Title: Pulsar Astronomy -- 2000 and Beyond, IAU Colloquium 177
Volume: 202 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Kramer, M.; Wex, N.; Wielebinski, R.
ISBN: 1-58381-029-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-538-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey 3 Camilo, F.; Lyne, A. G.; Manchester, R. N.; Bell, J. F.; Kaspi, V. M.; D'Amico, N.; McKay, N. P. F.; Crawford, F.; Stairs, I. H.; Morris, D. J.; Sheppard, D. C.; Possenti, A.
The Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey Data Release 9 Bell, J. F.; Manchester, R. N.; Crawford, F.; Lyne, A. G.; Camilo, F.; Kaspi, V. M.; Stairs, I. H.; Morris, D. J.; D'Amico, N.; McKay, N. P. F.; Kramer, M.; Sheppard, D. C.; Possenti, A.
Pulsar Searches at Effelsberg --- Past, Present & Future 11 Lorimer, D. R.; Kramer, M.
New Pulsars from Arecibo Drift Scan Search 17 Somer, A.
Slow pulsars from the STScI/NAIC drift scan search 21 Xilouris, K. M.; Fruchter, A.; Lorimer, D. R.; Eder, J.; Vazquez, A.
Science with PuMa, the new Dutch PulsarMachine 23 Kouwenhoven, M. L. A.; Stappers, B. W.; Ramachandran, R.; Voûte, J. L. L.
The Bologna submillisecond pulsar survey 27 D'Amico, Nichi
A Search for Sub-millisecond Pulsations in Unidentified FIRST and NVSS Radio Sources 31 Crawford, Fronefield; Kaspi, Victoria M.; Bell, Jon F.
Discovery of Eight Recycled Pulsars --- The Swinburne Intermediate Latitude Pulsar Survey 33 Edwards, Russell T.
The Steep Spectrum Pulsar Population 35 Kaplan, D. L.; Cordes, J. M.; Condon, J. J.
The Effelsberg Search for Pulsars in the Galactic Centre 37 Kramer, M.; Klein, B.; Lorimer, D.; Müller, P.; Jessner, A.; Wielebinski, R.
A VLA Survey for Radio Pulsars in the Galactic Center 39 Lazio, T. Joseph W.; Cordes, James M.
Searching for FAST Pulsars 41 McLaughlin, M.; Cordes, J. M.; Arzoumanian, Z.
A Fast Search Technique for Binary Pulsars 43 Ransom, Scott M.
Millisecond Pulsars and a WSRT Search for Candidates 45 Tian, W. W.; Strom, R. G.; Stappers, B.; Zhang, X. Z.; Wu, X. J.; Ramachandran, R.
Timing the Parkes Multibeam Pulsars 49 Manchester, R. N.; Lyne, A. G.; Camilo, F.; Kaspi, V. M.; Stairs, I. H.; Crawford, F.; Morris, D. J.; Bell, J. F.; D'Amico, N.
High-Precision NBPP Timing Measurements at Nancay 55 Cognard, I.; Lestrade, J.-F.; Backer, D. C.; Ray, P. S.; Foster, R. S.; Cadwell, B. J.
Pulsar timing at Kalyazin (Russia) 57 Doroshenko, O. V.; Ilyasov, Yu. P.; Oreshko, V. V.
Pulsar Timing at the Radiotelescope Effelsberg 61 Lange, Ch.; Wex, N.; Kramer, M.; Doroshenko, O.; Backer, D. C.
Pulsar timing measurements with the 32-m TCfA radiotelescope 63 Lewandowski, W.; Konacki, M.; Redmerska, M.; Feiler, G.; Wolszczan, A.
Pulsar Timing at Urumqi Astronomical Observatory 65 Wang, Na; Wu, Xinji; Zhang, Jin; Manchester, J. N.; Yusup, Aili; Cheng, K. S.
Binary Eclipsing Millisecond Pulsars: A Decade of Timing 67 Nice, David J.; Arzoumanian, Zaven; Thorsett, Stephen E.
High Precision Timing of PSR J0437-4715 73 Britton, M. C.; van Straten, W.; Bailes, M.; Toscano, M.; Manchester, R. N.
Semi-analytical theory of motion for the PSR B1257+12 planetary system 77 Konacki, Maciej; Maciejewski, Andrzej J.; Wolszczan, Alex
Timing of the young pulsar J1907+0918 81 Xilouris, K.; Lorimer, D. R.; Dowd, A.
Phase locked Spectroscopic Imaging of the Crab Pulsar 83 Fordham, J. L. A.; Robinson, J. R.; Kawakami, H.; Michel, R.; Much, R.
High Time Resolution Observations of the Crab Pulsar with the UCL MIC Detector 85 Much, R.; Carraminana, A.; Fordham, J. L. A.; Kawakami, H.; Michel, R.
Millisecond Pulsars in 47 Tucanae 87 Freire, Paulo C.; Camilo, Fernando; Lorimer, Duncan R.; Lyne, Andrew G.; Manchester, Richard N.
The microlensing probability of the pulsars located in globular clusters 89 Larchenkova, Tanya
Periodicities in Rotation and Pulse Shape in PSR B1828-11 93 Lyne, A. G.; Stairs, I. H.; Shemar, S. L.
Evidence for Free Precession in the Pulsar B1642-03 99 Shabanova, T. V.; Urama, J. O.
Pulsar timing noise spectra of pulsars 0834+06, 1237+25,1919+21, 2016+28 from 1978 - 1999 yrs. observations 101 Ilyasov, Yu. P.; Potapov, V. A.; Rodin, A. E.
The Noise Structure of Pulsar Clocks 103 Kundt, Wolfgang
Gravitational perturbations as a source of timing noise 105 Rodin, A. E.
Glitch Behavior of the Pulsar B1822-09 in the Range 0.1--2.3 GHz 107 Shabanova, T. V.; Urama, J. O.
Glitches in Southern Pulsars 109 Wang, Na; Manchester, R. N.; Pace, R.; Bailes, M.; Kaspi, V. M.; Stappers, B. W.; Lyne, A. G.
Small-eccentricity binary pulsars and relativistic gravity 113 Wex, Norbert
Binary Pulsar Tests of General Relativity in the Presence of Low-Frequency Noise 117 Kopeikin, Sergei M.; Potapov, Vladimir A.
Geodetic Precession in PSR B1534+12 121 Stairs, I. H.; Thorsett, S. E.; Taylor, J. H.; Arzoumanian, Z.
Geodetic Precession and the Binary Pulsar B1913+16 125 Karastergiou, A.; Kramer, M.; Wex, N.; von Hoensbroech, A.
General Relativistic Precession of the Spin Axis of Binary Pulsar B1913+16: First Two Dimensional Maps of the Emission Beam 127 Weisberg, Joel M.; Taylor, Joseph H.
Numerical solution of the spin angular momenta of millisecond pulsar PSR J0751+1807 131 Gong, B. P.; Cheng, K. S.
Pulsar Position, Proper Motion, and Parallax via VLBI 135 Campbell, R. M.
VLBI Neutron Star Astrometry: Techniques and Initial Results 139 Chatterjee, Shami; Cordes, James M.
Astrometry of Southern Pulsars 141 Legge, David
The Proper Motions of Young Pulsars 143 McKay, N. P. F.; Anderson, B.; Lyne, A. G.; Horlock, J. L.
Timing noise as a source of discrepancy between timing and VLBI pulsar positions 145 Rodin, A. E.; Ilyasov, Yu. P.; Oreshko, V. V.; Sekido, M.
Characteristics of Pulsar Radio Emission at Single-pulse Resolution 149 Deshpande, Avinash A.
Polar-Fluxtube Emission `Weather' of Pulsar B0943+10: Polarisation, Modes, & Theoretical Implications 155 Rankin, Joanna M.; Deshpande, Avinash A.
Pulse Fluctuation Properties at 35 MHz 161 Asgekar, Ashish; Deshpande, A. A.
Detection of new emission components in PSR B0329+54 163 Gangadhara, R. T.; Gupta, Y.; Lorimer, D. R.
Giant Pulses from the Crab Pulsar 165 Hankins, Timothy H.
Pulse Properties of a few Southern Pulsars at 150 MHz 171 Issur, Nalini H.; Deshpande, Avinash A.
Constraints on Emission Mechanism from the Nulling and Drifting Pulsar PSR B0031-07 173 Joshi, B. C.; Vivekanand, M.
Single Pulse Analysis of the Core-Dominated Pulsar B0611+22 175 Kern, Jeffrey S.
Identification of Physical Components in Pulsar Emission 177 Seiradakis, J. H.; Karastergiou, A.; Kramer, M.; Psaltis, D.
Parameters of microstructure and noiselike intensity fluctuation in pulsar radio emission measured with submicrosecond time resolution provided by the S2 VLBI recording/playback system 179 Popov, M. V.; Kondrat'ev, V. I.; Altunin, V. I.; Bartel, N.; Cannon, W.; Novikov, A. Yu.
Microstructure and other short time-scale events in millisecond pulsars 181 Soglasnov, V. A.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, staying alive, staying alive: A radio pulsar with an 8.5-s period challenges emission models. 185 Young, M. D.; Manchester, R. N.; Johnston, S.
Pulsar Profiles and Structure of the Emission Region 189 Kuzmin, Arkady
Pulsar radio emission beams 195 Kijak, Jaroslaw
Hollow Core? 197 Qiao, G. J.; Liu, J. F.; Wang, Yang; Wu, X. J.; Han, J. L.
The Geometry Asymmetry of Mean Pulse Profile of Pulsar 199 Wu, X. J.; Pan, J.; Xu, X. B.
A Decade of Low Frequency Pulsar Polarimetry at PRAO: a Review of the Main Results 201 Suleymanova, Svetlana A.; Pugachev, V. D.
Pulsar Studies at High Radio Frequencies 205 Wielebinski, Richard
Measuring the Size of the Vela Pulsar's Radio Emission Region 211 Gwinn, C. R.; Reynolds, J. E.; Jauncey, D. L.; Hirabayashi, H.; Kobayashi, H.; Murata, Y.; Edwards, P. G.; Carlson, B.; Dougherty, S.; del Rizzo, D.; Britton, M. C.; McCulloch, P. M.; Lovell, J. E. J.
Nanoarcsecond Single-Dish Imaging of the Vela Pulsar 215 Macquart, J.-P.; Johnston, S.; Walker, M.; Stinebring, D.
Finding Pulsar Emission Heights from Dual-Frequency Observations 219 Nowakowski, Leszek A.
Pulsar radio spectra and the interstellar scintillation 221 Malofeev, Valerij M.
Pulsar spectra analysis 227 Maron, Olaf; Kijak, Jaroslaw; Kramer, Michael; Wielebinski, Richard
Radio Emission Properties of Millisecond Pulsars 229 Kramer, Michael; Xilouris, Kiriaki M.
Observations of millisecond pulsars at 102 MHz 235 Kuzmin, Arkady; Losovsky, Boris
Difference and similarity in physics of millisecond and normal pulsars 237 Soglasnov, V. A.
A VLA Search for the Geminga Pulsar at 74 and 326 MHz 239 Kassim, Namir E.; Lazio, T. Joseph W.
Mean, individual pulses and spectrum of Geminga radio emission 241 Malofeev, V. M.; Malov, O. I.
Linear Polarization Properties of Pulsars at 35 & 327 MHz 245 Asgekar, Ashish; Deshpande, A. A.
Radio Polarimetry Results for Young Southern Pulsars 247 Crawford, Fronefield; Kaspi, Victoria M.; Manchester, Richard N.
Orthogonal Polarization Modes and Emission Regions of PSR B1133+16 249 Gupta, Y.; Gangadhara, R. T.; Rathnashree, N.
Polarization Characteristics of Pulsar Profiles 251 Han, J. L.; Manchester, R. N.; Qiao, G. J.
Signatures of Polar-cap Current Flow in Polarization Angle Sweeps 253 Hibschman, Johann A.; Arons, Jonathan
Single Pulse Polarimetry of the Vela Pulsar 257 Kern, Jeffrey S.; Hankins, Timothy H.; Rankin, Joanna M.
The Mode-Separated Pulse Profiles of Pulsar Radio Emission 261 McKinnon, Mark M.; Stinebring, Daniel R.
Evolution of Multipolar Magnetic Fields in Isolated Neutron Stars and its effect on Pulsar Radio Emission 265 Mitra, D.; Konar, S.; Bhattacharya, D.; Hoensbroech, A. V.; Seiradakis, J. H.; Wielebinski, R.
Pulsar Polarimetry --- New Aspects at High Radio Frequencies 267 von Hoensbroech, Alexis
A Search for Variable Interstellar Magnetic Fields and Neutron Star Precession in Four Years of Polarization Position Angle Measurements on 98 Pulsars 269 Weisberg, J. M.; Morgan, J. J.; Despotes, J. T.; Everett, J. E.; Cordes, J. M.
Analysis of PSR 1641-45 Using Specialized Capabilities of the S2 VLBI Correlator 273 del Rizzo, D. A.; Carlson, B. R.; Petrachenko, W. T.
WAPP --- Wideband Arecibo Pulsar Processor 275 Dowd, A.; Sisk, W.; Hagen, J.
Pulsar Research with the GMRT: A Status Report 277 Gupta, Y.; Gothoskar, P.; Joshi, B. C.; Vivekanand, M.; Swain, R.; Sirothia, S.; Bhat, N. D. R.
PuMa, the new Dutch PulsarMachine 279 Kouwenhoven, M. L. A.; van Haren, P. C.; Driesens, D.; Langerak, J. J.; Beijaard, T. D.; Voûte, J. L. L.; Stappers, B. W.; Ramachandran, R.
Coherent De-dispersion Observations at Jodrell Bank 281 Ord, S. M.; Stairs, I. H.; Camilo, F.
Pulsar Applications of the Caltech Parkes Swinburne Baseband Processing System 283 van Straten, Willem; Britton, Matthew; Bailes, Matthew; Anderson, Stuart; Kulkarni, Shri
An Arithmetic Method for Mean Pulse Profile De-disperse of pulsars 285 Wu, X. J.; Liu, X. F.
A Sociological Study of the Optically Emitting Isolated Neutron Stars 289 Caraveo, Patrizia A.
CLYPOS: the Cananea-Ljubljana Young Pulsar Optical Survey 295 Carraminana, Alberto; Cadez, Andrej; Alvarez, Cesar
Unpulsed Optical Emission from the Crab Pulsar 297 Golden, Aaron; Shearer, Andy; Beskin, Gregory
PSR B0656+14: Combined Optical, X-ray & EUV Studies 299 Golden, Aaron; Shearer, Andy; Edelstein, Jerry
Search for an Optical Counterpart of PSR J0537-6910 301 Gouiffes, Christian; Ögelman, Hakki
NTT and VLT Observations of two young pulsars 303 Mignani, Roberto
Pulsar optical observation with the Very Large Telescope 305 Ray, A.; Lundqvist, P.; Sollerman, J.; Leibundgut, B.; Sutaria, F.
Implications of the Optical Observations of Isolated Neutron Stars 307 Shearer, Andy; Golden, Aaron; Beskin, Gregory
OPTIMA: An Optical Pulsar Timing Analyser 311 Straubmeier, Christian; Kanbach, Gottfried
Limits on the optical magnitude of PSR 1821-24 in M28 313 Sutaria, F. K.
Optical Polarization Measurements of Pulsars 315 Wagner, Stefan J.; Seifert, W.
X-ray emission characteristics of pulsars and their nebulae 321 Becker, Werner
ASCA and RXTE Upper Limits to Pulsed Emissions from PSR B1951+32 327 Chang, Hsiang-Kuang; Guo, Tz-Feng
Timing and spectral Properties of PSR B1509-58 observed with BeppoSAX 329 Cusumano, G.; Mineo, T.; Nicastro, L.; Massaro, E.; Massaglia, S.; Trussoni, E.; Becker, W.
RXTE Observations of the Vela Pulsar: The X-ray-Optical Connection 331 Harding, Alice K.; Strickman, Mark S.; Gwinn, Carl; McCulloch, P.; Moffet, D.
Intensive X-ray Monitoring of the 16ms Crab-like Pulsar PSR J0537-6910 335 Marshall, F. E.; Gotthelf, E. V.; Middleditch, J.; Wang, Q. D.; Zhang, W.
Fine Phase Resolved X-ray Spectroscopy of the Crab Pulsar with BeppoSAX 341 Massaro, E.; Litterio, M.; Cusumano, G.; Mineo, T.
ASCA Observations of the Crab-Like Pulsar PSR B0540-69 343 Nagase, F.; Endo, T.; Hirayama, M.; Kawai, N.; Itoh, M.
PSR J0218+4232 in the energy band 1--10 keV observed with BeppoSAX 347 Nicastro, Luciano
X-ray observations of the high magnetic field radio pulsar PSR J1814-1744 349 Pivovaroff, M. J.; Kaspi, V. M.; Camilo, F.
ASCA observations of Galactic rotation-powered pulsars 351 Pivovaroff, M. J.; Kaspi, V. M.; Gotthelf, E. V.
Detection of Pulsed X-ray Emission from The Fastest Millisecond Pulsar PSR B1937+21 with ASCA 353 Takahashi, Motoki; Shibata, Shinpei; Torii, Ken'ichi; Saito, Yoshitaka; Kawai, Nobuyuki; Hirayama, Masaharu; Dotani, Tadayasu; Gunji, Shuichi; Sakurai, Hirohisa
Likely detection of pulsed high-energy gamma-rays from millisecond pulsar PSR J0218+4232 355 Kuiper, L.; Hermsen, W.; Verbunt, F.; Lyne, A.; Stairs, I.; Thompson, D. J.; Cusumano, G.
Gamma Ray Pulsar Luminosities 359 McLaughlin, Maura; Cordes, James
The Superluminal Model of Pulsars 365 Ardavan, H.
Testing the two-stream instability in a pulsar magnetosphere 367 Asseo, Estelle
Energy Loss of Radio Pulsars 371 Beskin, V. S.; Rafikov, R. R.
The Statistics of Radio Pulsars: A Spark Model 375 Cheng, K. S.; Fan, G. L.
Non-Dipolar Magnetic Fields in Pulsars 377 Eilek, Jean A.; Hankins, Timothy H.
Applications of Ohm's Law to the pulsar magnetosphere 379 Kunzl, Thomas; Lesch, Harald; Jessner, Axel
A low energy-model for coherent radio emission --- the three-liter-pulsar 381 Lesch, Harald; Kunzl, Thomas; Jessner, Axel
Generation of pulsar radio emission 387 Lyubarskii, Yu. E.
Coherent Mechanisms of Pulsar Radio Emission 389 Lyutikov, Maxim; Blandford, Roger; Machabeli, George
Scattering and Diffraction in Magnetospheres of Fast Pulsars 393 Lyutikov, Maxim; Parikh, Anuj
A possible mechanism for flattening of pulsar spectra at high frequencies 395 Malov, I. F.
A Model for the Pulsar Radio Emission 397 Melikidze, G.; Gil, J.; Pataraya, A.
Formation of beam-plasma structures in pulsar magnetosphere 401 Mel'Nik, V. N.
Propagation of radio waves in pulsar magnetospheres 403 Petrova, S. A.; Lyubarskii, Yu. E.
Recent developments of inverse Compton scattering model of pulsar radio emission 405 Qiao, G. J.; Xu, R. X.; Liu, J. F.; Zhang, B.; Han, J. L.
Beams in Magnetised Pair Plasmas 409 Rowe, E. T.
Pulsar Electrodynamics 411 Shibata, Shinpei
Radiating Regions in Pulsar Magnetospheres: From Theory to Observations and Back 417 Usov, Vladimir V.
On the nature of optical emission from radio pulsars 421 Malov, I. F.; Machabeli, G. Z.
On the Nature of the Geminga Pulsar 423 Khechinashvili, D.; Melikidze, G.; Gil, J.
High Energy Radiation from Pulsars 427 Cheng, K. S.
Model of pulse separation in the gamma light curve of the Vela pulsar 433 Dyks, Jaroslaw; Rudak, Bronislaw
Beaming Due to Comptonisation in X-ray Pulsars 435 Galloway, D. K.; Wu, K.
A Ray-Tracing Model of the Vela Magnetosphere 437 Hirano, C.; Gwinn, C. R.
A model for the energetic emission from pulsars 439 Lyubarskii, Yu. E.
Thermal X-Ray Pulses Resulting From Pulsar Glitches 441 Tang, Anisia P. S.; Cheng, K. S.
The Pair Cascade in Strong and Weak Field Pulsars 445 Arendt, Paul N., Jr.; Eilek, Jean A.
Pulsar Death at an Advanced Age 449 Arons, Jonathan
The Pulsar Pair Plasma 455 Asseo, Estelle; Riazuelo, Alain
Pulsar Magnetospheres: Classical, Quasi-Classical and Quantum Descriptions 457 da Costa, A. A.
Possible re-acceleration regions above the inner gap and pulsar gamma-ray emission 461 Hong, B. H.; Qiao, G. J.; Zhang, B.; Ha, J. L.; Xu, R. X.
Charge Densities above Pulsar Polar Caps 463 Jessner, A.; Lesch, H.; Kunzl, Th.
Some Peculiaritiers of the Relativistic Electron-Positron Plasma Dynamics in the Pulsar Magnetosphere 465 Nanobashvili, Irakli S.
ICS as a Limiting Factor for Electron Energies in Pulsar Magnetospheres 469 Supper, Rodrigo
Emission of particles and photons in the pulsar polar cap 473 Tsygan, A. I.
High-energy accelerators above pulsar polar caps 479 Xu, R. X.; Qiao, G. J.
A full polar cap cascade model: pulsar gamma-ray and X-ray luminosities 481 Zhang, Bing; Harding, Alice K.
Neutron Star/Supernova Remnant Associations 485 Kaspi, Victoria M.
Puzzling Pulsars and Supernova Remnants 491 Lorimer, D. R.; Ramachandran, R.
1997 October Event(s) in the Crab Pulsar 493 Backer, D. C.
The Crab pulsar echoes 499 Smith, F. Graham; Lyne, A. G.
Infrared Observations of the Crab Nebula 503 Gallant, Yves A.; Tuffs, Richard J.
Plasma Theory of Two Synchrotron Knots' formation Discovered in the Crab Nebula 505 Shapakidze, David; Machabeli, George
Time-variability of the Crab Nebula wisps 507 Spitkovsky, Anatoly; Arons, Jonathan
Supernova Remnant CTB 80 and PSR 1951+32 509 Strom, R. G.; Stappers, B. W.
The interaction of pulsar winds with old supernova remnants 513 van der Swaluw, Eric; Achterberg, Abraham; Gallant, Yves A.
A VLBI Search for a Pulsar Nebula in SN1993J in the Galaxy M81 515 Bartel, N.; Bietenholz, M. F.; Cannon, W. H.; Rupen, M. P.; Beasley, A. J.; Graham, D. A.; Altunin, V. I.; Venturi, T.; Umana, G.; Conway, J. E.
Bow Shocks from Radio Pulsars: Observations of the Guitar Nebula 517 Chatterjee, Shami; Cordes, James M.
Physical Connections Between Pulsar Outer Magnetospheres and Pulsar Nebulae 519 Chiueh, Tzihnong
The Remarkable Binary Pulsar PSR B1259-63 521 Johnston, Simon
Probing pulsar winds using inverse Compton scattering 527 Ball, Lewis; Kirk, J. G.
Transient radio emission from PSR B1259-63 529 Ball, Lewis; Melatos, Andrew; Johnston, Simon; Skjaeraasen, Olaf
Predictions of inverse Compton radiation from PSR B1259-63 531 Kirk, J. G.; Ball, Lewis; Skjaeraasen, O.
On the Nature of Radio Eclipsing 533 Istomin, Ya. N.
A Model for the Binary Pulsar Radio Eclipse 535 Khechinashvili, D.; Melikidze, G.; Gil, J.
Pulsars and Interstellar Scintillations 539 Gupta, Y.
Pulsar Scintillation Studies and Structure of the Local Interstellar Medium 545 Bhat, N. D. Ramesh; Gupta, Yashwant; Pramesh Rao, A.; Preethi, P. B.
Pulsar Scintillation Measurements: Is there any evidence for a Local Bubble Shell or effects from pulsar bow shocks? 549 Minter, Anthony
Constraints on Interstellar Plasma Turbulence Spectrum from Pulsar Observations at the Ooty Radio Telescope 553 Bhat, N. D. Ramesh; Gupta, Yashwant; Pramesh Rao, A.
Observations of the interstellar scintillation of nearby pulsars at 1.7 GHz with the 32-m Torun radiotelescope 555 Redmerska, Malgorzata; Konacki, Maciej; Lewandowski, Wojciech; Wolszczan, Alex
Pulsar distance measurements using interstellar scintillation data 557 Smirnova, T. V.; Shishov, V. I.
A (new) Phenomenon in Pulsar Dynamic Spectra 559 Stinebring, D. R.; Becker, K. M.; Espinoza Goodman, J. E.; Kramer, M. A.; Sheckard, J. L.; Cordes, J. M.; Lazio, T. J.
Extreme scattering of pulsars 561 Walker, Mark A.
Search for Single Scattering Events 565 Ramachandran, R.; Deshpande, A. A.; Stappers, B. W.
Interstellar scintillation of the radio source associated with the gamma ray burst of 8 May 1997 569 Smirnova, T. V.; Shishov, V. I.
Neutron Star Populations at the Millenium 573 Cordes, James
Close Binaries with Two Compact Objects 579 Kalogera, V.
Recycling NSs to ultrashort periods: a statistical analysis of their evolution in the mu-P plane 585 Possenti, Andrea; Colpi, Monica; Geppert, Ulrich; Burderi, Luciano; D'Amico, Nichi
Theoretical Implications of the 47 Tuc Pulsars 589 Rasio, Frederic A.
New Direct Observational Evidence for Kicks in SNe 595 Tauris, T. M.; van den Heuvel, E. P. J.
How well are Neutron Stars understood? 597 Kundt, Wolfgang
Braking Indices for Twenty Pulsars 599 Johnston, Simon; Galloway, David
On the Existence of an Universal Spin-down Equation for Pulsars 601 Alvarez, Cesar; Carraminana, Alberto
Deconfinement signals from pulsar timing 603 Grigorian, Hovik; Poghosyan, Gevorg; Chubarian, Edward; Blaschke, David
On the origin and parameters of the pulsar-like white dwarf in AE Aquarii 605 Ikhsanov, Nazar R.
Magnetic field of pulsars with superconducting quark core 607 Blaschke, David; Sedrakian, David M.; Shahabasyan, Karen M.
About the Magnetic Field Generation in Crab Nebula 609 Nanobashvili, Irakli S.
Neutron Star Atmospheres 613 Pavlov, George G.; Zavlin, V. E.
Partially ionized layers of accreted envelopes of weakly and strongly magnetized neutron stars 619 Potekhin, Alexander; Chabrier, Gilles; Shibanov, Yuri
Heat and charge transport in envelopes of weakly and strongly magnetized neutron stars 621 Potekhin, Alexander
Non-LTE effects in neutron star atmospheres 623 Werner, K.; Deetjen, J.
Polarization of Thermal Radiation from Neutron Stars 625 Zavlin, V. E.; Pavlov, G. G.
HST Observations of PSR J2051-0827: Asymmetry, Variability and Modelling 627 Stappers, B. W.; van Kerkwijk, M.; Bell, J. F.
Low-Mass HeWDs and Millisecond Pulsars Age Determination 631 Antipova, J.; Ergma, Ene; Sarna, M. J.
The Temperature and Cooling Age of the White-Dwarf Companion to the Millisecond Pulsar PSR B1855+09 633 Bell, Jon; van Kerkwijk, Marten; Kaspi, Vicky; Kulkarni, Shri
The evolution of helium white dwarfs: Applications for millisecond pulsars 635 Driebe, T.; Blöcker, T.; Schönberner, D.
Helium white dwarf cooling in PSR J0751+1807 and PSR J1012+5307 637 Ergma, Ene; Antipova, J.; Sarna, M. J.
Recycling in progress: RXTE discovery of the first accretion-powered millisecond pulsar 643 van der Klis, M.
Kilohertz QPOs and general-relativistic orbital motion --- a maximum likelihood test 649 Bulik, Tomasz
Evolution of the Magnetic Field of a Neutron Star During Polar-Cap Accretion 651 Melatos, A.; Phinney, E. S.
Effect of Photon Rocket in X-ray Binaries 653 Pal'Shin, V. D.; Tsygan, A. I.
A microscopic study of neutron stars' structure 657 Bombaci, I.; Baldo, M.; Burgio, G. F.
Are there Strange Stars in the Universe? 659 Bombaci, Ignazio
Rapidly rotating strange stars 661 Gondek-Rosinska, D.; Haensel, P.; Zdunik, J. L.; Gourgoulhon, E.
Protoneutron stars and neutron stars 663 Gondek-Rosinska, D.; Haensel, P.; Zdunik, J. L.
Are Pulsars Bare Strange Stars? 665 Xu, R. X.; Qiao, G. J.; Zhang, B.
Magnetars 669 Thompson, Christopher
Magneto-rotational and Thermal Evolution of Magnetars with Crustal Magnetic Fields 681 Geppert, U.; Page, D.; Colpi, M.; Zannias, T.
Low Frequency Radio Emission of Pulsar PSR J1907+0919 Associated with the Magnetar SGR 1900+14 685 Shitov, Yu. P.; Pugachev, V. D.; Kutuzov, S. M.
Bumpy Spin-Down of Anomalous X-Ray Pulsars: The Link with Magnetars 691 Melatos, A.
New ASCA Observations of two Anomalous X-ray Pulsars 695 Paul, B.; Kawasaki, M.; Dotani, T.; Nagase, F.
A New View on Young Pulsars in Supernova Remnants: Slow Radio-quiet & X-ray Bright 699 Gotthelf, E. V.; Vasisht, G.
Anomalous X-ray pulsars and soft gamma-ray repeaters in supernova remnants 703 Gaensler, B. M.
Discovery of a supernova remnant with a central X-ray source: AX J184453.3-025642 in G 29.6+0.1 707 Gotthelf, E. V.; Vasisht, G.; Gaensler, B.; Torii, K.
Studying pulsars with the SKA and other new facilities 711 Bell, Jon
The Future X-ray Observations of Pulsars and Isolated Neutron Stars 717 Trümper, Joachim
The Status of Pulsar Emission Theory 721 Melrose, D. B.
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