Title: Robotic Telescopes: Current Capabilities, Present Developments, and Future Prospects for Automated Astronomy
Volume: 79 Year: 1995 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Henry, Gregory W.; Eaton, Joel A.
ISBN: 0-937707-98-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-415-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Conference Summary: Looking Inward 1 Trimble, Virginia
The PHOENIX 10 Automatic Photometric Telescope: an Update 11 Seeds, M. A.
APT Observations of Small-Amplitude Red Variables: Science and Psychology 17 Percy, J. R.; Au, W.
The Four College Consortium APT: The First Four Years 20 Dukes, R. J., Jr.; Kubinec, W. R.; Nations, H. L.; Adelman, S. J.; Smith, D. P.; Guinan, E. F.; McCook, G. P.
The Fairborn/TSU Robotic Telescope Operations Model 37 Henry, G. W.
The Development of Precision Robotic Photometry 44 Henry, G. W.
Variable Stars in the Hertzprung-Russell Diagram 65 Hall, D. S.
Integrated Telescope and CCD Control on a PC 81 Markworth, N. L.
The Berkeley Automatic Imaging Telescope: an Update 86 Treffers, R. R.; Filippenko, A. V.; van Dyk, S. D.; Paik, Y.; Richmond, M. W.
The Micro-Observatory: an Automated Telescope for Education 93 Leiker, P. S.; Sadler, P. M.; Brecher, K.
Flexible Scheduling of Automatic Telescopes Over the Internet 101 Drummond, M.; Bresina, J.; Edgington, W.; Swanson, K.; Henry, G.; Drashcer, E.
Automated Telescope Monitoring and Diagnosis 120 Monahan, C. M.; Patterson-Hine, F. A.; Iverson, D. L.
Diagnostic Algorithms and Health Monitoring of Automatic Telescopes 129 Valentine, K. M.; Donahue, M. A.; Valentine, R. W.
Operations Issues for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope 136 Kelton, P. W.; Cornell, M. E.
Automating Mission Scheduling for Space-Based Observatories 148 Muscettola, N.; Pell, B.; Hansson, O.; Mohan, S.
Scheduling the IUE Satellite with Constraint Logic 167 McCollum, B.; Graves, M.
Planning and Scheduling for the Hubble Space Telescope 173 Miller, G. E.
Advances in Autonomous Operations for the EUVE Science Payload and Spacecraft 184 Morgan, T.; Malina, R. F.
The South Pole Infrared Explorer (SPIREX): Near Infrared Astronomy at the South Pole 195 Rauscher, B. J.; Hereld, M.; Nguyen, H.; Severson, S.
Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector AMANDA: First Data and Outlook 205 Lynch, J.
Small Telescopes and NOAO's New Venture 223 Crawford, D. L.
The Rationale for an Automatic Spectroscopic Telescope 226 Eaton, J. A.
A Proposal for a Fiber-Fed Echelle Spectrograph for a Southern-Hemisphere Robotic Telescope 233 Hearnshaw, J. B.
Network of Oriental Robotic Telescopes 239 Querci, F. R.; Querci, M.; Kadiri, S.; Benkhaldoun, Z.
Astronomy from the Moon 242 Burns, J. O.
A Practical and Affordable Telescope for the Moon 252 Chen, P. C.; Oliversen, R. J.; Hojaji, H.; Ma, K. B.; Lamb, M.; Chu, W. K.