Title: Physics of the Gaseous and Stellar Disks of the Galaxy
Volume: 66 Year: 1994 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: King, Ivan R.
ISBN: 0-937707-85-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-402-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Where is the Center of the Milky Way? 1 Blitz, Leo
Dynamics of Disks in the Milky Way: Some Solved Problems and Some Puzzles 15 Fridman, Alexei M.
Kinematics of Interstellar Matter in a Barred Potential in the Epicyclic Approximation 29 Lindblad, Per Olof; Lindblad, Per A. B.
Modal Theory of Spiral Structure in Galaxies 35 Bertin, G.
Analytical Distribution Functions for Stellar Disks: Theoryand Observations 43 Dejonghe, H.; Batsleer, P.; Vauterin, P.
Star Formation in Spiral Arms 61 Elmegreen, Bruce G.
Star-Formation Efficiency and Gravitational Stability of Gaseous Disks in Galaxies 73 Zasov, A. V.; Bizyaev, D. V.
Bars in Early and Late-type Galaxies 81 Combes, F.; Elmegreen, B. G.
Nuclear Gas Flows in Barred Galaxies 87 Combes, F.
The Quasi-Periodic Regime in Barred Galaxies 93 Levy, V. V.; Mustsevoy, V. V.; Sergienko, V. A.
The Interaction of Dynamical Subsystems in Barred Disk Galaxies 99 Palmer, P.
Galactic Bars and Associated Structures 103 Polyachenko, Valerij, II
Comparative Analysis of Planetary and Gaseous Galactic Disks 117 Gor'kavyi, N.
Galactic Shock Waves in a One- or Two-Phase Interstellar Medium 127 Kovalenko, Ilya G.; Levy, Victor V.
Modeling of the Generation of Spiral Structure by Laboratory Experiments in Rotating Shallow Water, and Prediction of Interarm Anticyclones in Galaxies 135 Nezlin, Mikhail V.
A Vortex Structure in the Gaseous Disk of the Galaxy MRK 1040 153 Afanasiev, V.
Galactic Stellar Disk Simulations. The Thickness of the Thin Stellar Disk and the Mass of the Dark Halo 161 Zasov, Anatolij V.; Makarov, Dmitrij I.; Mikhailova, Elena A.
Star Complexes and the Structure of the Galactic Disk 167 Efremov, Yuri N.
New Results on the Kinematics and Metallicity of the Disk and Halo F-G Dwarfs of the Galaxy 187 Bikmaev, Ilfan F.
Kinematics and Galactic Evolution 193 Gilmore, Gerard; Ibata, Rodrigo
The G-Dwarf Problem Revisited 201 Wyse, Rosemary F. G.; Gilmore, Gerard
On the Solution of the Fundamental Paradox of Stellar Dynamics 215 Fridman, A. M.; Khoruzhii, O. V.; Piskunov, A. E.
The Neutral Hydrogen Subsystem in the Milky Way: The Movement and the Structure 235 Petrovskaya, Irina V.
On the Spin Rotation of Giant Molecular Clouds in the Galactic Disk 243 Chernin, Arthur D.
The Warm Ionized Medium (The WIM)-and Worms and Chimneys 249 Heiles, Carl
The Investigation of HI "Supershells" with the RATAN-600 Radio Telescope 257 Gosachinskij, I. V.
Structure of the Milky Way Magnetic Field 269 Rand, Richard J.
Sounding the Galactic Plane at Two Microns 277 Mahoney, T.; Hammersley, P. L.; Calbet, X.; Garzon, F.; Selby, M. J.
Is the Mini-Spiral in the Innermost Center of the Galaxy Caused by a New Hydrodynamical Instability? 285 Fridman, A. M.; Khoruzhii, O. V.; Lyakhovich, V. V.; Ozernoy, L.; Blitz, L.
On the Possibility of False Solid-Body Rotation Regions in the Centers of Galaxies 305 Fridman, A. M.; Lyakhovich, V. V.; Zasov, A. V.
The Strange Double Nucleus of M31 311 King, Ivan R.; Stanford, S. Adam; Crane, Philippe
Decoupled Nuclei of Galaxies 317 Sil'chenko, Olga K.
The Vertical Light Distributions of Edge-on Galaxies 323 de Grijs, R.; van der Kruit, P. C.
The Role of HI in the Star-Formation Processes in Spiral Disks 329 Knapen, J. H.; Beckman, J. E.
Where Does Star Formation End in Disk Galaxies? 337 Ferguson, A. M. N.; Wyse, R. F. G.; Gallagher, J. S.; Hunter, D. A.
Galaxies with an Outer Ring-Like Structure Are Galaxies of Early Type with an Extensive Disk 343 Kostiuk, I.