Title: High Energy Solar Physics - Anticipating HESSI
Volume: 206 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Ramaty, R.; Mandzhavidze, N.
ISBN: 1-58381-033-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-542-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
The High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (HESSI) Mission 1 Lin, R. P.
Solar Flare Theory and the Status of Flare Understanding 13 Priest, E. R.
Optical View of Particle Acceleration and Complementarity with HESSI 27 Hénoux, J.-C.
The Magnetic Circumstances of Large Flares 37 Zirin, H.; Sammis, I.; Tang, F.
Studies of the Dynamic Corona from SOHO 43 Simnett, G. M.
Solar Wind Composition 54 von Steiger, R.; Schwadron, N. A.
Particle Acceleration and Abundances from Gamma-Ray Line Spectroscopy 64 Mandzhavidze, N.; Ramaty, R.
The Origin of the FIP Effect in the Solar Atmosphere 71 Mullan, D. J.; Arge, C. N.
Helioseismic Waves and Magnetic Field Variations Induced by Solar Flares as Probes of Energy Transport Mechanisms 77 Zharkova, V. V.; Kosovichev, A. G.
Solar Neutrinos as a Possible Diagnostic of the Solar Magnetic Field 83 Sturrock, P. A.
Many-Valued Relationship Between Solar Flare Activity and Neutrino Flux in GALLEX 88 Klochek, N.; Nikonova, M.; Sotnikova, R.
The HESSI Spectrometer 92 Smith, D. M.; Lin, R. P.; Turin, P.; Curtis, D. W.; Primbsch, J. H.; Campbell, R. D.; Abiad, R.; Cork, C.; Hull, E.; Landis, D.; Madden, N. W.; Malone, D.; Pehl, R.; Schwartz, R.
What We Don't Understand about Ion Accelaration in Flares 102 Reames, D. V.
Temporal Evolution of a Gradual SEP Event and the Possible Role of Coronal Particle Acceleration 112 Klein, K. L.; Trottet, G.; Chupp, E. L.; Dunphy, P. P.; Rieger, E.
Measurements of the Heavy-Ion Elemental and Isotopic Composition in Large Solar Particle Events from ACE 118 Leske, R. A.; Mewaldt, R. A.; Cohen, C. M. S.; Cummings, A. C.; Slocum, P. L.; Wiedenbeck, M. E.; Christian, E. R.; von Rosenvinge, T. T.
Observations of 3He-Rich Solar Energetic Particle Events With the Solar Isotope Spectrometer 124 Cohen, C. M. S.; Mewaldt, R. A.; Leske, R. A.; Cummings, A. C.; Stone, E. C.; Slocum, P. L.; Wiedenbeck, M. E.; Christian, E. R.; von Rosenvinge, T. T.
Detection of 6 November 1997 Ground Level Event by Milagrito 130 Falcone, A.; The MILAGRO Collaboration
Particle Acceleration in Large-Scale DC Electric Fields 135 Holman, G. D.
Stochastic Particle Acceleration in Solar Flares 145 Miller, J. A.
Effect of Wave Generation on the Evolution of Elemental Abundances of Solar Energetic Particles 162 Ng, C. K.; Reames, D. V.; Tylka, A. J.
Electron Acceleration by Strong DC Electric Fields in Impulsive Solar Flares 167 Litvinenko, Y. E.
Scattering of Solar Cosmic Rays 171 Ragot, B. R.
Using Temporal Variations of the Nonthermal Redshifted Ly-Alpha Emission to Deduce Properties of Proton Beams Injected into a Stellar Atmosphere 175 Brosius, J. W.; Woodgate, B. E.
Electron Acceleration During a Long-Duration Flare 179 Pohjolainen, S.; Vilmer, N.; Magun, A.
Thermo-Dynamic Plasma Acceleration Mechanism in the Spontaneous Fast Magnetic Reconnection Model 183 Shimizu, T.; Ugai, M.
WIND Observations of Energetic Solar Proton Events Down to keV Energies: Onset Time Analysis 187 Krucker, S.; Lin, R. P.
Solar Flare Proton Spectra 191 Dröge, W.
Hard X-Ray Timing Experiments with HESSI 197 Aschwanden, M. J.
The Electron Temperature and Fine Structure of Soft X-ray Solar Flares 204 Doschek, G. A.
Hard X-Rays from MeV Neutral Beams 210 Brown, J. C.; Karlicky, M.; Mandzhavidze, N.; Ramaty, R.
Spatial and Spectral Structure of Hard X-Rays and Electron Acceleration 215 Petrosian, V.; Donaghy, T. Q.
Hard X-rays from "Slow LDEs" 221 Hudson, H. S.; McKenzie, D. E.
Kinetic Solutions for Beam Electron Precipitation in Solar Flares 227 Zharkova, V. V.
Coronal Trapping of Energetic Flare Particles: Yohkoh/HXT Observations 233 Metcalf, Thomas R.; Alexander, David
Yohkoh Observations of White-Light Flares 239 Matthews, S.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Hudson, H.; Nitta, N.
Small and Large Scale Magnetic Structures Involved in the Development of the 1992 October 28 Solar Flare 245 Raulin, J. P.; Vilmer, N.; Trottet, G.; Nitta, N.; Silva, A. V. R.; Kaufmann, P.; Correia, E.; Magun, A.
Quantifying the Empirical Relationship Between Loop Length and Duration of Solar Flares 252 Garcia, H.; Farnik, F.
Flare Loop Geometry 258 Nitta, N.
Possible Diagnostics of the Return Current Effects from Hard X-Ray and Microwave Observations of Solar Flares 264 Zharkova, V. V.
Global Coronal Waves: Implications for HESSI 268 Hudson, H. S.; Karlický, M.
Anticipating HESSI's Spatially Resolved View of Spectral Evolution 272 Newton, E.; Giblin, T.; Metcalf, T.
Understanding Energetic Flare Particles without Numerical Codes 276 Conway, A.
A Modular Hard X-Ray Polarimeter for Solar Flares 280 McConnell, M. L.; Macri, J. R.; McClish, M.; Ryan, J. M.
Shadow Mask Telescope for High Energy X-Rays 284 Desai, U.; Orwig, L. E.; Mertz, L.; Gaither, C. C., III; Gibson, W.
Chromospheric Response to a Short-Duration Beam Heating: Observing Programme and Numerical Simulations 289 Heinzel, P.; Karlický, M.; Kotrč, P.; Kupryakov, Yu. A.
Normalized Emission Measurement-Density Curves of X-Ray Loop 293 Rosa, R. R.; Sawant, H. S.; da Costa, R. A., Jr.; Ramos, F. R.; Cecatto, J. R.; Fernandes, F. C. R.; Mascarenhas, N.; Saito, J. H.; Moron, C.; Mucheroni, M.
Radio View of Particle Acceleration and Complementarity with HESSI 297 Gary, Dale E.
Nonthermal Flare Emission from MeV-Energy Electrons at 17, 34, and 86, GHz 307 Kundu, M. R.; White, S. M.; Shibasaki, K.; Sakurai, T.
Microwave and Hard X-Ray Observations of Flares with Sub-Second Time Structures 313 Nakajima, H.
Multiple High Energy Injections at the Origin of Solar Flares 318 Kaufmann, P.; Costa, J. E. R.; Correia, E.; Giménez de Castro, C. G.; Raulin, J.-P.; Silva, A. V. R.
Microwave Bursts and Electron Pitch Angles 323 Lee, J.; Gary, D. E.
Radio and X-Ray Observations of the Flares Caused By Emerging Flux Activity 329 Hanaoka, Y.
Millimeter-Interferometer Observations of Flares in Conjunction with HESSI 335 White, S. M.; Kundu, M. R.
A High Resolution Decimetric Solar Radioheliograph 341 Sawant, H. S.; Lüdke, E.; Subramanian, K. R.; Cecatto, J. R.; Fernandes, F. C. R.; Rosa, R. R.; Sobral, J. H. A.; Swarup, G.; Scalise, E., Jr.; Boas, J. W. V.; Botti, L. C. L.; Saito, J. H.; Moron, C. E.; Mucheroni, M. L.
Data Acquisition and Recent Results of the Brazillian Solar Spectroscope -BSS 347 Sawant, H. S.; Subramanian, K. R.; Faria, C.; Stephany, S.; Fernandes, F. C. R.; Cecatto, J. R.; Rosa, R. R.; Portezani, V. A.; Mesquita, F. P. V.; Alonso, E. M. B.
Shock Wave and EUV Transient During a Flare 351 Gopalswamy, N.; Kaiser, M. L.; Sato, J.; Pick, M.
Time Evolution of Microwave and Hard X-ray Spectral Indexes 355 Lara, A.; Gopalswamy, N.
Observations and Models of a Flaring Loop 359 Nindos, A.; White, S. M.; Kundu, M. R.; Gary, D. E.
OVRO Solar Array Analysis Software in Support of HESSI 363 Gallagher, P. T.; Gary, D. E.; Lee, J.
Solar Radio Burst Locator 367 Dougherty, B. L.; Freely, W. B.; Zirin, H.; Gary, D. E.; Hurford, G. J.
Temporal Evolution of Solar Flare Microwave and Hard X-Ray Spectra: Evidence for Electron Spectral Dynamics-I 371 Melnikov, V. F.; Silva, A. V. R.
Gamma Ray Spectroscopy in the Pre-HESSI Era 377 Share, G. H.; Murphy, R. J.
Simultaneous Observations of Solar Flares with CGRO/OSSE and Yohkoh/WBS 387 Murphy, R. J.; Share, G. H.; Yoshimori, M.
High Energy Particles of the 1997 November 6 Solar Event 393 Yoshimori, M.; Suga, K.; Shiozawa, A.; Nakayama, S.; Takeda, H.
Measurement of High Energy (>20 MeV) Gamma-Ray and Neutron Fluxes in Solar Flares in Support of the HESSI Mission 400 Chupp, E. L.; Dunphy, P. P.
Spectral Evolution of an Intense Solar Gamma-Ray Flare During its Radio-Silent Start 407 Rieger, E.; Marschhäuser, H.
Time Profiles of Narrow and Broad Gamma-Ray Lines from Trapped Energetic Ions 413 Vilmer, N.; Trottet, G.
The Chromospheric Response to Particle Beams During a Gamma-Ray Flare 419 Trottet, G.; Rolli, E.; Magun, A.; Barat, C.; Kuznetsov, Z.; Sunyaev, R.; Terekhov, O.
Multi-Wavelength Analysis of the March 26, 1991 Solar Flare and Relation of Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Hα Emission to the Dynamics of the Magnetic Field and Charged Particle Acceleration 426 Kurt, V. G.; Akimov, V. V.; Hagyard, M. J.; Hathaway, D. H.
Energetic Protons: Spectral Evolution and Its Significance 439 Gan, W. Q.
Multiple Particle Acceleration at the Sun During Large Extension and Long Duration Gamma Ray Events 445 Pérez-Enríquez, R.; Guerrero, M.; Miroshnichenko, L. I.; Rodríguez-Taboada, R. E.; Méndez-Berhondo, A.; Zlobec, P.
X-Ray and Gamma Ray Measurements of the 15 November 1991 Solar Flare 451 Arndt, M. B.; Connors, A.; McConnell, M.; Ryan, J. M.; Suleiman, R.; Young, C. A.; Bennett, K.; Rank, G.; Schönfelder, V.
Possible Observation of Solar Neutrons in Association with Solar Flare of November 28th, 1998 457 Muraki, Y.; Tsuchiya, H.; Yuda, T.; Katayaose, Y.
Energetic Proton Spectra in the 11 June 1991 Solar Flare 463 Young, C. A.; Arndt, M. B.; Connors, A.; McConnell, M.; Rank, G.; Ryan, J. M.; Suleiman, R.; Schönfelder, V.
A Role for Ambient Energetic Particle Intensities in Shock Acceleration of Solar Energetic Particles 468 Kahler, S. W.; Reames, D. V.; Burkepile, J. T.
Temporal Evolution of Solar Flare Microwave and Hard X-Ray Spectra: Evidence for Electron Spectral Dynamics-II 475 Melnikov, V. F.; Silva, A. V. R.