Title: Interacting Winds from Massive Stars
Volume: 260 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Moffat, Anthony F. J.; St-Louis, Nicole
ISBN: 1-58381-100-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-596-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
Observational Highlights of Interacting Winds 3 Moffat, Anthony F. J.
Interacting Stellar Winds: Theoretical Overview 15 Owocki, Stan
HI Interstellar Bubbles Surrounding Massive Stars 31 Cappa, Cristina; Herbstmeier, Uwe; Rubio, Mónica
Atomic Hydrogen Bubbles Surrounding Wolf-Rayet Stars 39 St-Louis, Nicole
Triggered Star Formation by Superbubbles from Cluster Winds 47 Stegeman, I. M.
Interaction of an Infalling Accretion Flow with an Expanding HII Region 57 Keto, Eric
Automatic Shell Detection in CGPS Data 65 Mashchenko, Sergey; St-Louis, Nicole
General Discussion Session B1 73 N/A
Neutral Gas in the Envirnoments of Evolved Massive Stars 81 Marston, A. P.
Analytic Solutions of Hydro- and Magnetohydrodynamical Collimation 93 Eichler, D.
An HST Polarization Study of Dust in the η Car Homunculus 101 King, Nichole L.; Pasquali, Anna; Nota, Antonella; Panagia, Nino; Clampin, Mark; Bergeron, Eddie
From Wolf-Rayet Stars to Supernovae 109 Chu, You-Hua
Wolf-Rayet Nebulae as Tests of Stellar Model Atmospheres 119 Crowther, Paul A.
Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Winds of Massive Stars 129 Chevalier, Roger A.
The Interaction of Supernova Shock Waves with Circumstellar Wind-Blown Bubbles 141 Dwarkadas, Vikram V.
Interacting Stellar Wind and Photoionization Models of the SN 1987 A Remnant 155 Link, Robert; Rosenberg, Duane L.; Chevalier, Roger
General Discussion Session B2 163 N/A
Spectral Analyses of Wolf-Rayet Winds 175 Hamann, W.-R.; Koesterke, L.; Gräfener, G.
Emission-Line Profile-Variability Induced by the Rotation of a Structured Wind 185 Lépine, Sébastien
Super Eddington Atmospheres and Their Winds 195 Shaviv, Nir J.
What Do "Filling Factors" of Wind X-Ray Sources Tell Us? 205 Oskinova, L. M.; Brown, J. C.; Cassinelli, J. P.; Ignace, R.
Near-IR Spectroscopic Study of Late-WC Stars Embedded in Dust Shells 213 Varricatt, Watson P.; Ashok, N. M.
A Model of Dust Formation in Clumpy Wolf-Rayet Winds 223 Le Teuff, Y. H.
General Discussion Session B3 235 N/A
Interacting Stellar Winds and the Shaping of Planetary Nebulae 245 Kwok, Sun
[WC]-type CSPN: Clumping and Wind Driving 259 Koesterke, L.; Hamann, W.-R.
Hypersonic Outflows from Planetary Nebulae 267 Redman, M. P.; Bryce, M.; Holloway, A. J.; O'Connor, J. A.; Meaburn, J.; López, J. A.
General Discussion Session B4 275 N/A
High-Resolution Radio Studies of WR Colliding-Wind Systems 287 Dougherty, Sean M.
WSRT Non-Thermal Radio Emission Studies of WR+OB Colliding-Wind Binaries 297 van der Hucht, K. A.; Setia Gunawan, D. Y. A.; Williams, P. M.; de Bruyn, A. G.; Spoelstra, T. A. Th.
New Dust from Colliding Winds 311 Williams, P. M.
Pinwheels in the Sky 321 Tuthill, P. G.; Monnier, J. D.; Danchi, W. C.
Radio and Infrared Properties of Dust-Enshrouded Wolf-Rayet Stars 331 Monnier, J. D.; Greenhill, L. J.; Tuthill, P. G.; Danchi, W. C.
New X-Ray Results on Colliding Wind Systems: Chandra Observations of NGC 3603 343 Stevens, Ian R.; Corcoran, Michael F.; Moffat, Anthony F. J.
Non-Thermal High-Energy Emission from WR Binaries? 355 Mücke, A.; Pohl, M.
General Discussion Sessions C1.1, 1.2, 1.3 363 N/A
Colliding Winds in Massive Binaries 377 Niemela, Virpi S.
Interaction of a Clumpy WR Wind with an O-Star Photosphere 385 Marchenko, S. V.
Line-Profile Variability in Wind-Wind Interacting Binary Systems 393 Georgiev, Leonid; Koenigsberger, Gloria
Determination of the Binary Frequency Among the Population I Wolf-Rayet Stars of Subtype WNE in the Magellanic Clouds 401 Foellmi, Cédric
Hubble Space Telescope Detection of Binary Companions Around Three WC9 Stars: WR 98a, WR 104, and WR 112 407 Wallace, Debra J.; Moffat, Anthony F. J.; Shara, Michael M.
Long-Term UBV Observations of the Episodic Dust Maker WR 140 417 Seggewiss, Wilhelm; Altmann, Martin; Panov, Kiril P.
Radiative Interaction in Be+sdO Binaries 423 Rivinius, Thomas; štefl, Stan; Hummel, Wolfgang; Maintz, Monika
Optical Spectroscopy of Colliding-Wind Systems to be Observed with XMM 431 Sana, H.; Rauw, G.; Gosset, E.; Vreux, J.-M.
General Discussion C1.4 439 N/A
Searching for Colliding-Wind Signatures in a Sample of O-Star Binaries 449 Rauw, G.; Sana, H.; Vreux, J.-M.; Gosset, E.; Stevens, I. R.
Line-Profile Variability in the Massive Binary System HD 149404 457 Nazé, Yaël; Carrier, Fabien; Rauw, Gregor
The Massive Wind of the Eclipsing Binary VV Cephei 465 Bennett, Philip D.; Brown, Alexander; Hagen Bauer, Wendy
X-Ray Variability and the Nature of Eta Carinae 481 Corcoran, M. F.; Ishibashi, K.; Swank, J. H.; Petre, R.
FEROS Campaigns on HD 5980 and R 81: First Results 489 Kaufer, Andreas; Schmid, Hans Martin; Schweickhardt, Jörg; Tubbesing, Sascha
HD 5980: the HeII λ 4686 Line 499 Breysacher, J.; François, P.
Interacting Winds and Tidal Interactions in HD 5980 507 Koenigsberger, Gloria; Moreno, Edmundo; Cervantes, Fausto
Optical Line-Variability in the O+WR Binary γ Vel 517 De Marco, Orsola
X-Ray Observations of γ2 Velorum 527 Willis, Allan J.
Testing Colliding-Wind X-Ray Theories with WR140 537 Pollock, A. M. T.; Corcoran, M. F.; Stevens, I. R.
The Wind Geometry of the Dust-Producing WC+O Binary WR137 547 Harries, Tim J.; Babler, Brian L.; Fox, Geoff
High-Resolution Time-Resolved Spectral Study of Colliding Winds in the WR + O Binaries WR 42 and WR 79 555 Lührs, S.; Moffat, A. F. J.
Colliding Winds in the Quadruple System GP Cep 563 Demers, H.; Moffat, A. F. J.; Marchenko, S. V.
General Discussion Session C2 571 N/A
Tidal Stresses and Non-Conservative Mass Transfer in Close Binaries 583 Gayley, K. G.
Theoretical Considerations on Colliding Clumped Winds 595 Walder, Rolf; Folini, Doris
Theoretical Predictions for the Cold Part of the Colliding-Wind Interaction-Zone 605 Folini, Doris; Walder, Rolf
Colliding Stellar Wind Binaries: Theory vs. Observations - Do We Believe What We See? 615 Zhekov, Svetozar A.
Radiatively Driven Colliding Stellar Winds: Dynamics and X-Ray Emission 627 Pittard, Julian M.
General Discussion Session C3 633 N/A
This Is Not a Summary! 647 Lamers, Henny J. G. L. M.
Final Discussion 657 N/A