Title: From Darkness to Light: Origin and Evolution of Young Stellar Clusters
Volume: 243 Year: 2001 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Montmerle, Thierry; André, Philippe
ISBN: 1-58381-081-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-579-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Clustered Star Formation 3 Pudritz, R. E.
Observations of Magnetic Fields in Molecular Cloud Cores 27 Crutcher, R. M.
Dust in the Dense Interstellar Medium 37 Jones, A.
Evolution of the Dust Properties in Taurus 47 Stepnik, B.; Abergel, A.; Bernard, J.-P.; Boulanger, F.; Jones, A.; Lagache, G.; Lamarre, J.-M.; Pajot, F.; Le Peintre, F.; Giard, M.; Meny, C.; Ristorcelli, I.; Serra, G.; Cambresy, L.; Torre, J.-P.
Turbulence in the Environment of two Starless Dense Cores 53 Falgarone, E.; Pety, J.
Ionization and Chemistry in the Dense Interstellar Medium 67 Caselli, P.; Walmsley, C. M.
The Razor's Edge: Magnetic Fields and Their Fundamental Role in Star Formation and Observations of Protostellar Cores 79 Ciolek, G. E.; Basu, S.
Singular Isothermal Disks and the Formation of Multiple Stars 93 Galli, D.; Shu, F. H.; Laughlin, G.; Lizano, S.
Infall in Starless Cores 103 Tafalla, M.
The Structure of Prestellar Cores as Derived from ISO Observations 113 Bacmann, A.; André, P.; Ward-Thompson, D.
Statistical Study of Dense Cores in Nearby Star Forming Regions 125 Tachihara, K.; Hara, A.; Onishi, T.; Mizuno, Akira; Fukui, Yasuo; Obayashi, Ayano; Yonekura, Yoshinori
Cluster Formation in Turbulent Dense Cores 131 Myers, P. C.
Star Formation from Turbulent Fragmentation 139 Klessen, R.
The Multifractal Character of Molecular Clouds 149 Vavrek, R.; Balázs, L. G.; Epchtein, N.
Polytropes: Implications for Molecular Clouds and Dark Matter 155 McKee, C. F.
Numerical Simulations of the Ambipolar Filamentation Process 163 Franqueira, M.; Tagger, M.; Gómez de Castro, A. I.
Collapse Models 171 Whitworth, A. P.
Simulations of Star Cluster Formation 189 Clarke, C. J.
Radiation Hydrodynamical Models for Protostellar Collapse 199 Inutsuka, S.; Masunaga, H.
The Youngest Accreting Protostars: Implications for Collapse Models 209 André, P.; Motte, F.; Belloche, A.
Protostellar Collapse in Dense Cores in Taurus 223 Onishi, T.; Mizuno, A.; Fukui, Y.; Kawamura, A.
Dynamical Fragmentation and the Formation of Protobinaries 233 Bate, M. R.
Dynamical Structure in HST/NICMOS Images of Nearby Protostars 243 Terebey, S.; van Buren, D.; Hancock, T.; Padgett, Deborah L.; Brundage, Michael; Hancock, Terry
The Origin of the Stellar Initial Mass Function 255 Elmegreen, B. G.
Turbulent Fragmentation and the Initial Conditions for Star Formation 279 Padoan, P.; Nordlund, Å.; Rögnvaldsson, Ö. E.; Goodman, A.
Early Cluster Evolution and the IMF 291 Adams, F. C.
Wide-field (Sub)millimeter Continuum Surveys of Protoclusters: Clues to the Origin of the IMF 301 Motte, F.; André, P.
Kinematics of Millimeter Prestellar Condensations in the ρ Ophiuchi Protocluster 313 Belloche, A.; André, P.; Motte, F.
Analysis of ProNaOS Submillimeter Maps in the M42 Orion Nebula 319 Dupac, X.; Giard, M.; Bernard, J.-P.; Lamarre, J.-M.; Pajot, F.; Serra, G.; Ristorcelli, I.; Torre, J.-P.
Protostars in Bok Globules 325 Yun, J. L.
Giant Molecular Outflows in the L1448 Class 0 Cluster 335 Barsony, M.; Wolf-Chase, G. A.; O'Linger, J.
Far Infrared Investigation of Class 0 Sources: Line Cooling 341 Giannini, T.; Nisini, B.; Lorenzetti, D.
Characteristics of Shocks in Bipolar Outflows Observed in Pure Rotational Lines of H2 with ISOCAM 347 Wilgenbus, D.; Cabrit, S.; Pineau Des Forêts, G.; Flower, D.
Overview of Cluster Properties 353 Wilking, B. A.
Embedded Star Clusters: The ISO View 367 Kaas, A. A.; Bontemps, S.
The Onset of Cluster Formation Around Intermediate-Mass Stars 377 Testi, L.; Palla, F.; Natta, A.
The Birth, Evolution and Death of Star Clusters 387 Kroupa, P.
Statistical Properties of Visual Binaries as Tracers of the Formation and Early Evolution of Young Stellar Clusters 399 Duchêne, G.; Bouvier, J.; Eislöffel, J.; Simon, T.
Science with SIRTF - Some Examples 409 Brandl, B.; The Irs Team
Star Formation in Clusters: from ISO to FIRST 419 Saraceno, P.; Benedettini, M.; Cerulli-Irelli, R.; Codella, Claudio; De Troia, Grazia; Di Giorgio, Anna Maria; Orfei, Renato; Pezzuto, Stefano; Spinoglio, Luigi
VISIR and the Warm Circumstellar Material 429 Lagage, P.-O.
The Orion Star-Forming Region 439 Hillenbrand, L. A.; Carpenter, J. M.; Feigelson, E. D.
The Trapezium Cluster: A Laboratory for Star Formation 449 McCaughrean, M.
The Chandra HRC Image of the Orion Trapezium Region 461 Harnden, F. R., Jr.; Murray, S. S.; Wolk, S. J.; Damiani, F.; Flaccomio, E.; Micela, G.; Pizzolato, N.; Sciortino, S.
Dynamics of the Orion Nebula Cluster 465 Scally, A.; Clarke, C.
H2 IR Emission in OMC at High Spatial Resolution 471 Pijpers, F. P.; Field, D.; Vannier, L.; Lemaire, Jean-Louis; Pineau des Forets, Guillaume; Rouan, Daniel
Discovery of a Very Young Planetary-Mass Population in σ Orionis: the Substellar Mass Function 477 Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Béjar, V. J. S.; Martín, E. L.; Rebolo, R.; Barrado, D.; Navascues, D. Barrodo y; Bailer-Jones, C.A.L.; Mundt, R.
A Complete Mass Function of the Open Cluster M 35 487 Barrado y Navascués, D.; Stauffer, J. R.; Bouvier, J.; Martín, E. L.
The Initial Mass Function of Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs 493 Luhman, K. L.; Rieke, G. H.
A Search for Substellar-Mass Objects in Taurus: A Deep Wide-Field Imaging Survey with the CFH12K Camera 499 Dougados, C.; Ménard, F.; Cuillandre, J.-C.; Cuillandre, J.-C.; Magnier, E.; Lai, O.; Manset, N.; Fahlman, G.; Forveille, T.; Martin, P.; Veillet, C.; Bouvier, J.
The Low-Mass Stars in Starburst Clusters 505 Brandl, B.; The Ngc 3603 Team; The 30 Doradus Team
Mid-Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Enigmatic Cocoon Stars in the Quintuplet Cluster 517 Moneti, A.; Blommaert, J. A. D. L.; Figer, D. F.
Overview of Pre-Main Sequence Evolution 525 Palla, F.
Protostellar Collapse and the Evolution Towards and on the Pre-Main Sequence 537 Wuchterl, G.
Rotation of Protostars: New Clues from X-ray Observations? 549 Grosso, N.
Search for X-ray Emission from Young Stellar Objects using ASCA 561 Ozawa, H.; Nagase, F.; Ueda, Y.; Dotani, T.; Ishida, M.
Pre-Main Sequence Models for Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs 571 Baraffe, I.; Chabrier, G.; Allard, F.; Hauschildt, P.
Uncertainties Associated with Mass and Age Determination of Pre-Main Sequence Stars 581 Siess, L.
The η Chamaeleontis Cluster: A Laboratory for Pre-Main Sequence Stellar Evolution 591 Lawson, W.; Feigelson, E. D.
A 10 μm Test of Disk-Regulated Angular Momentum Among Low-Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars 599 Stassun, K. G.
Prospects for X-ray Observations of SFRs and Young Clusters with Chandra and XMM-Newton 605 Sciortino, S.
A Multi-Wavelength Study of T Tauri Stars 615 Costa, V. M.; Brooks, D. H.; Gameiro, J. F.; Lago, M. T. V. T.
Chandra Observations of the Young Open Cluster NGC 2516 621 Flaccomio, E.; Damiani, F.; Micela, G.; Pizzolato, N.; Sciortino, S.; Adams, N.R.; Drake, J.J.; Evans, N.R.; Freeman, P.; Harnden, F.R., Jr.; Jeffries, R.D.; Kashyap, V.; Patten, B.M.; Schachter, J.F.; Stauffer, J.R.; Wolk, S.J.; Zombeck, M.V.
X-ray Emission from Intermediate- to High-Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars 627 Hamaguchi, K.; Terada, H.; Bamba, A.; Imanishi, K.; Ueno, M.; Koyama, K.; Yamauchi, S.; Tsuboi, Y.
The Lithium Depletion Boundary as a Clock and Thermometer 633 Jeffries, R. D.; Naylor, T.
Lithium Burning in the Early Evolution of the Sun and Sun-like Stars 639 Piau, L.; Turck-Chièze, S.
MONS: A Danish Satellite Project for Asteroseismology 645 Pijpers, F. P.
Dispersed Young Stellar Populations 653 Wichmann, R.
The Gould Belt System 667 Pöppel, W. G. L.
Gould Belt or Gould Disk? 677 Guillout, P.
MBM 12: A Younger Version of the TW Hydrae Association ? 687 Wolk, S. J.; Cover, R. T.; Jayawardhana, R.; Hearty, T. J.
The Palomar-Las Campanas Observatory-NOAO Open Cluster Survey: Detection of Herbig-Haro Objects in Roslund 4 693 Phelps, R. L.
Per OB2: Morphology of the Region 699 Belikov, A. N.; Kharchenko, N.; Piskunov, A. E.; Schilbach, E.; Scholz, R.-D.
The Age Spread in Cepheus OB3b 705 Naylor, T.; Pozzo, M.; Jeffries, R. D.
WIYN Open Cluster Study: Stellar Radial Velocities with the WIYN 3.5m Telescope 711 Meibom, S.; Barnes, S. A.; Dolan, C.; Mathieu, R. D.
Multiwavelength Observations of Lindroos Binary Systems 717 Huélamo, N.; Neuhäuser, R.; Fernández, M.; Zinnecker, H.
Direct Imaging Search for Planetary Companions Next to Young Nearby Stars 723 Neuhäuser, R.; Guenther, E.; Brandner, W.; Ott, T.; Huelamo, N.; Comeron, F.; Alves, J.; Eckart, A.; Cuby, J.-G.
X-ray Irradiation and Feedback Effects on Circumstellar and Interstellar Matter 731 Montmerle, T.
Effects of the X-ray Emission from Young Stars on the Ionization Level of a Fractal Star Forming Cloud 745 Lorenzani, A.; Palla, F.
Ices and Extinction: Probing Taurus and Ophiuchus 751 Teixeira, T. C.
Feedback from Protostellar Outflows in Star and Star Cluster Formation 757 Matzner, C. D.
The Disappearance of Accretion Disks 769 Ménard, F.
PRONAOS Submillimeter Observations in the Direction of the IC1318a Cygnus Nebular Complex 779 Meny, C.; Bouchou, P.; Gabarrot, F.; Ristorchelli, I.; Giard, M.; Serra, G.; Stepnik, B.; Bernard, J.-P.; Lamarre, J.-M.; Pajot, F.; Torre, J.-P.
A Survey of Molecular Clouds by the Nagoya University 4-m Telescopes 785 Kawamura, A.; Onishi, T.; Mizuno, A.; Fukui, Y.
Triggered Star Formation in the Scorpius-Centaurus OB Association (Sco OB2) 791 Preibisch, T.; Zinnecker, H.
On the Low Mass, Pre-main-sequence Stellar Association Discovered Around γ2 Velorum 801 Pozzo, M.; Jeffries, R. D.; Naylor, T.; Totten, E.J.; Harmer, S.; Kenyon, M.; Walter, F.M.
Kinematics as a Tracer of Star Formation Triggered by Massive Stars 807 Comerón, F.