Title: The Third Pacific Rim Conference on Recent Development on Binary Star Research
Volume: 130 Year: 1997 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Leung, Kam-Ching
ISBN: 1-886733-50-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-466-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
Collapse, Fragmentation and Binary Stars 1 Bonnell, Ian
Formation Rate of Triple Stars Relative to Double Stars 7 Isobe, Syuzo; Ni-Ino, Mikinori
Statistical Distributions of Binary Orbital Dynamic Characteristics 13 Heacox, William
The Mark III Interferometer Spectoscopic Binary Program 19 Hummel, Christian A.
Long-Baseline Optical Interferometer and Close Binaries 23 Armstrong, J. T.
Speckle Data Analysis of Binary Stars with Neutral Network 29 Baba, Naoshi; Kishino, Akfifumi; Miura, Noriaki; Isobe, Syuzo
Speckle Spectroscopic Observations of be Binary Stars 35 Baba, Naoshi; Kuwamuru, Susumu; Norimoto, Yuji; Cuevas, Salvador
First Results from CCD Photometry of Components of HIPPARCOS Intermediate Visual Double Stars 41 Oblak, Edouard; Chareton, M.; Cuypers, J.; Lampens, Patricia; Domon, R.
BATSE Observations of X-Ray Binaries Using the Jpl-Ebop Earth Occultation Method 45 Wallyn, Pierre; Mahoney, William A.; Ling, James C.; Wheaton, Wm. A.; Radocinski, Robert G.; Skelton, Robert T.
The Nature of the Eros Catalogue of Eclipsing Binaries 49 Pritchard, John D.; Tobin, W.; Keep, L.-B.; Skuljan, L.; Zambri, M.
The Mount John University Observatory Magellantic Cloud Variable Star Programme 53 Pritchard, John D.; Tobin, W.; Clark, M.; Gilmore, A. G.; Batten, A. H.
Late-Type Close Binaries and Single Stars 57 van't Veer, Frans
Post-Common Envellope Systems: Observations VS Theory 63 Sarna, Marek J.
Temperature Inhomogeneity on the Surfaces of Close Binary Systems due to Irradiation 69 Thou, Dao-Qi; Leung, Kam-Ching
Chemical Evolution of ALGOLS 75 De Greve, Jean-Pierre; Sarna, M.
On Simulation of Convection for Close Binary Stars 83 Chan, Kwing Lam
Improvements to Eclipsing Binary Light Curve Modeling: the Report of a Decade 87 Milone, E. G.
A 2-D Numerical Simulation of the Circulation in the Envelope of a Contact Binary System, an Update 95 Zhou, Dao-Qi; Leung, Kam-Ching
Binary Population among Pre-Main Sequence Stars 103 Chen, Wen Ping; Jeng, Yung Jyh
The Binary Star Population of Star Clusters 107 Janes, Kenneth; Kassas, M.
The Spectroscopic Binary Population of M67 113 Mathieu, Robert D.; Latham, David W.; Milone, Alejandra E.
How do Binaries in Clusters Change with Age? 117 Abt, Helmut A.; Willmarth, Daryl W.
Below the Sun 121 Popper, Daniel M.
Red Stragglers: the Problem of Chromospheric Activity in Old Stars 123 Poveda, Arcadio; Allen, Christine; Herrera, Miguel A.
A Statistical Study of the Oconnell Effect in W UMa Binaries 129 McCartney, Scott
A Database on Visual Double Star Observed at Bosscha Observatory 135 Jasinta, D. M. D.
Colliding Winds in Massive Binaries Involving Wolf-Rayet and 0-TYPE Stars 139 Moffat, Anthony F. J.
Multi-Spectral Study of Wolf-Rayet Binaries 141 Setia Gunawan, Diah Y. A. Setia; van der Hucht, K. A.; Buryn, A. G.; Williams, P. M.
CM Draconis and the Primordial Helium Abundance 147 Latham, David W.; Torres, Guillermo; Metcalfe, Travos S.; Mathieu, Robert F.
Close Binary Progenitors of Type Ib/Ic and IIb/II-L Supernovae 153 Pols, Onno
Asymmetric Supernova Explosion in Binary Systems 159 Yamaoka, Hitoshi
On the Nature of Symbiotic Novae 163 Kwok, Sun
Kinds of Long-Term Brightness Variations of the Nova-Like Binary V Sagittae 167 Simon, Vojtech
Time-Resolved Spectrscopy of Dwarf Nova RX and 171 Li, Zong-Yun; Yuan, Jun-Tao
On the Masses of Binary Systems with Compact Components 175 Herczeg, Tibor
New Determinations of the Magnetic Field on Solar-Like Star ~ EPSiLON Eridani 181 Liu, Xuefu; Cao, Xueyong; Huang, He
CCD Spectral Observations of H alpha on Chromspherically Active Binaries 187 Huang, He; Liu, Xuefu; Zhu, Wenbai
The Variability of Radial Velocity of Theta 2 Tauri 193 Liu, Xuefu; Li, Zhian; Huang, He
The Corelation Between H alpha Emission and Other Activities of RS CVn Type Systems 199 Wang, Xun-Hao; Tan, Hui-Song
Toward a New Model of the Binary be Star Phi Persei 209 Suzuki, M.; Kogure, Tomokazu; Mon, M.
Study on Activity Period of PLEIONE 213 Xiao-Zhen, Xiao-Zhen; Cao, Guo Huilai; Hao, Jin-Xin
Variations of Radial Velocity and H-alpha Profile in be Spectroscopic Binary Sigma Tau 215 Guo, Yulian; Cao, Huilai
Photometric Study of Selected Zero-Age Contact and Evolved Contact Binary Systems 219 Goderya, Shaukat N.; Leung, Kam-Ching; Schmidt, Edward G.
A SPOT Model of UV Leonis 223 Frederik, Manna
BVRI Photometry of Contact Binary AW UMa 229 Jeong, Jang Hae; Yim, Jo Reyong
BL Eridani: an with Unstable W UMa Spotted Component 233 Liu, Qingyan; Soonthornthum, B.; Gu, Shenghong; Yang, Yulan; Niparugs, S.; Sooksawat, M. L. A.; Naksata, M.; Wang, Bi
A H alpha Flare on UV Pisces 235 Lin, Qingyao; Gu, Shenghong; Yang, Yulan; Huang, Zhankui
Time Scales of Cranes of the H alpha Emission in the Interacting Binary CX Draconis 239 Simon, V.; Koubsky, P.; Hubert, Am. M.; Hubert, H.; Floquet, M.; Huang, L.; Peters, G. J.
Long-Term Photometry with Small Telescope in the Crowed City of Seoul 243 Nha, Il-Seong
Permitted fe II Emission in VV Cephei Stars 251 Kawabata, Shusaku; Saito, Mamoru
Active Binary Photometry as a Key to Multiomponent Astrophysics 255 Budding, E.; Butler, C. J.; Etzel, P. B.; Olah, K.; Slee, O. B.; Zeilik, M.
A Rediscussion of Period Variation of SV Camelopardalis 261 Kim, Chun-Hwey
Period Changes of do CAS 269 Oh, Kyu-Dong; Kim, Chun-Hwey
On Period Changes of SW Lyncis 273 Kreiner, Jerzy M.; Treinko, J.; Lola, S.
Period Changes of the Binary VV UMa: Light-Time Effect or Magnetic Activity 277 Simon, Vojtech
Eclipsing AM Herculis Binaries 279 Bailey, Jeremy
A Search for Short Term Spectral Variations in Hard X-Ray Light Curve of AM HER 285 Rainsay, Gavin
Close Binary Research Plan with SUBARU 289 Kitamura, Masatoshi; Yamasaki, A.; Okazaki, A.; Nakamura, Y.
French Astronomers, Visual Double Stars and Double Stars Working Group of Societe Astronomique de France 291 Soulie, E.
Rotation of Close Binaries 295 Tan, Hui-Song; Pan, Kai-Ke
Astronomy in Thailand 299 Soonthornthum, Boonrucksar
Aspects of New Zealand Astronomy 303 Budding, Edwin
Astronomical Facilities in China 307 Li, Qibin
Astronomy in Korea 313 Nha, Il-Seong
Astronomy in Mexico 317 Herrera, Miguel Angel
Optical Astronomy in Japan 321 Kogure, Tomakazu
The Un/esa Cooperative Efforts in Promoting Astronomy and Basic Space Sciences 325 Wamsteker, Willem; Haubold, Hans
The 1995 Total Solar Eclipse Expedition of the Third Pacific Rim Conference on Binary Star 327 Leung, Kam-Ching
Astronomy in the Pacific Rim 339 Leung, Kam-Ching