Title: Groups of Galaxies
Volume: 70 Year: 1995 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Richter, Otto-G.; Borne, Kirk
ISBN: 0-937707-89-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-406-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Groups of Galaxies. Setting the Stage 1 Richter, O.-G.
Selecting Groups of Galaxies in Redshift Catalogues: Results from the CFA Survey 5 Moore, B.
Analysis of Nearby Groups of Galaxies 19 Perea, J.; del Olmo, A.; Moles, M.
Groups of Galaxies in CDM Universes 29 Gelb, J. M.
What Determines the Morphological Fractions in Groups and Clusters? 41 Whitmore, B. C.
Pairs in Groups and Clusters 49 Charlton, J. C.; Whitmore, B. C.; Gilmore, D. M.
Groups in the Las Campanas Deep Redshift Survey: A First Look 59 Tucker, D. L.
Comments on the Distribution of Mass Within Dark Matter Halos 65 Zaritsky, D.
Faint Dwarf Galaxies in the Sculptor and Centaurus A Groups 75 Cote, S.; Freeman, K.
HI Mapping of Compact Groups 77 Williams, B. A.; van Gorkom, J. H.
Compact Groups: Observations and Theories 83 Mamon, G. A.
Dynamics of Early-Type Galaxies in Hickson Compact Groups 95 Bettoni, D.; Buson, L. M.; Maira, L.; Bertola, F.
Morphology of Early-Type Galaxies in Compact Groups 101 Bettoni, D.; Fasano, G.
Star Formation and Merging in Hickson Compact Groups 107 Moles, M.; del Olmo, A.; Perea, J.
The Shakbazyan Compact Groups and Their Populations 117 del Olmo, A.; Moles, M.; Perea, J.
Compact Groups of Galaxies: The OLF and its Implications 127 Sulentic, J. W.; Rabaca, C. R.
Galaxies in Compact Groups 135 Zepf, S. E.
Simulations of Compact Groups of Galaxies: Some Preliminary Results 143 Athanassoula, E.; Makino, J.
Group Simulations: Looking for Compact Groups 151 Borne, K. D.; Levison, H. F.
A Search for New Dwarf Members of the M81 Group in the 21cm Line of HI 155 Huchtmeier, W. K.; Skillman, E. D.
Properties of Radio Groups 161 Zirbel, E. L.
Workshop Summary 173 Mamon, G. A.