Title: Binary Radio Pulsars
Volume: 328 Year: 2005 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Rasio, Fred A.; Stairs, Ingrid H.
ISBN: 1-58381-191-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-262-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Part 1.
Relativistic Binaries
Overview of Pulsar Tests of General Relativity 3 Stairs, I.H.
New Limits on the Strong Equivalence Principle from Two Long-period Circular-orbit Binary Pulsars 19 Lorimer, D.R.; Freire, P.C.C.
The Relativistic Binary Pulsar B1913+16: Thirty Years of Observations and Analysis 25 Weisberg, J.M.; Taylor, J.H.
Timing the Relativistic Binary Pulsar PSR J1141-6545 33 Bailes, M.
Binary Pulsar Discoveries in the Parkes Multibeam Survey 37 Lyne, A.G.
New Binary and Millisecond Pulsars from Arecibo Drift-Scan Searches 43 McLaughlin, M.A.; Lorimer, D.R.; Champion, D.J.; Arzoumanian, Z.; Backer, D.C.; Cordes, J.M.; Fruchter, A.S.; Lommen, A.N.; Xilourism, K.M.
Part 2.
The Double Pulsar
The Highly Relativistic Binary Pulsar PSR J0737-3039A: Discovery and Implications 53 Burgay, M.; D'Amico, N.; Possenti, A.; Manchester, R.N.; Lyne, A.G.; Joshi, B.C.; McLaughlin, M.A.; Kramer, M.; Sarkissian, J.M.; Camilo, F.; Kalogera, V.; Kim, C.; Lorimer, D.R.
The Double Pulsar – A New Testbed for Relativistic Gravity 59 Kramer, M.; Lyne, A.G.; Burgay, M.; Possenti, A.; Manchester, R.N.; Camilo, F.; McLaughlin, M.A.; Lorimer, D.R.; D'Amico, N.; Joshi, B.C.; Reynolds, J.; Freire, P.C.C.
Interactions in the PSR J0737-3039 System 67 Manchester, R.N.; Lyne, A.G.; Burgay, M.; Kramer, M.; Possenti, A.; Camilo, F.; Hotan, A.W.; McLaughlin, M.A.; Lorimer, D.R.; D'Amico, N.; Joshi, B.C.; Reynolds, J.E.; Freire, P.C.C.
GBT Exploratory Time Observations of the Double-Pulsar System PSR J0737-3039 73 Ransom, S.; Demorest, P.; Kaspi, V.; Ramachandran, R.; Backer, D.
The Galactic Double-Neutron-Star Merger Rate: Most Current Estimates 83 Kim, C.; Kalogera, V.; Lorimer, D.R.; Ihm, M.; Belczynski, K.
A Hare-brained Scheme to Explain the Intensity Variations in J0737-3039B 91 Jenet, F.A.; Ransom, S.M.
Probing Relativistic Winds: The Case of PSR J0737-3039 A and B 95 Arons, J.; Backer, D.C.; Spitkovsky, A.; Kaspi, V.M.
On the Interacting Winds of PSR J0737-3039 107 Michel, F.C.
Two Clocks in the PSR J0737-3039 Binary System and Their Implications for the System's Origin and Evolution 113 Lorimer, D.R.; Burgay, M.; Freire, P.C.C.; Lyne, A.G.; Kramer, M.; Possenti, A.; McLaughlin, M.A.; Camilo, F.; Manchester, R.N.; D'Amico, N.; Joshi, B.C.
The Formation of PSR J0737-3039 – Proof of the Standard Evolutionary Model for Double Neutron Stars 117 Dewi, J.D.M.; van den Heuvel, E.P.J.
The Formation of the Most Relativistic Pulsar PSR J0737-3039 123 Willems, B.; Kalogera, V.; Henninger, M.
Notes on Informal Theoretical Discussion of PSR J0737-3039 129 Bildsten, L.
Authorship in Great Pulsar Discoveries 135 Bailes, M.
Part 3.
Globular Cluster Pulsars
Pulsars in Globular Clusters 147 Camilo, F.; Rasio, F.A.
Chandra Studies of Millisecond Pulsars in Globular Clusters 171 Grindlay, J.E.
A Dozen New Pulsars from the Parkes Globular Cluster Search 189 Possenti, A.; D'Amico, N.; Corongiu, A.; Manchester, R.N.; Sarkissian, J.; Camilo, F.; Lyne, A.G.
Parkes Observations of Globular Cluster Pulsars 195 Bailes, M.; Zhu, J.; Richter, S.
A 20-cm Survey for Pulsars in Globular Clusters using the GBT and Arecibo 199 Ransom, S.M.; Hessels, J.W.T.; Stairs, I.H.; Kaspi, V.M.; Freire, P.C.; Backer, D.C.
The PSR J0514-4002A Binary System in NGC 1851 207 Freire, P.C.; Gupta, Y.; Ransom, S.M.; Ishwara-Chandra, C.H.
Update on Pulsar B1620-26 in M4: Observations, Models, and Implications 213 Sigurdsson, S.; Thorsett, S.E.
Using Pulsars to Detect Black Hole Binaries in Globular Clusters 225 Lommen, A.N.; Bilikova, J.; Jenet, F.A.; Zwart, S.P.; Stappers, B.W.
Binary Evolution and Neutron Stars in Globular Clusters 231 Ivanova, N.; Fregeau, J.M.; Rasio, F.A.
Part 4.
Formation of Binary Pulsars
Formation and Evolution of Binary Millisecond Pulsars with Helium White Dwarf Companions 243 Nelson, L.A.
The Orbital Period Distribution of Wide Binary Millisecond Pulsars 255 Willems, B.; Kolb, U.
The Galactic Formation Rate of Eccentric Neutron Star — White Dwarf Binaries 261 Kalogera, V.; Kim, C.; Lorimer, D.R.; Ihm, M.; Belczynski, K.
To Accrete or not to Accrete: The Dilemma of the Recycling Scenario 269 Burderi, L.; D'Antona, F.; Di Salvo, T.; Lavagetto, G.; Iaria, R.; Robba, N.R.
Part 5.
Accretion and Recycling
Millisecond Pulsars in X-Ray Binaries 279 Chakrabarty, D.
Variability in the Quiescent State of Neutron Star Transients 291 Campana, S.
The Optical Counterpart of SAX J1808.4-3658 in Quiescence: Evidence of an Active Radio Pulsar? 295 Di Salvo, T.; Robba, N.; Burderi, L.; D'Antona, F.; Testa, V.
Spin Rates and Magnetic Fields of Millisecond Pulsars 299 Lamb, F.K.; Yu, W.
Magnetic Field Evolution During Neutron Star Recycling 311 Cumming, A.
Gravitational Waves and the Maximum Spin Rate of Accreting Neutron Stars 317 Arras, P.
Constraining MSP Interiors through Rotochemical Heating 323 Fernandez, R.; Reisenegger, A.
Part 6.
Kinematics and Kicks
Neutron-Star Birth Kicks 327 Podsiadlowski, P.; Pfahl, E.; Rappaport, S.
Pulsar Kicks: Spin and Kinematic Constraints 337 Romani, R.W.
Long-Term Behaviour of the Scintillation Velocity of PSR J1141-6545 345 Ord, S.M.; Bailes, M.
Scintillation Arcs and Binary Pulsars with an Application to PSR J0737-3039 349 Stinebring, D.R.; Hill, A.S.; Ransom, S.M.
Part 7.
High-Precision Timing and Masses
Optical Studies of Companions to Millisecond Pulsars 357 van Kerkwijk, M.H.; Bassa, C.G.; Jacoby, B.A.; Jonker, P.G.
Arecibo Measurements of Pulsar--White Dwarf Binaries: Evidence for Heavy Neutron Stars 371 Nice, D.J.; Splaver, E.M.; Stairs, I.H.
Shapiro Delay in the Binary Millisecond Pulsar PSR J1909-3744 373 Jacoby, B.A.
High-Precision Baseband Timing at Parkes 377 Hotan, A.W.
Polarimetric Pulse Profile Modeling: Applications to High-Precision Timing and Instrumental Calibration 383 van Straten, W.
Timing Instabilities in Millisecond Pulsars 385 Backer, D.C.
Timing Noise in PSR 1821-24: a Micro-Glitch Observed in a Recycled Millisecond Pulsar 389 Cognard, I.; Backer, D.C.
Timing of the Binary Pulsar PSR B1259-63 391 Johnston, S.; Wang, N.; Manchester, R.N.
Three New Binary Pulsars Discovered With Parkes 395 Hessels, J.; Ransom, S.; Roberts, M.; Kaspi, V.; Livingstone, M.; Tam, C.; Crawford, F.
Constraining the Properties of the Proposed Super-Massive Black Hole System in 3C66B: Limits from Pulsar Timing 399 Jenet, F.A.; Lommen, A.; Larson, S.L.; Wen, L.
Part 8.
Eclipsing Binary Pulsars
Eclipsing Binary Pulsars 405 Freire, P.C.C.
GBT Observations of Very Low-Mass Binary Millisecond Pulsars: A Search for Eclipses 419 Nice, D.J.; Stairs, I.H.; Arzoumanian, Z.
Recent X-ray Observations of PSR B1957+20 425 Stappers, B.W.
Evolution of Black Widow Pulsars 429 King, A.R.; Beer, M.E.
Conference Photos - Vol. 328 999 Rasio, F.A.; Stairs, I.H.