Title: Eta Carinae at the Millennium
Volume: 179 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Morse, Jon A.; Humphreys, Roberta M.; Damineli, Augusto
ISBN: 1-58381-003-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-515-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
Conference Introduction 3 Humphreys, R. M.; Davidson, K.
Basic Parameters of Eta Carinae 6 Davidson, K.
Setting the Scene: an Imaging Overview of the Eta Carinae System 13 Morse, J. A.
Infrared Imaging and Polarimetry of Eta Carinae and the Homunculus Nebula 20 Gehrz, R. D.; Smith, N.; Krautter, J.
Structure and Kinematics of the Equatorial Ejecta 31 Smith, N.; Gehrz, R. D.; Krautter, J.
η Carinae in the Mid-Infrared 41 Polomski, E.; Telesco, C.; Piña, R.
Resolving X-ray Spectral Variations in η Carinae 46 Corcoran, M. F.; Swank, J. H.; Petre, R.; Ishibashi, K.; Davidson, K.; Damineli, A.; Viotti, R.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
Continuum and Spectral Observations of η Carinae at Wavelengths of 3 & 6 Centimeters 54 Duncan, R. A.; White, S. M.; Reynolds, J. E.; Lim, J.
Ground-Based Proper Motion of the Expanding Homunculus Using a Half-Century Temporal Baseline 63 Smith, N.; Gehrz, R. D.
Astrometric Motion and Doppler Velocity 72 Currie, D. G.; Dowling, D. M.
HST Proper-Motion Measurements of η Carinae 83 Kellogg, J. R.; Morse, J. A.; Davidson, K.
An Up-dated Proper-Motion/Spectropolarimetric Distance to η Carinae 89 Meaburn, J.
Discussion 91 N/A
The Central Star of η Carinae 98 Hillier, D. J.
The View with FOS-Spectroscopy of the Central Star from 1400 to 5500 Å 107 Humphreys, R. M.; The HST-Fos ß Car Team
The Ultraviolet Spectrum of the η Carinae Core: Which Star? 110 Walborn, N. R.
Discussion 114 N/A
Preliminary Analysis of HST-STIS Spectra of Compact Ejecta from Eta Carinae 116 Hamann, F.; Davidson, K.; Ishibashi, K.; Gull, T. R.
Strange Velocities in the Equatorial Ejecta of η Carinae 123 Zethson, T.; Johansson, S.; Davidson, K.; Humphreys, R. M.; Ishibashi, K.; Ebbets, D.
HST-FOS UV-Optical Spectra of Ejecta from Eta Carinae: an Atlas and Discussion 134 Dufour, R. J.; Glover, T. W.; Hester, J. J.; Currie, D. G.; van Orsow, D.; Walter, D. K.
First Observations of η Carinae with the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph 144 Gull, T. R.; Ishibashi, K.; Davidson, K.; The Cycle 7 STIS Go Team
The LBV Nebula around η CAR and Its Remarkable Features 155 Weis, K.; Duschl, W. J.
The Extensive η Carinae Scattering and Emission-Line Nebulosities 159 Meaburn, J.
Discussion 169 N/A
Atomic Physics Aspects on Previously and Newly Identified Iron Lines in the HST Spectrum of η Carinae 171 Johansson, S.; Zethson, T.
Self-Absorption Curve Analysis of [Fe II] and Fe II Emission Lines of η Carinae 184 Viotti, R.; Rossi, C.; Baratta, G. B.
Discussion 192 N/A
Spectral Variability of η Carinae in the 20th Century 196 Damineli, A.; Viotti, R.; Stahl, A. Kaufer. O.; Wolf, B.; de Araújo, F. X.
The Variability of η Carinae in the Visual Spectral Region 200 Sterken, C.; van Genderen, A. M.; de Groot, M.; Burki, G.
Visual Observations of η Carinae 209 Jones, A.
Overview of 18. 3 Years of Ultraviolet IUE Observations of η Carinae 211 Viotti, R.; Rossi, C.
The Historical Light Curves of the Eta Carinae-like Variables 216 Humphreys, R. M.; Davidson, K.
The Historical Evidence for the 5. 52-Year Cycle 221 Damineli, A.; Stahl, O.; Wolf, B.; Kaufer, A.; Jablonski, F. J.
HST/STIS Observations of the Star During Its Recent Event 227 Davidson, K.; Ishibashi, K.; Gull, T. R.; Humphreys, R. M.
Optical Spectroscopy of the Eta Carinae Low-Excitation Event from Mt. Stromlo Observatory 236 McGregor, P. J.; Rathborne, J. M.; Humphreys, R. M.
High-resolution Spectroscopy of η Carinae during the Past Six Years at ESO 243 Wolf, B.; Kaufer, A.; Stahl, O.; Damineli, A.
The Variability of Eta Carinae and the Homunculus Nebula at Thermal Infrared Wavelengths 251 Gehrz, R. D.; Smith, N.
Near-Infrared Variations of η Carinae 258 Whitelock, P.; Laney, D.
Variability of η Carinae at 7 MM 263 Abraham, Z.; Damineli, A.
Resolving X-ray Temporal Variations in η Carinae 266 Ishibashi, K.; Davidson, M. F.; Corcoran, K.; Drake, S. A.; Swank, J. H.; Petre, R.
BeppoSAX Observations During High and Low States of η Carinae 275 Viotti, R.; Grandi, P.; Antonelli, A.; Corcoran, M. F.; Damineli, A.
Discussion 279 N/A
Rotation, Massive Star Evolution. and Eta Carinae 283 Arnett, D.
η Carinae Binarity after the 1998 Event 288 Damineli, A.; Lopes, D. F.; Conti, P. S.
Eta Carinae: A Colliding Wind Binary? 295 Stevens, I. R.; Pittard, J. M.
Why the Binary Hypothesis Isn't a Panacea 304 Davidson, K.
Discussion 316 N/A
An Observer's Primer of Hydro Models of Eta Carinae 319 Balick, B.
Hydrodynamical Conundrums in η Carinae 326 Frank, A.
A New Hydrodynamic Model for the Formation of the Homunculus Nebula around η Carinae 337 Dwarkadas, V.; Balick, B.
Pulsation-Driven Outflows in Luminous Blue Variables 347 Guzik, J. A.; Cox, A. N.; Despain, K. M.
Discussion 354 N/A
A Near-Eddington Limit Wind Scenario for the Great Eruption of η Carinae 358 Cassinelli, J. P.
The Effects of Possible Binary and Tertiary Companions on the Behavior of Eta Carinae 367 Iben, I., Jr.
Panel Discussion on the Cause of the Great Eruption 373 Balick, B.
The Past and the Future: Some Closing Comments 377 Feast, M.