroft, V.
A Systematic DECam Search for RR Lyrae in the Outer Halo of the Milky Way 222 Medina, G. E.; Muñoz, R. R.; Carlin, J. L.; Vivas, A. K.; Hansen, C. J.; Grebel, E. K.
Exploring the 3D Structure of the Sagittarius dSph Core Using RR Lyrae 227 Ferguson, P. S.; Strigari, L. E.
Tracing the Early Chemical Evolution of Local Group Dwarf Galaxies Using RR Lyrae Stars 235 Martínez-Vázquez, C. E.
Searching for the (Very Few) RR Lyrae Stars in Ultra-Faint Dwarf Satellites of the Milky Way 240 Vivas, A. K.; Martínez-Vázquez, C.; Walker, A.
Session VI. Distance Indicators   
Progress on Infrared Period-Luminosity Relations for RR Lyrae Stars 249 Neeley, J. R.; Marengo, M.; Sarajedini, A.; Freedman, W. L.; Madore, B. F.; Beaton, R. L.; Braga, V. F.
Type II Cepheids as Stellar Tracers and Distance Indicators 259 Bhardwaj, A.; Braga, V. F.; Minniti, D.; Ramos, R. C.; Rejkuba, M.
Towards Precise and Accurate Cepheid Chemical Abundances for a 1% H0 Measurement: Temperature Determination 265 Mancino, S.; Romaniello, M.; Anderson, R. I.; Kudritzki, R.
IR Excess of Classical Cepheids Modeled by a Thin Shell of Ionized Gas 271 Hocdé, V.; Nardetto, N.; Lagadec, E.; Niccolini, G.; de Souza, A. D.; Mérand, A.; Kervella, P.
The Galactic Leavitt Law from Gaia DR2 Visual Binaries: Implications on the Distance Scale 279 Breuval, L.; Kervella, P.
Session VII. New Frontiers of Classical Pulsators   
Low-Amplitude Periodicities and Modulations in Classical Pulsators 287 Smolec, R.
RR Lyrae Variables in Binary Systems 297 Hajdu, G.
Type II Cepheids: Observational Perspective 305 Jurkovic, M. I.
Session VIII. Poster Papers   
Many Faces of Blazhko Modulation Observed from Space 319 Bódi, A.; Plachy, E.; Szabó, P.; Molnár, L.; Pál, A.; Szabó, R.
Python Interface for Spectroscopic Data Analysis 321 El Jariri, Y.; Sefyani, F. L.; Benhida, A.; Benkhaldoun, Z.; De France, T.; Gillet, D.; Mathias, P.; Kolenberg, K.; Chafouai, K.; Habib, A.; Sabil, M.
Spectroscopic Observations for Five RR Lyrae Stars 325 Jeon, Y.-B; Oh, H.-I.
Photometric and Spectroscopic Investigation of the Blazhko Star DR And: Inherent Limits of the Applicability of the Baade-Wesselink Method on Blazhko Stars 327 Jurcsik, J.; Sódor, Á.; Bognár, Z.
On the Phase-Modulation Properties of Galactic Bulge RRab Stars 329 Jurcsik, J.; Szabó, P.; Prudil, Z.; Skarka, M.; Hajdu, G.
Pulsation and Convection in Cepheids 332 Lovekin, C. C.; Odesse, P.
Classical Cepheids in Open Clusters in the Era of Gaia DR2 334 Medina, G. E.; Lemasle, B.; Grebel, E. K.; Yen, S. X.
RR Lyrae Stars of M3 in Optical and Swift/UVOT Near-UV Observations 336 Nuspl, J.
Automated Extended Aperture Photometry for K2 RR Lyrae Stars 338 Plachy, E.; Szabó, P.; Bódi, A.; Molnár, L.; Szabó, R.
Spatial and Kinematical Study of the Oosterhoff Dichotomy in the Galactic Bulge 340 Prudil, Z.; Dékány, I.; Catelan, M.; Grebel, E. K.; Smolec, R.; Skarka, M.
Detection of Helium Emissions in RR Lyr Since 1994 343 Sefyani, F. L.; Benhida, A.; Benkhaldoun, Z.; De France, T.; Gillet, D.; Mathias, P.; Kolenberg, K.; El Jariri, Y.; Chafouai, K.; Sabil, M.; Elhabib, A.
Comparative Study of Photometric Data Between Kepler and Oukaimeden Observatory Platforms 346 Sylla, S.; Etteba, B.; Kolenberg, K.; Benhida, A.; Sefyani, F. L.; Benkhaldoun, Z.; De France, T.; Gillet, D.; Mathias, P.; Sabil, M.
Report on the Analysis of V824 Cas 349 Zak, J.; Skarka, M.; Lemasle, B.; Blanco-Cuaresma, S.; Paunzen, E.
Session IX. Open Session/Recap   
The Future of RR Lyrae and Cepheids 355 Kuehn, C. A.
Back Matter   
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