Title: Advances in Computational Astrophysics: Methods, Tools, and Outcome
Volume: 453 Year: 2012 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: R. Capuzzo-Dolcetta, M. Limongi, A. Tornambè
This book contains the proceedings of a conference held on 13-17 June 2011 in Cefalù (Sicily, Italy) to discuss recent progress in the application of modern numerical tools to the solution of open problems in astrophysics, from star formation up to the large scale structure of the universe.

This conference was the sixth in a series of Astronomy and Astrophysics workshops and conferences held in Cefalù devoted to hot topics in modern Astrophysics. It was unique because of the emphasis on both the the computational and the scientific aspects of astrophysics.

In attendance were scientists who are at top of their fields on both the scientific side and that of numerical and computational methods, who are also expert in the use of modern hardware and software resources. The conference was successful, thanks to the high quality of the oral and poster presentations and to the large number of participants from many countries. The graduate students and post docs gave a relevant contribution to the meeting, thanks also totheir ample participation in the debate after each talk.

The content of the book includes 65 papers distributed over Parts covering different specific topics of astrophysics, where important achievements are presented after an introduction to the topic. Parts V and X are specifically devoted to advanced tools in computational astrophysics and to new technologies in computational astrophysics, respectively.

Part XI is dedicated to the summaries of the many poster contributions presented at the conference.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter R. Capuzzo-Dolcetta, M. Limongi, A. Torn
Part I. Stars: Formation   
A Decade of ‘Realistic’ Star Formation Simulations 3 Clarke, C.
Combined Feedbacks of Magnetic Field and Radiative Transfer on Dense Core Collapse 13 Commerçon, B.; Hennebelle, P.; Audit, E.; Chabrier, G.; Teyssier, R.; and Henning, Th.
Towards Understanding Simulated Feedback in AMR and SPH Codes and the Multi-Phase Nature of the ISM 19 Mitchell, N. L.; Bower, R. G.; Theuns, T.; Vorobyov, E. I.
Molecular Cloud Disruption and Chemical Enrichment of the ISM Caused by Massive Star Feedback 25 Fierlinger, K. M.; Burkert, A.; Diehl, R.; Dobbs, C.; Hartmann, D. H.; Krause, M.; Ntormousi, E.; Voss, R.
Importance of the Initial Conditions for Star Formation 29 Girichidis, P.; Federrath, C.; Banerjee, R.; Klessen, R. S.
Modeling Star-Forming Regions using a 3D Molecular Transport Code 33 Loughnane, R. M.; Redman, M. P.; Keto, E. R.
Part II. Stars: Fundamental Physics   
Binary Neutron Star Mergers Naturally form Jets that can Power Short Gamma-Ray Bursts 41 Rezzolla, L.
Magnetic Field Generation During the Formation of the First Stars 51 Sur, S.; Federrath, C.; Schleicher, D.; Banerjee, R.; Klessen, R. S.
Numerical Simulations of Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection with Galerkin Methods 55 Zanotti, O.; Dumbser, M.
Part III. Stars: Evolution   
2-D Modeling of the Variability of the Solar Interior for Climate Studies 61 Sofia, S.; Li, L. H.; Spada, F.; Ventura, P.
Numerical Simulations of Magnetic Relaxation in Rotating Stellar Radiation Zones 69 Duez, V.
Simulating the Circum-stellar Environment of Supernova and GRB Progenitors by Combining Stellar Evolution Models and Hydrodynamical Code 75 Georgy, C.; Walder, R.; Folini, D.
Part IV. Supernovae and Progenitors   
Towards the Core-Collapse Supernova Explosion Mechanism 81 Cardall, C. Y.; Endeve, E.; Budiardja, R. D.; Marronetti, P.; Mezzacappa, A.
Explosion and Remnant Systematics of Neutrino-driven Supernovae for Spherically Symmetric Models 91 Ugliano, M.; Janka, H.; Arcones, A.; Marek, A.
Three-dimensional Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations on the Yin-Yang Grid 95 Wongwathanarat, A.; Janka, H.; Müller, E.
Type Ia Supernovae and the DD Scenario 99 Isern, J.; García–Berro, E.; Lorén–Aguilar, P.
Three-dimensional Simulations of Thermonuclear Detonation with α-Network: Numerical Method and Preliminary Results 107 Khokhlov, A.; Domínguez, I.; Bacon, C.; Clifford, B.; Baron, E.; Hoeflich, P.; Krisciunas, K.; Suntzeff, N.; Wang, L.
Multidimensional Simulations of Thermonuclear Supernovae from the First Stars 115 Chen, K. J.; Heger, A.; Almgren, A.
Incomplete Carbon Detonations in Thermonuclear Supernovae\footnotemark 119 Domínguez, I.; Khokhlov, A.
White Dwarf Mergers and the Origin of R Coronae Borealis Stars 123 Lorén–Aguilar, P.; Longland, R.; José, J.; García–Berro, E.; Althaus, L. G.; Isern, J.
Part V. Advanced Tools in Computational Astrophysics   
Simulations of Dense Stellar Systems with the AMUSE Software Toolkit 129 McMillan, S.; Portegies-Zwart, S.; van Elteren, A.; Whitehead, A.
VOGCLUSTERS: An Example of DAME Web Application 137 Castellani, M.; Brescia, M.; Mancini, E.; Pellecchia, L.; Longo, G.
GEAR: A Window on the World of Dwarf Galaxies 141 Revaz, Y.; Jablonka, P.
NMAGIC Made-to-Measure Particle Models of Galaxies 147 Morganti, L.; Gerhard, O.
Turbulence Modelling and Stirring Mechanisms in the Cosmological Large-scale Structure 151 Iapichino, L.; Schmidt, W.; Niemeyer, J. C.; Merklein, J.
The Nonlinear Evolution of Large Scale Structures in Growing Neutrino Cosmologies 155 Baldi, M.
Part VI. Compact Interacting Objects and GravitationalWaves   
Physical Simulations for the Merger of Binary Neutron Stars in General Relativity 161 Shibata, M.; Kiuchi, K.; Kyutoku, K.; Sekiguchi, Y.
Direct Numerical Simulations of the Quasi-interchange Instability in Astrophysical Jets 171 Bonanno, A.; Urpin, V.
Interacting Compact Binaries: Modeling Mass Transfer in Eccentric Systems 175 Church, R. P.; Davies, M. B.; Bobrick, A.; Tout, C. A.
Numerical Simulations of Binary Black Holes 179 Marronetti, P.; Tichy, W.
Recoiling Black Holes in Merging Galaxies: Relationship to AGN Lifetimes, Starbursts, and the M-sigma Relation 187 Blecha, L.; Cox, T. J.; Loeb, A.; Hernquist, L.
A Fast Numerical Scheme for the Causal Relativistic Dissipative Hydrodynamics 191 Takamoto, M.; Inutsuka, S.
Simulations of Electromagnetic Signals from Black Hole Mergers 195 Lodato, G.
Part VII. Stellar Systems: N-body Problems   
Use of Modern Numerical Methods and Hardware in N-Body Problems 201 Mikkola, S.
N-body Simulations of Star Clusters, Black Holes, and Their Host Systems using BRIDGE 211 Fujii, M. S.; Iwasawa, M.; Saitoh, T. R.; Portegies-Zwart, S.
Hybrid SPH and N-body Simulations of Star Clusters 215 Hubber, D. A.; Allison, R. J.; Smith, R.; Goodwin, S. P.
Globular Cluster Clumpy Tidal Tails 219 Montuori, M.; Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.; Mastrobuono-Battisti, A.
Supermassive Black Hole Binaries in High Performance Massively Parallel Direct N-body Simulations on Large GPU Clusters 223 Spurzem, R.; Berczik, P.; Zhong, S.; Nitadori, K.; Hamada, T.; Berentzen, I.; Veles, A.
Dry Mergers and the Size Evolution of Early-type Galaxies 233 Nipoti, C.
The Formation of the Milky Way Nuclear Cluster 237 Mastrobuono-Battisti, A.; Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.
Dynamics in Young Star Clusters: From Planets to Massive Stars 241 Olczak, C.; Spurzem, R.; Henning, T.; Kaczmarek, T.; Pfalzner, S.; Harfst, S.; Portegies-Zwart, S.
Part VIII. Astrophysical Fluid-Dynamics: Eulerian vs Lagrangian Schemes   
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics: Things I Wish My Mother Taught Me 249 Price, D. J.
Hydrodynamic Simulations with the Godunov SPH 259 Borgani, S.; Murante, G.; Brunino, R.; Cha, S.-H.
Hydrodynamical Simulations of Galaxy Cluster Entropy Profiles 263 Sijacki, D.; Vogelsberger, M.; Kereš, D.; Springel, V.; Hernquist, L.
Part IX. Galaxy Formation and Large Scale Structure   
Spiral Structure Formation in Disk Galaxies 269 D'Onghia, E.; Vogelsberger, M.; Hernquist, L.
Simulating Supersonic Turbulence in Galaxy Formation 273 Scannapieco, E.; Brüggen, M.; Pan, L.
Properties of the ISM in Disc Galaxies with Stellar Feedback\footnotemark 277 Dobbs, C.
AGN Feedback using AMR Cosmological Simulations 281 Dubois, Y.; Devriendt, J.; Slyz, A.; Teyssier, R.
Baryon and Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Properties of MareNostrum and MultiDark Simulated Clusters (MUSIC) 285 Sembolini, F.; Yepes, G.; De Petris, M.
Progress and Challenges in SPH Simulations of Disk Galaxy Formation: The Combined Role of Resolution and the Star Formation Density Threshold 289 Mayer, L.
Modeling the Hot Gaseous Halo in Galaxy Merger Simulations 301 Moster, B. P.
Dark Satellites: How They Lost Their Baryons 305 Nickerson, S.; Stinson, G.; Couchman, H. M. P.; Baili, J.; Wadsley, J.
The Injection and Feedback of Cosmic Rays in Large-Scale Structures 311 Vazza, F.; Brüggen, M.; Gheller, C.; Brunetti, G.
Part X. New Technologies in Computational Astrophysics   
Multi-physics Simulations using a Hierarchical Interchangeable Software Interface 317 Portegies-Zwart, S.; McMillan, S.; Pelupessy, I.; van Elteren, A.
Bonsai: A GPU Tree-Code 325 Bédorf, J.; Gaburov, E.; Portegies-Zwart, S.
GPU-Accelerated Monte Carlo Simulations of Dense Stellar Systems 329 Pattabiraman, B.; Umbreit, S.; Liao, W.; Rasio, F.; Kalogera, V.; Choudhary, A.
Part XI. Poster Contributions   
The Structure of HI in Galactic Disks 335 Acreman, D.; Brunt, C.; Dobbs, C.; Douglas, K.
Dynamical Friction in Cuspy Galaxies 337 Arca-Sedda, M.; Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.
E(A+M)PEC — An OpenCL Atomic & Molecular Plasma Emission Code For Interstellar Medium Simulations 341 de Avillez, M. A.; Spitoni, E.; Breitschwerdt, D.
A Non-Equilibrium Ionization Model of the Local and Loop I Bubbles - Tracing the OVI Distribution 343 de Avillez, M. A.; Breitschwerdt, D.; Spitoni, E.; Carvalho, N.
Observing Simulated Clusters: A Novel Virtual X-ray Telescope 345 Biffi, V.; Dolag, K.; Böhringer, H.; Lemson, G.
On Nuclear Matter Cores and Their Applications 347 Boshkayev, K.; Rotondo, M.
Searching for Data: Swarming Agent Method 349 Caputo, D. P.; Dolan, R.
High Precision Simulations of the Evolution of a Super Star Cluster Around a Massive Black Hole 351 Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.; Spera, M.
Feeding a Disk: The Mechanical Mass Loss of Be Stars from a Numerical Point of View 353 Ekström, S.; Georgy, C.; Granada, A.; Wyttenbach, A.; Meynet, G.
The STructure Finder: Using Velocity Space to Identify Substructures in N-Body Haloes 355 Elahi, P. J.; Thacker, P. J.; Widrow, L. M.
Adaptive Gravitational Softening in GADGET 359 Iannuzzi, F.; Dolag, K.
Interaction Between Dark Matter Sub-halos and Gaseous Galactic Disk 361 Kannan, R.; Macciò, A.; Pasquali, A.; Moster, B. P.; Walter, F.
Simulations of Barred Galaxies in Triaxial Dark Matter Haloes: The Effects of Gas 363 Machado, R. E. G.; Athanassoula, E.; Rodionov, S.
The Effect of AGN Feedback on the Brightest Cluster Elliptical Galaxies 365 Martizzi, D.; Teyssier, R.; Moore, B.
Global Mass Segregation in Hydrodynamical Simulations of Star Formation 367 Maschberger, T.; Clarke, C.
The Morphology and Pattern Speed of Spiral Structure 369 Nelson, D.; D'Onghia, E.; Hernquist, L.
Classical Bulge Formation with P-DEVA, a Chemodynamical AP3M-SPH Code 371 Obreja, A.; Domínguez-Tenreiro, R.; Martínez-Serrano, F.; Doménech-Moral, M.; Serna, A.
Dry Minor Mergers and Size Evolution of Early-type Galaxies in High Density Environments 373 Oogi, T.; Habe, A.
Galaxy Cluster Mergers 375 Planelles, S.; Quilis, V.
Radiation Hydrodynamics of Core-Collapse Supernovae: The “Key” Asset for a Self-consistent Modelling of These Events 377 Pumo, M. L.; Zampieri, L.
High Performance Astrophysics Computing 379 Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.; Arca-Sedda, M.; Mastrobuono-Battisti, A.; Punzo, D.; Spera, M.
Intracluster Medium Reheating by Relativistic Jets 383 Quilis, V.; Perucho, M.; Marti, J. M.
Numerical Studies of the Accretion Disc Response to BH Recoil 385 Rosotti, G.; Lodato, G.
Numerical Simulations of Rotating Jets: Comparison with Observations 389 Rubini, F.; Maurri, L.; Inghirami, G.; Bacciotti, F.
Magnetically Driven Outflows During Massive Star Formation 391 Seifried, D.; Banerjee, R.; Klessen, R. S.; Duffin, D.; Pudritz, R. E.
Scalable Parallel Algorithm for Solving the Collisionless Boltzmann — Poisson System of Equations 393 Snytnikov, N.
The Sun as a Climate Driver: Modelling the Variability of the Solar Interior Structure 395 Spada, F.; Li, L. H.; Sofia, S.; Ventura, P.
The Role of Episodic Accretion in Low-mass Star Formation 397 Stamatellos, D.; Hubber, D. A.; Whitworth, A.
Unsteady Motion In Self-gravitating Inhomogeneous Gas 399 Tagirova, R. R.; Krasnobaev, K. V.
Software in the Investigation of Exposure: Jupiter and Mars to Solar Activity 401 Timofeev, V. E.; Samsonov, S. N.; Skryabin, N. G.
Jets From Young Massive Stars 403 Vaidya, B.; Fendt, C.; Beuther, H.; Porth, O.
Numerical Viscosity Effects and Turbulent Properties of the ICM in SPH Simulations of Galaxy Clusters 405 Valdarnini, R.
Formation and Survivability of Massive Giant Planets and Brown Dwarfs on Wide Orbits\footnotemark 407 Vorobyov, E. I.; Basu, S.
Numerical Stellar Hydrodynamics and its Application to the Evolution of Galaxies 409 Vorobyov, E. I.; Mitchell, N. L.; Hensler, G.
Back Matter   
Author Index 411 R. Capuzzo-Dolcetta, M. Limongi, A. Torn
Back Matter 415 R. Capuzzo-Dolcetta, M. Limongi, A. Torn