Title: Catching the Perfect Wave: Adaptive Optics and Interferometry in the 21st Century
Volume: 174 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Restaino, Sergio R.; Junor, William; Duric, Nebojsa
ISBN: 1-886733-96-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-510-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
Astronomical Incentives to Improve Angular Resolution 1 Trimble, V.
Why We Need Adaptive Optics for Interferometry 11 Tango, W. J.
The CP2O++ photon-counting detector: current status and use in Dark-Speckles experiment for Exo-Planet detection 21 Abe, L.; Vakili, F.; Percheron, I.; Hamma, S.; Ragey, J.-P.; Blazit, A.
Measurement of the optical relevant parameters for high angular resolution astronomy with the Generalized Seeing Monitor(G.S.M.) 27 Conan, R.; Ziad, A.; Tokovinin, A.; Avila, R.; Borgnino, J.; Martin, F.
Aperture Synthesis Imaging with Large Binocular Telescope 33 Hege, E. K.; Christou, Julian; Cheselka, Matt; Jefferies, Stuart
Binary Star Orbits from Speckle Interferometry 41 Mason, Brian D.; Douglass, Geoffrey G.; Hartkopt, William
Two telescope interferometric testbed to develop low cost atmospheric correction techniques for high angular resolution 45 Finkner, L.; Percheron, I.; Baker, J.; Sanchez, D.
Adaptive Optics for the 21st Century 55 Fugate, Robert Q.
Design of a Novel Laser Metrology Scheme for the Palomar Adaptive Optics System 69 Bloemhof, E. E.; Dekany, R. G.
Ground-Based Solar System Astronomy using Adaptive Optics and Acousto-Optic Tuning 75 Chanover, N. J.; Glenar, D. A.; Hillman, J. J.; Blass, W. E.; Drummond, J. D.; Fugate, R. Q.
Alternatives to the Conventional Sodium Beacon 81 Diels, Jean-Claude; Biegert, Jens; McGraw, John
Image Recovery Using phase Diversity 87 Dorf, Marcel; Duric, Neb
Characterization of Atmospheric Turbulence at Four Mesa-Top Sites in New Mexico 95 Duric, Neb; Westpfahl, Dave; Gregory, Steve; McGraw, John; Miller, Bill; Grashuis, Randy; Hess, Tom; Beckley, Howard
Low Cost Adaptive Optics System 109 Percheron, I.; Baker, J.; Finkner, L.; Kiwanuka, S.; Loos, G.; Restaino, S.
Turbulence Analysis with the Starfire Optical Range 3.5-meter Telescope 119 Schöck, Matthias; Spillar, Earl J.
Measuring Binaries with the Starfire Optical Range 3.5-meter Telescope 125 Drummond, Jack; Christou, Julian; Spillar, Earl
Improving the GI2T/REGAIN Interferometer sensitivity using Adaptive Optics 131 Verinaud, C.; Blazit, A.; de Bonnevie, A.; Berio, P.
High Angular Resolution Astronomy on a Shoestring 135 Haniff, Chris
Calibration of Interferometric Arrays 147 Ten Brummelaar, Theo. A.
Calculation of the Noise Induced Bias in the Complex Visibility 159 Sanchez, Darryl J.
Interferometric self-referenced phase determination on an extended object 167 Sanchez, Darryl J.
A noise removal technique for optical and near-IR synthesis imaging 173 Tyler, D. W.
Liquid Crystals, Single Mode Optical Fibers and More 177 Restaino, S. R.
Concentration of Starlight from Large Apertures into a Single Spatial Mode for Long Baseline Interferometry 193 Meisner, Jeffrey A.
Field Correlation Effects in Multiple-Core Fibers for an Optical Imaging Interferometer 201 Tuttle, Carl E.; Prasad, Sudhakar
Optical Interferometry - from Ground to Space 211 Greenaway, Alan H.
Advanced Technologies for Space Interferometry 227 Robbe, S.
Key aspects in the design of a synthetic aperture optics space telescope for wide field imaging 245 Cassaing, Frdic; Mugnier, Laurent M.; Rousset, Grard; Sorrente, Batrice
Perspective, Summary and Observations 251 Breckinridge, James B.