Title: Stars, Gas and Dust in Galaxies: Exploring the Links
Volume: 221 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Alloin, Danielle; Olsen, Knut; Galaz, Gaspar
ISBN: 1-58381-053-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-557-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
Stars, Gas and Dust in Galaxies: Exploring the Links the Inventory Review 1 Hensler, G.
Multiwavelength Observations of N66 in the Small Magellanic Cloud 9 Rubio, M.; Contursi, A.; Probst, R.; Lequeux, J.; Barba, R.
Warm Molecular Gas in Nearby Galaxies: Mapping of the CO (3-2) Emissions 15 Dumke, M.
Molecular Clouds in the LMC Supergiant Shells (SGSs) 19 Yamaguchi, R.; Mizuno, N.; Onishi, T.; Mizuno, A.; Fukui, Y.
12CO(J=2-->1) and 12CO(J=3-->2) observations of Virgo Cluster Spiral Galaxies with the KOSMA Telescope 23 Hafok, H.; Kramer, C.; Stutzki, J.; Tieftrunk, A.
Molecular Gas in Nearby Quasars 27 Casoli, F.; Loinard, L.
An Observer's View of the Multi-Phase ISM: Interactions and Evolution 31 Chu, Y.-H.
Interstellar Bubbles Surrounding O and Of Stars in Per OB1 37 Cappa, C.; Herbstmeier, U.
The W4 Chimney/Superbubble 41 Normandeau, M.
Interaction between Supernova Remnants and the Interstellar Medium 45 Dubner, G.
The Physics of the Multiphase Interstellar Medium 49 Ferrara, A.
The Dynamical Interstellar Medium: Insights from Numerical Models 55 Mac Low, M.-M.
Gaseous Halos and the Interstellar Disk-Halo Connection 61 Dettmar, R.-J.
Cooling Hot Plasma and the Diffuse Ionized Gas 65 Freyer, T.; Hensler, G.
Massive Stars and the Large Scale Distribution of Hot Gas 71 Points, S.
Clues to Chemical Enrichment from Interstellar Tin and Cadmium 75 Sofia, U.
Calibrating Nebular Diagnostics of T* and Abundance 79 Oey, M. S.; Shields, J.; Dopita, M.; Smith, R.
The UM/CTIO Magellanic Cloud Emission Line Survey (MCELS) 83 Smith, C.; Leiton, R.; Pizarro, S.
Modelling the Spectral Energy Distribution of the Edge-On Spiral Galaxy NGC891 87 Popescu, C.; Tuffs, R.; Fischera, J.; Misiriotis, A.; Kylafis, N.
The source of Far-IR Radiation in Spiral Galaxies 91 Jones, L.; Elston, R.
Mid-IR Observations of Early Type Galaxies 95 Pastoriza, M.; Ferrari, F.; Macchetto, F.; Caon, N.
Massive Star Forming Regions: From Diagnostic Tools to Derived Properties 99 Schaerer, D.
The Stellar Content of Obscured Galactic Giant HII Regions 109 Blum, R.; Conti, P.; Damineli, A.
The HR Diagram of Early Type Stars in the LMC from UBV Photometry 113 Gochermann, J.
Differences in the Interstellar Reddening Line of Early Type Stars in the LMC 119 Gochermann, J.
Stars, Gas and Dust at the Center of LMC 4 125 Olsen, K.
Star Formation in Subcritical Environments 129 Lelievre, M.; Roy, J.-R.; Martin, P.
Composite H-R Diagram 133 Gallart, C.
Reconstructing the Star Formation Histories of Resolved Stellar Populations 143 Valls-Gabaud, D.; Hernández, X.; Gilmore, G.
A Dwarf Galaxy Survey in the Local Volume 147 Grebel, E. K.; Seitzer, P.; Dolphin, A.; Geisler, D.; Guhathakurta, P.; Hodge, P.; Karachentseva, I.; Sarajedini, A.
The Interplay of Observational Errors through Numerical Simulations using the 1/Vmax Method for Magnitude and Proper-Motion Samples of Local Disk White Dwarfs 153 Méndez, R.; Ruiz, M. T.
Optical and Near-IR Photometry of Globular Clusters in Two Elliptical Galaxies in Fornax: NGC 1316 and NGC 1399 159 Alonso, V.; Goudfrooij, P.; Minniti, D.
Resolving Globular Clusters in NGC 5128 using the VLT 163 Rejkuba, M.; Minniti, D.; Bedding, T.; Silva, D.
Metallicity, Age and the Color-Period Relation for Contact Binaries 167 Rubenstein, E.
New LBV-like Stars in M33 171 Sholukhova, O.; Fabrika, S.
Pulsational Irregularities and the Distance Scale Determination 175 Chadid, M.
Modeling Tools: Population and Evolutionary Synthesis 179 Fritze-v. Alvensleben, U.
The Dusty Star Formation History of Distant Galaxies and Modeling Tools 189 Granato, G. L.
Near IR-Imaging of LSB Galaxies: the High and Low HI Content Cases 195 Galaz, G.
Gas, Stars and Baryons in Low Surface Brightness Galaxies 199 O'Neil, K.
High Resolution Surface Photometry of Rich ISM Early-Type Galaxies 203 Ferrari, F.; Pastoriza, M.
The Tunable Filter Approach to Measuring Cosmic Star Formation History 207 Jones, H.
Nuclear Activity and Star Formation in AGNs 213 Raimann, D.; Storchi-Bergmann, T.
The ISM Properties of Seyfert galaxies: the ENLR 217 Fraquelli, H.; Storchi-Bergmann, T.
Nuclear Starbursts in Seyfert 2 Galaxies 221 Storchi-Bergmann, T.; Raimann, D.; Bica, E.; Fraquelli, H.
Spectroscopy and Imaging of QSO Host Galaxies 225 Wisotzki, L.; Jahnke, K.; Kuhlbrodt, B.; van Groningen, E.; Örndahl, E.
Spectral Analysis of the Nuclear Stellar Population and Gas Emission in Nearby Galaxies 229 Saraiva, M.; Bica, E.; Pastoriza, M.
Galaxies in the Infrared: ISO Results 233 Cesarsky, C.; Sauvage, M.
Gas Flow in Barred Galaxies 243 Athanassoula, E.
Isolated Cores in Early-Type Disk Galaxies: NGC4672 249 Corsini, E.; Sarzi, M.; Pizzella, A.; Capellari, M.; Bertola, F.; Funes, J.; Vega-Beltrán, J. C.
Stellar and Gas Kinematics in the Two-Way galaxy NGC 4550 253 Kenney, J.; Faundez, S.; Murphy, E.
X-Ray Emission from Galaxy Pairs 257 Rampazzo, R.; Trinchieri, G.
Properties of the Ionized Gas in Low Density Environments 261 Zeilinger, W.; Tanvuia, L.; Focardi, P.; Kelm, B.; Rampazzo, R.
Ram Pressure Stripping and Galaxy Orbits 265 Vollmer, B.; Cayatte, V.; Balkowski, C.; Duschl, W.
Shape of Orbits in Galaxy Clusters 269 Ramírez, A.; de Souza, R.
Astrophysical Links in Galaxies 275 Gallagher, J.
Galaxy Formation and Chemical Evolution in Hierarchical Hydrodynamical Simulations 283 Cora, S.; Mosconi, M.; Tissera, P.; Lambas, D.
The Mass and Energy Budgets of Galaxies 287 Zaritsky, D.
Discussion Summary: Interplay of Stars, ISM and Chemical Enrichment 293 Oey, M. S.
Discussion Summary: Understanding Stellar Populations in Galaxies 297 Grebel, E. K
Concluding Comments 299 Gallagher, J.; Alloin, D.