Title: Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Volume: 132 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Yun, J.; Liseau, L.
ISBN: 1-886733-52-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-468-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
ISM and star formation studies with ISO 3 Cox, P.
The Nature of Small Interstellar Dust Particles 15 Boulanger, F.; Abergel, A.; Bernard, J. P.; Cesarsky, D.; Puget, J. L.; Reach, W. T.; Ryter, C.; Cesarsky, C. J.; Sauvage, M.; Tran, D.; Vigroux, L.; Falgarone, E.; Lequeux, J.; Perault, M.; Rouan, D.
ISO observations of IR color variations toward nearby molecular clouds 24 Bernard, J. P.; Abergel, A.; Boulanger, F.; Puget, J. L.; Helou, G.; Langer, W.
Dust distribution in compact H II regions: an ISO view 30 Zavagno, A.
A New Look at the Orion Bar 35 Walmsley, M.; Natta, A.; Marconi, A.; Testi, L.; Hofner, P.; Marconi, A.; Hofner, P.; Schilke, P.; Wyrowski, F.
Large-Scale Survey Observations of the Far-Infrared [C II] Line Emission 41 Nakagawa, T.; Okuda, H.; Toya, T.; Makiuti, S.; Yui, Y. Y.; Doi, Y.; Mochizuki, K.; Nishimura, T.; Low, F. J.
SWS spectrum of the reflection nebula NGC7023 47 Moutou, C.; Sellgren, K.; Leger, A.; Verstraete, L.; Rouan, D.; Giard, M.; Werner, M.
ISO Observations of Gas and Dust Chemistry in Star-Forming Regions 54 van Dishoeck, E. F.; Helmich, F. P.; Schutte, W. A.; Ehrenfreund, P.; Lahuis, F.; Boogert, A. C. A.; Tielens, A. G. G. M.; de Graauw, Th.; Gerakines, P. A.; Whittet, D. C. B.
Molecular gas phase counterparts to solid state grain mantles features 66 Dartois, E.; D'Hendecourt, L.; Boulanger, F.; Puget, J. L.; Jourdain de Muizon, M.; Breitfellner, M.; Habing, H. J.
Recent Observations of H_{3^{+}} in Molecular Clouds 72 Geballe, T. R.; McCall, B. J.; Oka, T.
ISO spectroscopy of (ultra) compact galactic HII regions 76 Roelfsema, P. R.; Cox, P.; Kessler, M. F.; Baluteau, J.-P.
The ISM in Starburst Galaxies: Constraints from ISO Spectroscopy 89 Lutz, D.; Genzel, R.; Kunze, D.; Spoon, H. W. W.; Sturm, E.; Sternberg, A.; Moorwood, A. F. M.
A model for the ring galaxy VV330 95 Curir, A.; Mazzei, P.; Bonoli, C.
A Study of the Infrared Spectral Energy Distributions of H II Regions 101 Leisawitz, D.; Digel, S. W.; Guo, Z.; Mendez, B.; Hanson, M. M.
ISO Study of the Recombination Line Maser Star MWC 349 107 Thum, C.; Martin-Pintado, J.; Quirrenbach, A.; Matthews, H. E.
ISO Observations of M8, The Lagoon Nebula 113 White, Glenn J.; Nisini, B.; Correia, J. C.; Tothill, N. F. H.; Huldtgren, M.; Lorenzetti, D.; Saraceno, P.; Smith, H. A.; Ceccarelli, C.; Burgdorf, M.; Griffin, M. J.; Furniss, I.; Glencross, W.; Spinoglio, L.; Matthews, H. E.; McCutcheon, W. H.; McCaughrean, Mark J.
Multi-wavelength study of the massive star-forming region LBN 594 119 Launhardt, Ralf; Henning, Thomas; Klein, Randolf
ISOCAM Survey of Nearby Star Formation Regions 127 Nordh, L.; Olofsson, G.; Bontemps, S.; Huldtgren, M.; Kaas, A. A.; Andre, P.; Cesarsky, C. J.; Montmerle, T.; Abergel, A.; Boulanger, F.; Cesarsky, D.; Lagache, G.; Puget, J. L.; Blommaert, J.; Burgdorf, M.; Prusti, T.; Copet, E.; Davies, J.; Falgarone, E.; Perault, M.; Persi, P.; Sibille, F.
Young Stars in the ISOGAL Survey 137 Omont, A.; Perault, M.; Alard, C.; Caillaud, B.; Felli, M.; Gilmore, G.; Ojha, D.; Simon, G.; Testi, L.; ISOGAL Team
ISOCAM Survey of the rho OPH Young Stellar Population 141 Bontemps, S.; Nordh, L.; Olofsson, G.; Huldtgren, M.; Kaas, A. A.; Andre, P.; Cesarsky, C. J.; Montmerle, T.; Abergel, A.; Boulanger, F.; Cesarsky, D.; Lagache, G.; Puget, J. L.; Blommaert, J.; Burgdorf, M.; Prusti, T.; Copet, E.; Davies, J.; Falgarone, E.; Perault, M.; Persi, P.; Sibille, F.
ISOPHOT FIR and SEST molecular line mapping of Chameleon I 147 Haikala, L. K.; Mattila, K.; Lehtinen, K.; Lemke, D.
Far-infrared properties of high latitude cirrus clouds 153 Laureijs, R. J.; Haikala, L. K.
The stellar population in Chamaeleon I Dark Cloud 158 Persi, P.; Olofsson, G.; Kaas, A. A.; Nordh, L.; Bontemps, S.; Huldtgren, M.; Andre, Ph.; Cesarsky, C. J.; Montmerle, T.; Abergel, A.; Boulanger, F.; Cesarsky, D.; Lagache, G.; Puget, J. L.; Blommaert, J.; Burgdorf, M.; Prusti, T.; Copet, E.; Davies, J.; Falgarone, E.; Perault, M.; Sibille, F.; Roth, M.
Small-scale dust continuum structure in the rho Ophiuchi cloud cores 163 Motte, F.; Andre, P.; Neri, R.; Abergel, A.
Young Protostars and Inward Motions in Low-Mass Dense Cores 173 Myers, P. C.; Mardones, D.
The Thermodynamics of Dense Cores 183 Whitworth, A. P.; Boffin, H. M. J.; Francis, N.
The Pivotal Onset of Protostellar Collapse: ISO's View and Complementary Observations 189 Wiesemeyer, H.; Gusten, R.; Cox, P.; Zylka, R.; Wright, M. C. H.
ISOPHOT Observations of Pre-stellar Cores 195 Ward-Thompson, D.; Andre, Ph.; Motte, F.
Observation of the rho - Ophiuchi Star Forming Region with ISO PHOT, NRO 45-m, and NMA 203 Sunada, K.; Umemoto, T.; Tamura, M.; Saito, M.; Kamazaki, T.; Oasa, Y.; Kitamura, Y.
The energy balance of the Thumbprint Nebula 209 Lehtinen, K.; Lemke, D.; Mattila, K.; Haikala, L. K.
Protostars in BOK Globules 214 Russell, Stephen C.; Richards, Philip J.; Knee, Lewis B. G.
The dense core OPH D seen in extinction by ISOCAM 220 Abergel, A.; Bernard, J. P.; Boulanger, F.; Desert, F. X.; Lagache, G.; Puget, J. L.; Reach, W. T.; Falgarone, E.; Nordh, L.; Olofsson, G.; Andre, P.; Bacmann, A.; Ristorcelli, I.
LWS Observations of Pre Main Sequence Objects 233 Saraceno, P.; Nisini, B.; Benedettini, M.; Ceccarelli, C.; di Giorgio, A. M.; Giannini, T.; Molinari, S.; Spinogl, L.; Clegg, P. E.; Correia, J. C.; Griffin, M. J.; Leeks, S. J.; White, G. J.; Caux, E.; Lorenzetti, D.; Tommasi, E.; Liseau, R.; Smith, H. A.
LWS observations of the protostar IRAS16293-2422 243 Ceccarelli, C.; Caux, E.; White, G. J.; Molinari, S.; Furniss, I.; Liseau, R.; Nisini, B.; Saraceno, P.; Spinoglio, L.
ISO--LWS and JCMT Continuum Observations of the Young Stellar Object HH46 IRS 249 Correia, J. C.; Griffin, M. J.; Saraceno, P.; Molinari, S.
High-J CO lines from YSOs driving molecular outflows 256 Nisini, B.; Giannini, T.; Molinari, S.; Saraceno, P.; Caux, E.; Ceccarelli, C.; Liseau, R.; Lorenzetti, D.; Tommasi, E.; White, G. J.
Circumstellar Disks Around Pre-Main--Sequence Stars: What ISO Can Tell Us 265 Natta, A.; Meyer, M. R.; Beckwith, S. V. W.
Toward solving the `CO-Problem': chemistry in the disks around VEGA and beta Pictoris 275 Rentzsch-Holm, I.; Holweger, H.; Bertoldi, F.
Evidence for Remnant Circumstellar Disks Around POST T Tauri Stars 281 Moneti, A.; Zinnecker, H.; Kunkel, M.; Preibish, T.
Outflows in S106 IR and CEP A East 287 Wesselius, P. R.; van den Ancker, M. E.; Tielens, A. G. G. M.; Waters, L. B. F. M.
ISO-LWS Observations of Herbig Ae/Be Stars 293 Lorenzetti, D.; Giannini, T.; Nisini, B.; Molinari, S.; Saraceno, P.; Spinoglio, L.; Tommasi, E.; Pezzuto, S.; Strafella, F.; Clegg, P. E.; White, G. J.; Barlow, M.; Cohen, M.; Liseau, R.; Palla, F.; Smith, H. A.
On the Exciting Sources of the L723 and IRAS 20050+2720 Quadrupolar Molecular Outflows 303 Anglada, Guillem; Rodriguez, Luis F.; Torrelles, Jose M.
An ISOCAM Absorption Study of Dense Cloud Cores 307 Bacmann, A.; Andre, Ph.; Abergel, A.; Bernard, J. Ph.; Puget, J. L.; Bontemps, S.; Ward-Thompson, D.
SWS observations of HI lines from the ionized winds of Herbig AeBe stars 314 Benedettini, M.; Nisini, B.; Giannini, T.; Saraceno, P.; Lorenzetti, D.; Smith, H. A.
Violent Star Formation in W49A 318 Whitworth, A. P.; Boffin, H. M. J.; Francis, N.
A Multi-Wavelength Study of the S 151 Region 322 Brand, J.; Wouterloot, J. G. A.
Mid-Infrared Emission Maps of Bipolar Outflows with ISOCAM: an in-depth study of the L1157 outflow 326 Cabrit, S.; Couturier, Andre P.; Boulade, O.; Cesarsky, C. J.; Lagage, P. O.; Sauvage, M.; Bontemps, S.; Nordh, L.; Olofsson, G.; Boulanger, F.; Sibille, F.; Siebenmorgen, R.
Molecular Hydrogen Emission from the Photodissociation Region in Hubble 12 330 Chrysostomou, Antonio; Brand, Peter W. J. L.; Ramsay Howat, Suzanne K.; Burton, Michael G.
ISO Observations of Starless BOK Globules: Usually No Embedded Stars 334 Clemens, D.; Byrne, A.; Yun, J. L.; Kane, B.
ISOCAM Observations of 6.2 microns and 7.7 microns Dust Emission from 4 X-ray Emitting Herbig Ae/Be Stars 338 Corcoran, M.; Montmerle, T.
H_2 fluorescence from molecular outflows 342 Fernandes, Amadeu J. L.; Brand, Peter W. J. L.
Star Formation in Shells Swept up by HII Regions 346 Francis, N.; Boffin, H. M. J.; Watkins, S. J.; Whitworth, A. P.
ISO-LWS Grating Spectroscopy: The Case of R CrA Star Forming Region 350 Giannini, T.; Lorenzetti, D.; Benedettini, M.; Nisini, B.; Saraceno, P.; Tommasi, E.; Smith, H. A.; White, G. J.
Intense X-Ray emission from an Embedded Infrared Protostar in the rho Ophiuchi Cloud 354 Grosso, N.; Montmerle, T.; Andre, P.; Casanova, S.; Feigelson, E. D.; Gregorio-Hetem, J.
The ratio N(CO)/E(J-K) in globules 358 Harjunpaa, P.
CO and H2O models of the protostellar object B 335 362 Hartstein, Daniel; Liseau, Rene
Detection of low temperature regions on T Tauri stars 366 Horrobin, M. J.; Casali, M. M.
Search for Protostars in the rho Ophiuchi Star Forming Region with the ISO PHOT 370 Kamazaki, T.; Sunada, K.; Saito, M.; Tamura, M.; Memoto, T.; Oasa, Y.; Kitamura, Y.
A Search for Clusters of Protostars in Orion Cloud Cores 374 Kaufl, Hans Ulrich; Launhardt, Ralf; Zinnecker, Hans; Stanke, Thomas
ISO Spectroscopy of Selected Starburst Galaxies 378 Kunze, D.; Genzel, R.; Lutz, D.; Spoon, H. W. W.
LWS continuum measurements of the cloud core B335 382 Larsson, Bengt
Far-infrared [C II] Properties of Low-metal Galaxies 386 Mochizuki, Kenji; Onaka, Takashi; Nakagawa, Takao
Shocks and PDRs in an intermediate mass star forming globule: the case of IC1396N 390 Molinari, S.; Saraceno, P.; Nisini, B.; Giannini, T.; Ceccarelli, C.; White, G. J.; Caux, E.; Palla, F.
Another approach to the boundary layer in T Tauri stars 394 Obach, Carsten
Hydrogen Recombination Lines in the Compact HII Region K3-50a 398 Puxley, P. J.
A new limit on the detection of the near infrared emission from Hydrogen Deuteride 402 Ramsay Howat, Suzanne K.; Mountain, Matt
ISOPHOT Observations of Dust in Open Clusters 406 Richards, P. J.; Russell, S. C.
The Rosette Molecular Complex : CO- and [CII]-observations 410 Schneider, N.; Stutzki, J.; Winnewisser, G.
A Survey of 3--12 microns Spectra of Bright Galactic Nuclei 414 Spoon, H. W. W.; Genzel, R.; Lutz, D.
Shocked H_2 in the Orion ``Bullets'' 418 Tedds, Jonathan A.; Brand, Peter W. J. L.
On the o-H_2/p-H_2-Ratio in Shocks 422 Timmermann, Ralf
Observing Herbig Ae/Be Stars with ISO-LWS 426 Tommasi, Elisabetta; Giannini, Teresa; Lorenzetti, Dario; Nisini, Brunella; Saraceno, Paolo; Smith, Howard A.
Binary multiplication: the formation of close binaries from wide ones 430 Watkins, S. J.; Boffin, H. M. J.; Francis, N.; Whitworth, A. P.
The structure of young star clusters: Chamaeleon I 434 Kitsionas, S.; Gladwin, P. P.; Whitworth, A. P.
Vibrationally excited molecules: a probe of the infrared field in hot molecular gas 438 Wyrowski, F.; Schilke, P.; Walmsley, M.