Title: Disks, Planetesimals, and Planets
Volume: 219 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Garzón, G.; Eiroa, C.; de Winter, D.; Mahoney, T. J.
ISBN: 1-58381-051-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-555-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
1998 La Palma International Time Programme: Formation and Properties of Planetary Systems 3 Eiroa, C.; Mora, A.; Palacios, J.; Alberdi, A.; Miranda, L. F.; Cameron, A.; Horne, K.; Tsapras, Y.; Davies, L. K.; Deeg, H. J.; Garzón, F.; de Winter, D.; Ferlet, R.; Grady, C. A.; Harris, A.; Rauer, H.; Merín, B.; Montesinos, B.; Solano, E.; Oudmaijer, R.; Penny, A.; Quirrenbach, A.; Schneider, J.; Wesselius, P. R.
From Disks to Planets: An Overview (Invited Review) 7 Boss, A. P.
Disk Evolution towards Planet Formation (Invited Review) 19 Terquem, C.; Papaloizou, J. C. B.; Nelson, R. P.
The Evolution of Giant Protoplanets in Protostellar Disks (Contributed Talk) 31 Nelson, R. P.; Papaloizou, J. C. B.; Masset, F. S.; Kley, W.
Modeling of Infrared/Millimeter Images of Circumstellar Disks with an Embedded Planet (Contributed Talk) 38 Wolf, S.; Henning, Th.; Kley, W.
High-Resolution Simulations and Visualization of Protoplanetary Disks 45 Ciecielg, P.; Plewa, T.; Różyczka, M.
Orbital Motion of Resonant Clumps in Dusty Circumstellar Disks as a Signature of an Embedded Planet 51 Gorkavyi, N. N.; Ozernoy, L. M.; Mather, J. C.; Heap, S.
Grain Diffusion and Chemical Evolution in Protoplanetary Disks 56 Henning, Th.; Ilgner, M.; Shräpler, R.
Angular Momentum Transport in Protoplanetary Accretion Disks by Hydrodynamical Turbulence 63 Klahr, H.; Bodenheimer, P.
The Orbital Evolution of Planets in Disks 69 Kley, W.
FARGO: A Fast Eulerian Transport Algorithm for Differentially Rotating Disks 75 Masset, F. S.
Observational Aspects of Protostellar Disks (Invited Review) 83 Ho, P. T. P.
Accretion Disks (Invited Review) 95 Hartmann, L.
Observations of Protoplanetary Disks at 7 mm (Contributed Talk) 108 Rodríguez, L. F.
Rotation in Young Stars and the Evolution of Disks (Contributed Talk) 115 Casali, M.; Greene, T. P.; Eiroa, C.; Andre, P.
Photometric Studies of Young Stars in Clusters: Rotation and Disks (Contributed Talk) 121 Herbst, W.; Rhode, K. L.; Hillenbrand, L. A.; Maley, J. A.; Bailer-Jones, C.; Mundt, R.; Meisenheimer, K.; Wackermann, R.
Images of Protoplanetary Disks from Millimeter to Near-Infrared Wavelengths (Invited Review) 128 Dutrey, A.
Images and Physical Parameters of Accretion Disks (Contributed Talk) 140 Ménard, F.; Stapelfeldt, K.; Duchêne, G.; Duvert, G.; Krist, J.; Padgett, D.
The Optical Constant of Crystaline Spinel 150 Chihara, H.; Tsuchiyama, A.; Koike, C.; Sogawa, H.
HST/NICMOS Observations of YSOs: HH 30, HL Tau, and L1551 IRS 5 156 Cotera, A.; Young, E.; Chen, H.
Methanol Masers and the Circumstellar Disk Hypothesis 162 de Buizer, J. M.
Circumbinary Disks around T Tauri Stars: HST/NICMOS Near-Infrared Images and Polarimetric Maps 169 Duchêne, G.; Silber, J.; Ménard, F.; Gledhill, T.
From Aromatic Molecules to Carbon Dust Grains 175 Moutou, C.; Verstraete, L.; Schmidt, W.; Sellgren, K.; Léger, A.
The Circumstellar Environment of the TTS SU Aurigae 181 Oliveira, J. M.; Foing, B. H.; van Loon, J. Th.
Disks and Planets in Binary Systems (Invited Review) 189 Kley, W.; Burkert, A.
Infall, Accretion, and the Spectroscopic Evidence for Planetesimals (Invited Review) 202 Grady, C. A.; Mora, A.; de Winter, D.; Export
Photopolarimetric Activity of Pre-Main-Sequence Stars (Invited Review) 216 Grinin, V. P.
Spectroscopic Monitoring of PMS and Vega-Type Stars (Contributed Talk) 231 Mora, A.; de Winter, D.; Ferlet, R.; Grady, C. A.; Export
Optical Photopolarimetry and Near-Infrared Photometry of Pre-Main-Sequence and Main-Sequence Objects (Contributed Talk) 238 Oudmaijer, R. D.; Davies, J. K.; Eiroa, C.; Palacios, J.; Garzón, F.; de Winter, D.; Export
ISO Observations of Pre-Main-Sequence and Vega-Type Stars (Invited Review) 242 van den Ancker, M. E.
ISO-SWS Observations of EXPORT Targets (Contributed Talk) 255 Palacios, J.; Wesselius, P. R.; Export
ISO Observations of Isolated Herbig Ae/Be Stars (Contributed Talk) 261 Malfait, K.; Waelkens, C.
Mid-Infrared Observations of Disks (Invited Review) 268 Telesco, C. M.
ADONIS Detection and Models of the Pre-Main-Sequence Disk of HD 100546 (Contributed Talk) 281 Pantin, E.; Waelkens, C.; Malfait, K.; Lagage, P. O.
Pericenter Glow: A Signature of Hidden Planets in HR 4796? (Contributed Talk) 289 Wyatt, M. C.; Dermott, S. F.; Telesco, C. M.
Submillimeter Studies of Dusty Debris around Nearby Stars (Invited Review) 296 Greaves, J. S.; Holland, W. S.
Models of β Pictoris and Disks around Main-Sequence Stars (Invited Review) 308 Lecavelier Des Etangs, A.
Dust-Gas Interaction in the Early Solar Nebula: The Role of Coherent Structures (Contributed Talk) 322 Tanga, P.; Michel, P.
NICMOS Imaging of Dusty Circumstellar Disks (Contributed Talk) 329 Weinberger, A. J.; Becklin, E. E.; Schneider, G.
Dust Disks around Old Pre-Main-Sequence Stars: HST/NICMOS2 Scattered-Light Images and Modeling 335 Augereau, J.-C.; Lagrange, A.-M.; Mouillet, D.; Ménard, F.
The Evolution of the IR Excesses in Vega-Like Stars 342 Barrado Y Navascués, D.; Song, I.; Caillault, J.-P.; Stauffer, J. R.
G Dwarfs and the Vega Phenomenon 349 Decin, G.; Malfait, M.; Waelkens, C.; Dominik, C.; Mayor, M.
Spectro- and Photopolarimetric Monitoring of the HAeBe Star VV Serpentis 356 de Winter, D.; Mora, A.; Eiroa, C.; Palacios, J.; Oudmajier, R. D.; Garzón, F.; Export
The UXOR-Type Star RY Ori 363 Eiroa, C.; Garzón, F.; Miranda, L. F.; Export
Preliminary Results from a Mid-IR Survey of Vega-Like Sources 369 Fisher, R. S.; Telesco, C. M.; Piña, R. K.; Knacke, R. F.
Dust Distribution in Gas Disks: A Model for the Ring around HR 4796A 375 Klahr, H.; Lin, D.
The Two-Star Photometer at Kourovka Observatory: Design and Noise Analysis 381 Kozhevnikov, V. P.; Zakharova, P.
Size Distribution of Dust in the Disk of β Pictoris 387 Krivova, N. A.; Krivov, A. V.; Mann, I.
The β Pictoris Dust Disk at 20 Microns 393 Lagage, P.-O.; Pantin, E.
Determination of Spectral Types for Stars in the EXPORT Sample 399 Merín, B.; Montesinos, B.; Export
Spectroscopic Observations of BD +31°643, BH Cep, LkHα 234, and LkHα 262 405 Miranda, L. F.; Eiroa, C.; Garzón, F.; Export
The Behavior of Vega-Type Stars in the EXPORT Sample 411 Mora, A.; Eiroa, C.; Palacios, J.; de Winter, D.; Ferlet, R.; Garzón, F.; Oudmaijer, R. D.; Export
Dust and Disks of Ae/Be Stars 416 Polomski, E.; Telesco, C. M.; Piña, R. K.
Rotational Velocities for the EXPORT Sample 422 Solano, E.; Montesinos, B.; Mora, A.; Export
Non-LTE Modeling of Accretion Disks of UX Ori-Type Stars 428 Tambovtseva, L. V.; Grinin, V. P.
Herbig Ae/Be and Vega-Type Stars as Objects at Different Stages in their Circumstellar Shell Evolution 433 Yudin, R. V.
Mass Function and Distributions of the Orbital Elements of Substellar Companions (Invited Review) 441 Mayor, M.; Udry, S.
The Search for Extended Atmospheres around the Planets Orbiting 51 Peg and τ Boo (Contributed Talk) 454 Harris, A. W.; Rauer, H.; Cameron, A. C.; Export
Present and Near-Future Reflected-Light Searches for Close-In Planets (Contributed Talk) 461 Charbonneau, D.; Noyes, R. W.
Probable Detection of Reflected Starlight from τ Boo b (Contributed Talk) 468 Horne, K.; Collier-Cameron, A.; Penny, A.; James, D.
Late Planetesimal Delivery and the Composition of Giant Planets (Invited Review) 475 Guillot, T.; Gladman, B.
Theoretical Models for Substellar Objects (Contributed Talk) 486 González, J.-F.; Allard, F.; Baraffe, I.; Chabrier, G.; Hauschildt, P. H.
Towards the Detection of Planets around Brown Dwarfs (Contributed Talk) 493 Martín, E. L.
Substellar Companions to Nearby Stars from NICMOS Surveys (Contributed Talk) 499 Schneider, G.; Becklin, E. E.; Lowrance, P. J.; Smith, B. A.
Ground-Based Direct-Imaging Search for Substellar Companions Next to Young Nearby Stars (Contributed Talk) 506 Alves, J.; Neuhäuser, R.
Very Young Free-Floating Planets in the σ Orionis Star Cluster (Contributed Talk) 515 Rebolo, R.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Béjar, V. J. S.; Barrado Y Navascués, D.; Bailer-Jones, C.; Mundt, R.; Martín, E. L.
Chemical-Abundance Trends among Stars with Planets (Invited Review) 523 Gonzalez, G.
The Stability of the Orbits of Terrestrial Planets in the Habitable Zones of Known Exoplanetary Systems 534 Jones, B. W.; Sleep, P. N.
The Galactic Exoplanet Survey Telescope: A Proposed Space-Based Microlensing Survey for Terrestrial Extrasolar Planets (Contributed Talk) 542 Bennet, D. P.; Rhie, S. H.
The PLANET Microlensing Collaboration Search for Extrasolar Planets: Status Report (Contributed Talk) 550 Beaulieu, J. P.; Albrow, M.; An, J.; Caldwell, J. A. R.; Depoy, D. L.; Dominik, M.; Gaudi, B. S.; Gould, A.; Greenhill, J.; Hill, K.; Kane, S.; Martin, R.; Menzies, J.; Naber, R.; Pogge, R.; Pollard, K. R.; Sackett, P. D.; Sahu, K. C.; Vermaak, P.; Watson, R.; Williams, A.; The PLANET Collaboration
Detecting Planets Using Transit Observations (Invited Review) 557 Brown, T. M.
EXPORT: Search for Transits in Open Clusters with the Jakobus Kapteyn and the Lick 1 m Telescopes (Contributed Talk) 566 Quirrenbach, A.; Cooke, J.; Mitchell, D.; Safizadeh, N.; Deeg, H.; Export
A Search for Planetary Transits in Open Clusters (Contributed Talk) 572 Street, R. A.; Horne, K.; Penny, A.; Tsapras, Y.; Quirrenbach, A.; Safizadeh, N.; Cooke, J.; Mitchell, D.; Cameron, A. C.
Detection Limits in Space-Based Transit Observations (Contributed Talk) 578 Deeg, H.; Favata, F.; The Eddington Science Team
The STARE Project: a Transit Search for Hot Jupiters 584 Brown, T. M.; Charbonneau, D.
The MELODIE M-Dwarf Planet Survey 590 Delfosse, X.; Forveille, T.; Ségransan, D.; Perrier, C.; Beuzit, J.-L.; Mayor, M.; Udry, S.
G Dwarf Planet Search 596 Latham, D. W.
A Planetary Companion around the Young G6 Dwarf Gliese-Jahreiss 3021 602 Naef, D.; Mayor, M.; Pepe, F.; Queloz, D.; Santos, N. C.; Udry, S.; Burnet, M.
First Results of the EMILIE Spectrograph with the AAA System on Extrasolar Planets 607 Schmitt, J.; Bouchy, F.; Bestaux, J. L.
Spectra, Lightcurves, and Polarization of Close-In Extrasolar Giant Planets 615 Seager, S.
Shadow of the Planet Orbiting HD 209458 621 Street, R. A.; Lister, T. A.; Cameron, A. C.; Horne, K.
EXPORT Observations of 1998 Microlensing Events 626 Tsapras, Y.; Street, R. A.; Horne, K.; Penny, A.; Clarke, F.; Deeg, H.; Garzón, F.; Kemp, S.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Oscoz Abad, A.; Madruga Sánchez, S.; Export
Planet Detection from the Ground: Can the VLTI Help? (Invited Review) 635 Coudé Du Foresto, V.
The ALMA Project (Invited Review) 645 Guilloteau, S.
COROT: A Space Mission for the Search for Extrasolar Planets (Contributed Talk) 656 Deleuil, M.; Barge, P.; Defay, C.; Léger, A.; Rouan, D.; Schneider, J.
Infrared Space Interferometry-The DARWIN Mission (Invited Review) 663 Fridlund, C. V. M.
A Mini-History of Disks and Their Progeny 677 Natta, A.