Title: Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Volume: 526 Year: 2019 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: L. Belluzzi, R. Casini, M. Romoli, and J. Trujillo Bueno
Spectro-polarimetry is an indispensable discipline of astrophysical research, despite its reputation as a highly specialized field. This is not surprising, as spectro-polarimetry is the gateway to investigating one of the most important ingredients in the physics of astrophysical plasmas: the magnetic field. The key role of magnetic fields in driving both the short- and long-term variability of the Sun and in triggering high-energy events, which may strongly impact our environment and society, is nowadays universally recognized.

The theoretical foundations of spectro-polarimetry are deeply rooted in the fundamental physics of the interactions of radiation with matter. Although progress can be slow and arduous, theoretical research in spectro-polarimetry is still very active, and new important contributions have recently come to light. At the same time, the numerical modeling of the generation and transfer of polarized radiation in realistic models of the solar atmosphere has become a very hot topic, calling for complementary competencies in physics and computational sciences. Certainly, spectro-polarimetric science is just as exciting on the instrumental side. New instruments for high-precision spectro-polarimetry are being developed for a new generation of ground-based solar telescopes, and a race to spectro-polarimetry from space has finally started, already succeeding with astonishing achievements. This volume covers all these topics, highlighting through reviews and specialized papers the progress and the most important results achieved in the field during the last few years.

The book is dedicated to the memory and work of one of the most eminent scientists in this field during the last decades, our mentor, colleague, and friend Egidio Landi Degl’Innocenti.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter 1
Session I. Physics of Polarization   
Egidio Landi: A Life in the Science and Teaching of Polarimetry 3 Casini, R.
Non-Perturbative Theory of Radiative Scattering in the Weak Radiation Field Limit: Resolution of Egidio Landi's “Paradox” 17 Bommier, V.
Analytic Results for Rayleigh Scattering and Resonance Polarization 19 Frisch, H.
Relaxation Phenomena Due to Collisions with Neutral Perturbers in Hyperfine Structure Multiplets 29 Landi Degl'Innocenti, E.; Belluzzi, L.
Collisional Line Broadening and Collisional Depolarization of Spectral Lines: Similarities and Differences 35 Sahal-Bréchot, S.; Bommier, V.
Partial Frequency Redistribution Theory with Paschen-Back Effect: Application to Li I 6708 Å Lines 43 Sowmya, K.; Nagendra, K. N.; Sampoorna, M.; Stenflo, J. O.
The Kramers-Heisenberg Coherency Matrix 49 Stenflo, J. O.
Effects of Lower-Level Polarization and Partial Frequency Redistribution on Stokes Profiles 61 Supriya, H. D.; Nagendra, K. N.; Sampoorna, M.; Stenflo, J. O.; Ravindra, B.
Session II. Modeling of Polarization in the Atmospheres of the Sun and Other Stars   
The Last Twenty Years. Optically Polarized Atoms in the Solar Atmosphere 69 Trujillo Bueno, J.
Polarized Line Formation: Methods and Solutions 99 Nagendra, K. N.
The Transfer of Resonance Line Polarization with PRD in the General Hanle-Zeeman Regime 119 Alsina Ballester, E.; Belluzzi, L.; Trujillo Bueno, J.
Time Evolution of Hanle and Zeeman Polarization in MHD Models 125 Carlin, E. S.
Numerical Methods for the Radiative Transfer Equation of Polarized Light 133 Janett, G.; Steiner, O.; Belluzzi, L.
Center-to-Limb Continuum Polarization in Solar and Stellar Atmospheres 139 Kostogryz, N. M.; Berdyugina, S. V.; Yakobchuk, T. M.; Milić, I.
Magnetic Field Diagnostics with Strong Chromospheric Lines 145 Manso Sainz, R.; del Pino Alemán, T.; Casini, R.
Comoving Frame Method for Polarized PRD Line Transfer with Velocity Fields 153 Sampoorna, M.; Nagendra, K. N.
3D Whole-Prominence Fine Structure Model as a Test Case for Verification and Development of Magnetic Field Inversion Techniques 159 Gunár, S.; Mackay, D. H.; Štěpán, J.; Heinzel, P.; Trujillo Bueno, J.
Modeling the Scattering Polarization of the Hydrogen Lyα Line Observed by CLASP in a Filament Channel 165 Štěpán, J.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Gunár, S.; Heinzel, P.; del Pino Alemán, T.; Kano, R.; Ishikawa, R.; Narukage, N.; Bando, T.; Winebarger, A.; Kobayashi, K.; Auchère, F.
Session III. Polarimetry as a Diagnostic Tool for Stellar Atmospheres   
Forbidden Line Polarimetry to Detect the Evolution of the Coronal Magnetic Field 173 Li, H.; Landi Degl'Innocenti, E.; Qu, Z. Q.
Response Functions for NLTE Lines 179 Milić, I.; van Noort, M.
Measuring the Effective Magnetic Field of Cold Active Star ε Eri Using the "Slope" Method 185 Scalia, C.; Leone, F.; Gangi, M.
Magnetic Flux Density in 3D MHD Simulations and Observations 191 Beck, C.; Fabbian, D.; Rezaei, R.; Puschmann, K. G.
Comparison of Parameters from Three-Dimensional Magnetoconvection Simulations of the Solar Photosphere 195 Cubas Armas, M.; Fabbian, D.; Vitas, N.
Hanle Coronal Magnetometry Using Permitted He I 1083 nm and Forbidden Si x 1430 nm IR Emission Lines 199 Dima, G. I.; Kuhn, J. R.; Berdyugina, S. V.
Detection of Linear Polarization in the Metal Lines of 89 Herculis 203 Gangi, M.; Leone, F.; Scalia, C.
Polarized Scattering Matrix for Magnetic Dipole Transitions 207 Megha, A.; Sampoorna, M.; Nagendra, K. N.; Sankarasubramanian, K.
Session IV. Ground-Based Polarization Measurements: Observations, Analysis, and Interpretation   
Spectropolarimetric Observations of an Arch Filament System with GREGOR 217 Balthasar, H.; Gömöry, P.; González Manrique, S. J.; Kuckein, C.; Kučera, A.; Schwartz, P.; Berkefeld, T.; Collados, M.; Denker, C.; Feller, A.; Hofmann, A.; Schmidt, D.; Schmidt, W.; Sobotka, M.; Solanki, S. K.; Soltau, D.; Staude, J.; Strassmeier, K. G.; von der Lühe, O.
Second Solar Spectrum Observations with ZIMPOL 223 Bianda, M.; Ramelli, R.; Gisler, D.; Belluzzi, L.; Carlin, E. S.
New Vacuum Solar Telescope Observations of Solar Fine-Scale Magnetic Structures in the Lower Atmosphere 229 Deng, L.
A Quantitative Comparison of Observed and Theoretical Stokes Profiles of the Ca II 8542 Å Line in the Quiet Sun 235 Jurčák, J.; Stěpán, J.; Bianda, M.; Trujillo Bueno, J.
Formation of the Penumbra and Start of the Evershed Flow 243 Murabito, M.; Romano, P.; Guglielmino, S. L.; Zuccarello, F.; Solanki, S. K.
Detection of the Linearly Polarised Spectrum of the Red Supergiant Star α Ori 249 Tessore, B.; López Ariste, A.; Mathias, P.; Lèbre, A.; Morin, J.; Josselin, E.
The Change of Photospheric Magnetic Fields before Filament Formation and Eruption 255 Yan, X.; Xue, Z.; Wang, J.
New Insights on Penumbra Magneto-Convection 261 Bello González, N.; Jurčák, J.; Schlichenmaier, R.; Rezaei, R.
On the Time Variation of the Magnetic Strength Ratio for Different Combinations of Spectral Lines 271 Demidov, M. L.; Kiselev, A. V.
Statistical Study of the Magnetic Field in Solar Filaments 275 Hanaoka, Y.; Sakurai, T.; IRMag Group
Long-Term Optical Polarimetric Monitoring of TeV Blazars from San Pedro Martir Observatory 279 Hiriart, D.; Benítez, E.; Heidt, J.; López, J. M.; Mújica, R.
Measurement of the Evolution of the Magnetic Field of the Quiet Photosphere over a Solar Cycle 283 Ramelli, R.; Bianda, M.; Berdyugina, S. V.; Belluzzi, L.; Kleint, L.
Atlas of the Solar Intensity Spectrum and its Center-to-Limb Variation 287 Ramelli, R.; Setzer, M.; Engelhard, M.; Bianda, M.; Paglia, F.; Stenflo, J. O.; Küveler, G.; Plewe, R.
Photospheric Magnetic Fields of the Trailing Sunspots in Active Region NOAA 12396 291 Verma, M.; Balthasar, H.; Denker, C.; Böhm, F.; Fischer, C. E.; Kuckein, C.; González Manrique, S. J.; Sobotka, M.; Bello González, N; Diercke, A.; Berkefeld, T.; Collados, M.; Feller, A.; Hofmann, A.; Lagg, A.; Nicklas, H.; Orozco Suárez, D.; Pastor Yabar, A.; Rezaei, R.; Schlichenmaier, R.; Schmidt, D.; Schmidt, W.; Sigwarth, M.; Solanki, S. K.; Soltau, D.; Staude, J.; Strassmeier, K. G.; Volkmer, R.; von der Lühe, O.; Waldmann, T.
Fast Solar Polarimeter (Prototype): Preliminary Results of Stokes Measurements in the Sr I 4607 Å Line at VTT/TESOS 295 Zeuner, F.; Feller, A.; Iglesias, F. A.; Solanki, S. K.
Session V. Space-Borne Polarization Measurements: Observations, Analysis, and Interpretation   
On the Magnetic Nature of Solar Exploding Granules 299 Guglielmino, S. L.; Martínez Pillet, V.; Ruiz Cobo, B.; Bellot Rubio, L. R.; del Toro Iniesta, J. C.; Solanki, S. K.; Zuccarello, F.
Comparison of Scattering Polarization Signals Observed by CLASP: Possible Indication of the Hanle Effect 305 Ishikawa, R.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Uitenbroek, H.; Kubo, M.; Tsuneta, S.; Goto, M.; Kano, R.; Narukage, N.; Bando, T.; Katsukawa, Y.; Ishikawa, S.; Giono, G.; Suematsu, Y.; Hara, H.; Winebarger, A.; Kobayashi, K.; Cirtain, J.; Champey, P.; Auchère, F.; Štěpán, J.; Belluzzi, L.; Asensio Ramos, A.; Manso Sainz, R.; De Pontieu, B.; Ichimoto, K.; Carlsson, M.; Casini, R.
Moving Magnetic Features around a Pore 307 Kaithakkal, A.; Riethmueller, T.; Solanki, S. K.; Lagg, A.
The Conventions for the Polarization Angle 309 di Serego Alighieri, S.
Analysis Methods of the Flow Field around Decaying Sunspots 311 Strecker, H.; Bello González, N.
Session VI. Instrumentation for Polarization Studies   
Calibration of the Instrumental Crosstalk for the Near-IR Imaging Spectropolarimeter at the NST 317 Ahn, K.; Cao, W.
New Optical Tools for Polarimetry and Polarization Control 323 Baur, T.; Kraemer, M.
Cross-Calibration of the Huairou Solar Observation Station Full-Disk Longitudinal Magnetograms with Data Sets from SSO/STOP and SDO/HMI 329 Demidov, M. L.; Wang, X. F.; Hou, J. F.; Wang, D. G.; Kiselev, A. V.; Kuzanyan, K. M.
Spectral-Modulation-Based Polarization Calibration of the AIMS Telescope 335 Hou, J. F.
PeNCIL: A Wire Grid Polarimeter at 121.6 nm 341 Landini, F.; Romoli, M.; Baccani, C.; Adam, G.; Dinescu, A.; Meneghin, A.; Scippa, A.; Pancrazzi, M.; Focardi, M.; Baglioni, R.; Landi Degl'Innocenti, E.
The Polarization Calibration Model of the New Vacuum Solar Telescope 347 Yuan, S.; Hou, J. F.; Wang, D. G.; Ji, K.; Xu, J.
First Results from the Chromosphere and Prominence Magnetometer 353 de Wijn, A. G.
Polarization-Holographic Imaging Stokes Polarimeter for Observational Study of the Sun 357 Kvernadze, T.; Kurkhuli, G.; Kilosanidze, B.; Kakauridze, G.; Kulijanishvili, V.; Khutsishvili, E.; Khutsishvili, D.
CLASP2: The Chromospheric LAyer Spectro-Polarimeter 361 McKenzie, D. E.; Ishikawa, R.;Trujillo Bueno, J.; Auchére, F.; Rachmeler, L.; Kubo, M.; Kobayashi, K.; Winebarger, A.; Bethge, C.; Narukage, N.; Kano, R.; Ishikawa, S.; De Pontieu, B.; Carlsson, M.; Yoshida, M.; Belluzzi, L.; Štěpán, J.; del PinoAlemán, T.; Alsina Ballester, E.; Asensio Ramos, A.
NVST Observations of the Fine Structure and Counter-Streaming Mass Flows of a Quiescent Prominence 365 Shen, Y.
Summary Talk: Looking Ahead 369 Stenflo, J. O.
Back Matter   
Back Matter 377