Title: The Scientific Impact of the Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph
Volume: 143 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Brandt, John C.; Ake, Thomas B.; Petersen, Carolyn Collins
ISBN: 1-886733-63-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-479-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
Deuterium Abundance and Cosmology 3 Vidal-Madjar, A.; Ferlet, R.; Lemoine, M.
GHRS Observations of the Lyman alpha Forest 19 Morris, S. L.
GHRS Observations of Active Galaxies 29 Crenshaw, D. M.
Massive Stars Observed with the GHRS 39 de Koter, A.
Main Sequence O Stars and Starburst Galaxies 55 Conti, P. S.
Cool Stars 67 Carpenter, K. G.
Star Formation and Beta Pictoris 83 Lagrange, A.-M.
GHRS Observations of X-ray Binaries 99 Boroson, B.
Novae in Outburst and in Context 113 Shore, S. N.
Variable Stars with GHRS - Especially One of Them 129 Davidson, K.
GHRS Spectroscopy of Chemically Peculiar Stars: The Chi LUPI Pathfinder Project 135 Leckrone, D. S.; Johansson, S. G.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Proffitt, C. R.; Brage, T.
The Impact of GHRS on Atomic Physics - A Fruitful Collaboration Between Laboratory and Stellar Spectroscopy 155 Johansson, S.; Leckrone, D. S.; Davidson, K.
Hot Gas in the Interstellar Medium 171 Spitzer, L.
Elemental Abundances in the Interstellar Medium 181 Sembach, K. R.
The Scientific Impact of the GHRS on our Understanding of the Local Interstellar Medium 197 Linsky, J. L.; Wood, B. E.
Comets 213 Weaver, H. A.
Terrestrial Planets and Planetary Satellites 227 McGrath, M. A.
GHRS Observations of Jupiter 233 Caldwell, J.
The Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph on the Hubble Space Telescope After Twenty Years 241 Maran, S. P.
Panel Discussion on the Future of UV Spectroscopy in Space 249 Ebbets, D.
The GHRS Team Projects 257 Snow, M.; GHRS Investigation Definition Team
High Signal-to-Noise GHRS Observations of H 1821+643: O IV Associated with a Group of Galaxies at Z = 0.226 and Complex Lyman alpha Absorption Profiles at Low Redshift 261 Tripp, T. M.; Lu, L.; Savage, B. D.
GHRS Monitoring of the Outfiowing Material in NGC 4151 266 Weymann, R. J.; Morris, S. L.; Gray, M. E.; Hutchings, J. B.
Resolving the C IV and MG II Absorption in NGC 4151 271 Kriss, G. A.
Interstellar Electron Density Measurements with the GHRS 275 Fitzpatrick, E. L.
The Distance to Two Hydrogen Clouds: The HVC Complex A and the Low-Latitude Intermediate-Velocity Arch 280 Wakker, B.; Howk, C.; van Woerden, H.; Schwarz, U. J.; Beers, T. C.; Wilhelm, R.; Kalberla, P.; Danly, L.
The B5 Molecular Cloud Halo: The Cool Atomic and Molecular Medium 285 Wannier, P.; Andersson, B.-G.; Penprase, B. E.; Federman, S.; Lambert, D.
Diffuse Ionized Gas in the Beta Canis Majoris Tunnel 290 Dupin, O.; Gry, C.
Possible Detection of a Diffuse Interstellar Cloud Boundary II. GHRS Observations of Sirius A 294 Bertin, P.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Ferlet, R.; Lemoine, M.; Lallement, R.
HST Archival Search for Carbon Monosulfide toward Zeta Ophiuchi 295 Swade, D. A.; Kinzel, W. M.
Self-Consistent Oscillator Strengths from Ultraviolet Interstellar Spectra 299 Zsargo, J.; Federman, S. R.; Cardelli, J. A.
The B11/B10 Ratio in Interstellar Space 302 Federman, S. R.; Lambert, D. L.; Sheffer, Y.; Cardelli, J. A.
Light Elements and Cosmic Rays in the Early Galaxy 303 Ramaty, R.; Kozlovsky, B.; Lingenfelter, R. E.; Reeves, H.
Detection of a Stellar Wind from Sirius A 308 Bertin, P.; Lamers, H. J. G. L. M.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Ferlet, R.; Lallement, R.
The Mass of the Classical Cepheid S MUSCAE 309 Evans, N. R.; Bohm-Vitense, E.; Beck-Winchatz, B.; Carpenter, K.; Robinson, R.
The Mass of the Classical Cepheid V350 SGR 313 Evans, N. R.; Bohm-Vitense, E.; Beck-Winchatz, B.; Carpenter, K.; Robinson, R.
The Mass of the Beat Cepheid Y Carinae 317 Bohm-Vitense, E.; Beck-Winchatz, B.; Evans, N. R.; Carpenter, K. G.; Robinson, R.
The Post-Mass-Transfer Binary S1040 in M67 321 Landsman, W. B.; Stecher, T. S.
Selections from the GHRS Atlas of Chi LUPI 322 Proffitt, C. R.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Brage, T.; Brandt, J. C.; Leckrone, D. S.; Johansson, S. G.; GHRS Science Team
Abundances and Isotopic Compositions of Singly Ionized Platinum in Chi LUPI and HR 7775 326 Kalus, G.; Johansson, S.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Leckrone, D. S.; Brandt, J. C.; Thorne, A. P.
Very Heavy Elements in the HgMn Star Chi LUPI 330 Wahlgren, G. M.; Leckrone, D. S.; Brage, T.; Proffitt, C. R.; Johansson, S.
The Abundance of CO in the HgMn Star Chi LUPI 334 Zethson, T.; Johansson, S.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Pickering, J.; Leckrone, D. S.
High-Resolution Observation of B II A1362 in Chi LUPI 339 Zethson, T.; Johansson, S.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Leckrone, D. S.
Oscillator Strengths and the Rhodium Abundance in the HgMn Type Star Chi LUPI 343 Lundberg, H.; Johansson, S.; Litzen, U.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Leckrone, D. S.
The Third Spectrum of Neodymium: Applications to HR 6870 and Gamma Equulei 346 Cowley, C. R.; Bord, D. J.
GHRS Observations of Neutron-Capture Elements in Metal-Poor Halo Stars 350 Cowan, J. J.; Buns, D. L.; Sneden, C.; Truran, J. W.
The Evolution of Galactic Boron and a New Site for the Production of the Light Elements 354 Duncan, D. K.; Primas, F.; Rebull, L. M.; Boesgaard, A. M.; Deliyannis, C.; Hobbs, L. M.; King, J. R.; Ryan, S.
UV Spectroscopy of a On (M2 lab) and Implications Regarding Heating Mechanisms 356 Cuntz, M.
GHRS Observations of Molecular Hydrogen in the Gas Disks of Pre-Main Sequence Stars F. 360 Walter, M.; Liu, Y.
GHRS Observations of CO and C I in the Beta Pictoris Circumstellar Disk 365 Jolly, A.; Malmasson, D.; Rostas, F.; McPhate, J. B.; Feldman, P. D.; Lecavelier, A.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Ferlet, R.; Lagrange, A.-M.; Lemaire, J. L.
GHRS Detection of the Fossil Deuterium of Jupiter 366 Ben Jaffel, L.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Gladstone, G. R.; McConnell, J. C.; Emerich, C.; Prange, R.; Clarke, J. T.
GHRS Observations of Solar Ly-alpha Induced Fluorescence of H2 and CO in Comets and Planetary Atmospheres 373 Wolven, B. C.; Feldman, P. D.
Atomic Calculations Inspired by the GHRS - gf-Values, Hyperfine Structure Constants, and Isotope Shifts for Heavy Elements 378 Brage, T.; Proffitt, C. R.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Leckrone, D. S.; Johansson, S.
Wavelengths and Oscillator Strengths from NIST in Support of GHRS 382 Reader, J.; Sansonetti, C. J.; Sugar, J.
Theoretical Atomic Properties for Light Atoms 386 Froese Fischer, C.; Jonsson, P.; Godefroid, M.; Brage, T.
CHIANTI - an Atomic Database For Emission Lines Paper I: Wavelengths Greater than 50 Angstroms 390 Dere, K. P.; Landi, E.; Mason, H. E.; Fossi, B. C. M.; Young, P. R.
High Resolution Laboratory VUV Fourier Transform Spectrometry Relevant to GHRS 391 Pickering, J.; Thorne, A.; Learner, R.
Improved VUV Spectroscopy of Doubly Ionized Atoms 395 Smith, P. L.; Thorne, A. P.; Learner, R. C. M.; Pickering, J. C.; Kling, R.; Mende, W.; Kock, M.
An Accurate Branching Ratio Measurement of Astrophysically Important N II IntercombinatiOn Lines in the UV 399 Bridges, J. M.; Wiese, W. L.; Griesmann, U.
Local Interstellar Cloud(s) Observations with the GHRS 403 Lallement, R.; Grzedzielski, S.; Ferlet, R.; Vidal-Madjar, A.