Title: Library and Information Services in Astronomy VI: 21st Century Astronomy Librarianship, From New Ideas to Action
Volume: 433 Year: 2010 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Isaksson, E.; Lagerstrom, J.; Holl, A.; Bawdekar, N.
These proceedings of a conference held in Pune, India, in February 2010 offer views of the possibilities and challenges that astronomy librarians are facing during a time of transition from the familiar observatory libraries into larger entities that might exist largely online.

The theme “21st Century Astronomy Librarianship, from New Ideas to Action” reflects the wide range of skills of these information professionals. 21st century librarians use Web 2.0 tools to create a high-tech Library 2.0 and perhaps soon we will even begin to see a Library 3.0. Librarians today help astronomers to find out how productive telescopes are. Their skills are essential for curating large amounts of data and bringing it to the astronomy community in a well indexed and searchable form.

Jayant V. Narlikar, founding director of the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), describes this gradual triumph of virtual library services over print collections. While a hardcopy edition of a classic work of astronomy to thumb through will be a more attractive option than the digitized version, bringing such volumes online ensures a wider readership, and the metadata added by the collaboration of librarians
and astronomers will ensure that such milestone works stay in our virtual astronomy heritage.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter Isaksson, E.; Lagerstrom, J.; Holl, A.; Bawdekar, N.
Conference Photographs 1 Isaksson, E.; Lagerstrom, J.; Holl, A.; Bawdekar, N.
Part I. Introduction   
The Role of a Virtual Library in the Coming Decades 3 Narlikar, J. V.
Honoring the Mentor Librarians 9 Birdie, C.
Mentoring LISA 11 Corbin, B. G.; Bouton, E. N.
Part II. Future of Librarianship   
Future Library Systems and Services 23 Prasad, A. R. D.
Astronomical Libraries Make the Future Happen: Support to Public Communication of Science as Part of the Library Mission 33 Brunetti, F.; Gasperini, A.
E-Science and Astronomy Faculty: Past, Present, and Future 41 Pedersen, L. A.
IAC Library: Some Challenges 47 Gomez, M.
The Departmental Astrophysics Library: End of an Era 55 Holmquist, J. E.
In Between or in the Middle of Everything — How to Find the Pathway for a Small Department Library During Multiple Internal and External Change Factors 61 Akerholt, L. N.; Christensen, A.
Astronomical Libraries in South Africa 69 Davis, S.; Coetzer, G.
Progress on the Declaration Concerning the Evolving Role of Libraries in Research Centers 73 Mahoney, T. J.; Moran, K.; Davis, S.; Gómez, M.
If It’s Not on the Web, It Doesn’t Exist at All: An Update or A Post-renovation Library Collection 74 Lagerstrom, J.
Part III. Metrics   
Next Generation Bibliometrics and the Evolution of the ESO Telescope Bibliography 81 Erdmann, C.; Grothkopf, U.
Comparing Methodologies Among Observatories Tracking Productivity and Impact 89 Lagerstrom, J.
Why Include Bibliometric Analysis in the Activities of a Library Specialized in Astronomy? — Notes From the Libraries of INTA 95 Alonso-Valdivielso, M. Á; Antonio, E. G.
Scientometric Study of Doctoral Theses of the Physical Research Laboratory 102 Anilkumar, N.
Telescope Bibliography Cookbook: Creating a Database of Scientific Papers that Use Observational Data 109 Kitt, S.; Grothkopf, U.
Bibliometric Evaluation of the Changing Finnish Astronomy 116 Isaksson, E.
Maintaining the Telescope Bibliography at Gemini Observatory 119 Zhang, X.
Bibliometrical Study of the Scientific Production and Citation of Dr. Guillermo Haro Barraza 123 Mata-Acosta, V.; Jiménez-Fragozo, M. E.; Figueroa-Servin, R. D.
Part IV. Training   
E-accessible Astronomy Resources 131 Isaksson, E.
An Introduction to Drupal: Fast and Furious 139 Erdmann, C.
Multimedia Applications and Development: Essential Competencies for Librarians 145 Nagarkar, S.
Part V. Open Access   
In Praise of Openness 151 Arunachalam, S.
Open Access Publishing in High-Energy Physics: the SCOAP3 Initiative 156 Mele, S.
Is Open Access Right for Astronomy? 167 Mahoney, T. J.
Open Access and the Future of the ASP Conference Series 174 Jensen, J. B.; Moody, J. W.; Barnes, J.
Open Access to Physics and Astronomy Theses: A Case Study of the Raman Research Institute Digital Repository 183 Nagaraj, M. N.; Manjunath, M.; Savanur, K. P.; Sheshadri, G.
IBVS — Novel Features of a Small OA Astronomical Journal 189 Holl, A.
Part VI. Data Curation and Preservation   
Information Scientists: Between Editors and Data Centers 195 Brouty, M.; Woelfel, F.; Bruneau, C.; Brunet, C.; Claude, H.; Dubois, P.; Eisele, A.; Genova, F.; Lesteven, S.; Neuville, M.; Ochsenbein, F.; Perret, E.; Vannier, P.; Vonflie, P.; Chassagnard, G.
Small Data Archives and Libraries 201 Holl, A.
Managing Institute Publications Using Open Source Tools: Practical Lessons in Using Open Journal Systems for IUCAA Publications 207 Nageswaran, N.; Bawdekar, N.
Five Years of the RRI Digital Repository: Some Lessons and Reflections 214 Srinivasan, G.; Patil, Y. M.; Manjunath, M.; Savanur, K. P.; Nagaraj, M. N.; Benegal, V. J.; Sheshadri, G.
Managing the Contents of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics Archives — Copyright Issues 222 Birdie, C.; Vagiswari, A.
Images and Voices of CFHT’s Legacy 229 Bryson, L.
Digitizing Newspaper Clippings on the Mauna Kea Astronomy Community 232 Chung, E. T. M.
Present State of Projects at Zentrum für Astronomie Heidelberg 236 Burkhardt, G.
Archives: New Horizons in Astronomy 239 Bobis, L.; Laurenceau, A.
Polvere di Stelle — Stardust: The National Historical Archive for Astronomy on the Web 244 Gargano, M.; Gasperini, A.; Mandrino, A.
Part VII. Virtual Communities   
The UGC-INFONET Program 251 Kembhavi, A.
LibraryThing, Shelfari, Anobii and the Others: Are Book Social Networks Suitable for Astronomy? 260 Martines, F.
Astronomy Education and Outreach in a Large Urban University 267 Fernandez, L.
Astronomy 3.0 Style 273 Accomazzi, A.
New and Innovative Library Services: Moving with Web 2.0 / Library 2.0 Technology, a Case Study 282 Sahu, H. K.; Pathak, S. K.; Singh, S. N.
Academic Webcasting: Lessons Learned Using Open EyA 290 Bawdekar, N.; Nageswaran, N.; Mirkute, S. G.
Part VIII. Use and Access   
E-books in Astronomy — If You Buy It Will They Come? 295 White, M.
Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Information Seeking Behavior of Users in Astronomy and Astrophysics Centers of India: A Survey 301 Sahu, H. K.; Singh, S. N.
Lessons Learned: Implementing an Open-Source Library System 310 Grothkopf, U.; Erdmann, C.
DJIN: Detection in Journals of Identifiers and Names 317 Lesteven, S.; Bonnin, C.; Derriére, S.; Dubois, P.; Genova, F.; Oberto, A.; Ochsenbein, F.; Borde, S.; Chassagnard, G.; Brouty, M.; Bruneau, C.; Brunet, C.; Claude, H.; Eisele, A.; Laloë, S.; Neuville, M.; Perret, E.; Vannier, P.; Vonflie, P.; Wagner, M.; Woelfel, F.
An Analysis of the SLA-PAM Mailing List: What is SLA-PAM Doing? 324 Barve, S.; Dongare, S.
Migrating from Informal to Formal Consortium — COSTLI Issues 332 Birdie, C.; Patil, Y. M.
Use of Electronic Journals in Astronomy and Astrophysics Libraries and Information Centres in India: A Librarians’ Perspective 336 Pathak, S. K.; Deshpande, N. J.; Rai, V.
Importance of Web-Based Library Services: An Indian Scenario 343 Pathak, S. K.; Sahu, H.; Pathak, S. S.
Virtual Library: An Evolution of Online Astronomy and Astrophysics Resources for Astronomers 348 Rai, V. K.
Publisher’s Roundtable 355
Back Matter   
Back Matter 999 Isaksson, E.; Lagerstrom, J.; Holl, A.; Bawdekar, N.